Monday, November 9

Hotter Autumn Winter Collection Launch 2015

Hi Everyone!! I was really excited to be recently invited to the Hotter Autumn Winter Collection Launch to celebrate their newest selection for this season.

Their collection showcases gorgeous berry colours, rich Autumnal shades in sumptious leather, suede and patent. Whether it's riding style boots, ankle boots, party shoes or something for daytime, you'll find something to fit the bill for this coming season.

Their Autumn trend tips recommend certain styles to compliment this seasons current trends- so if you're doing a 70s vibe, winter florals, animal print or chic all black then you can't go wrong with styles such as the popular Tammy court, or the Seaton buckle brogue for example!

The launch itself was an amazing affair as we were treated to canapes and fizz followed by an energetic Lindy Hop dance class, held at where the Strictly Come Dancing crew come to train- we missed Peter Andre by a whisker!! The dancing was such a fun affair and gave us all a chance to put our new Hotter shoes to the comfortability factor test! My Vanity boots passed with flying colours!!

The Hotter Bus never fails to make an appearance at the Hotter Collection Launches!!

So many different wonderful styles to choose from- the Viviene T Bar is a real stylish modern classic!!

 I've not been in a dance studio before especially one where professionals train- unfortunately the experience didn't transform me into a Darcey Bussell but I had an incredibly fun time learning some new moves!!
I wasn't the only one to choose the popular Vanity boot in black, it proved to be a really chic and comfortable choice and even the high heels were really amazingly easy to walk in!!

The black Tammy Courts are also another firm favourite for me-not only are they the perfect party shoefor the festive season but they look lovely for a chic daytime look with skinny jeans and a black polo neck- my kind of perfect look for this season!!

A big thank you to all at Hotter shoes and Wingfield PR for such a wonderful evening and giving me a chance to roadtest this seasons shoes and boots!

 I can always say with a hand on heart that I really recommend them, not just for comfort and style but they've also earned top brownie points for winning this year's Manufacturer of the Year-Made in the UK 2015. A really big well done as there are not many brands around that can boast this and being the UK's biggest shoemaker the award is definitely well deserved!!

Monday, June 8

Choosing Hotter for Summer Comfort and Style

Hi everyone! As you may well be aware from reading my blog, I'm a real fan of the UK shoe company Hotter-not only has my mum worn them for years as a devoted and loyal customer, but with style being a real contributory factor for me in choosing shoes, boots and sandals every year, Hotter are my definite go to brand every season!
As their Style Notes say...Spring/Summer 2015 sees the introduction of a kaleidoscope of shades, from cool neutrals to bright explosions of colour. And with styles that stand out from the crowd, give a gentle nod to the latest trends, they are the most comfortable you'll ever wear!

With a passion for style, Hotter's Senior Designer Ellspeth showcases the shoes she loves and the trends we're all lusting after this season. "One of my favourites has to be Flower Power because I love big, bold prints. And nautical too, it's fun, eye-catching and it's a trend that's here to stay!

"In every pair we design not only do we hide secret comfort concept features like underfoot cushioning, lightweight flexible soles, and super soft leathers but we also carefully craft the finishing touches that gives our shoes their stand out appeal."
Whatever style or design you're after, Hotter have nailed it- Styles for feeling pretty, Nautical niceness, Tuxedo Inspiration, Colour and Flower Power are all the current trends featured for this Summer Season!
Having recently attended an intimate blogger event to catch up on the latest styles currently on sale for this season it was also great to get a sneaky peek at their deliciously wonderful Autumn/Winter range, it really promises some fabulous designs that will prove very popular not just in style  and current trends but in comfort too! 
Of course you can't have a Hotter meeting without the Hotter Bus in residence!

We fine dined and the food was truly delicious, paired with good company from fellow bloggers and Michelle from Wingfield PR and Melanie at Hotter:

A big thanks to Hotter and Wingfield PR for hosting such a wonderful get together!!
 So of course I couldn't wait for my new sandals to arrive and this Summer I plumped for the gorgeous Leeward design, which unsurprisingly is part of their best seller range for this season:
To me they have a nod to the Swedish hasbeens but obviously with the wonderful Hotter comfort concept thrown in! They really are perfect for Summer and being neutral means they will go with virtually anything and everything in my Summer wardrobe!!
If you've not already chosen your summer shoes yet, not just for every day but if you've a special occasion or event to go to then do check Hotter out- not only are they availbale online but there are lots of branches nationwide you are sure to find one not far from you!!

Monday, March 9

Thrift Inspiration.....Doing it 70s Style for Summer 2015!!

Hi everyone! Like a lot of style bloggers I'm really inspired lately by all things 70s and 70 style- soft tobacco hues in suede and leather for jackets, boots and handbags are the perfect accompaniment for cream crotchet peasant tops and flared denims or the perfect denim 70s style skirt.

So accordingly I've been taking my inspiration from the Spring/Summer designer catwalks, pinterest and fellow bloggers to find the perfect thrifted pieces that will be featured a lot in my Spring and Summer wardrobe this year:

Chloe Spring/Summer 2015

This is a find from last Autumn and is a deliciously soft tobacco suede shirt/jacket from a neighbouring towns St Francis Hospice charity shop and was just an amazing £2. The picture doesn't do it justice really-it's as new and a perfect nod to the 70s style theme of the season:

I'm so loving cream crochet and lace for the summer and two more fairly recent finds inspired by the likes of the ladies below at Milan Fashion Week will see my purchases being worn regularly with the perfect 70s style denim pieces:

This crochet lace peasant top feels like cheesecloth but is a very light jersey and I picked it up just before Christmas from my local Salvation Army charity shop for just £3.99:

This original 70s Marks & Spencer crochet waistcoat was a bargain find last week again from the Salvation Army for £3.99 and I'll wear it as a top with just a couple of the top buttons done up:

Well when I saw this Gucci handbag on pinterest I really swooned- who wouldn't want this in their wardrobe not only for this season but as a forever investment piece-totally and utterly divine!!

So on yesterdays thrifting trip I was really pleased to find this original 70s leather bag for just £5 in the Cancer Research charity shop- this will be my go to bag this Summer for sure, I'm loving the chain belt detail, the colour and how it will go with endless items already in my wardrobe:

I love it when my son comes thrift shopping with me as he's definitely got the eye for it and tends to look in places I've missed-which is just as well because he found my star buy for the year so far- an authentic vintage Gucci belt for only £5!!

Not only did I need a black belt, I've wanted a Gucci belt for such a long time but finding a preloved or vintage one in the right size has been like finding a needle in a haystack but my boy came up trumps! Can't wait to wear this with some perfect denim flares and a yet to be purchased 70s style denim skirt!!

So as usual denim is on my radar for this season, I really want to find the perfect style skirt and I'm lucky that I've already got some fabulous Topshop thrifted flares and some French Connection ones that I thrifted in my local Sue Ryder charity shop last Autumn for under a fiver!!

So is 70s style on your shopping list this Summer- what pieces are inspiring you and where are getting inspiration from- I'd love you to share!

Wishing you a lovely week and look forward to receiving your lovely comments too!

Tuesday, December 16

Thanks for the Inspiration....ThriftMyStyle 5 Favourite This Season Pieces

Hello everyone! Well it feels great to be back- I'm hoping that this will be my first of fairly regular posts now my mindset is slowly getting back to all things thrift and blog inspired!

I've my wonderful friend Michelle to thank at MyFashionable40s who really kickstarted me back in to action-her latest post here is about her favourite 5 this season pieces which are not just trend led but real style classics that will transcend from season to season- check out her fabulous post and also her very inspiring different daily outfits- she truly rocks casual chic in her own stylishly unique way!

So on to item number one which I actually picked up today whilst doing ahem some Christmas shopping- in keeping with the modern 70s vibe that is currently on trend at the moment, I picked up this 100% wool boho black floppy hat in Primark for a bargainous £8!! This will be a keeper for all seasons barring summer of course but word of warning- have a spare hand ready as the wind has a habit of whipping up under the brim!

Here is a picture of just the hat to give you a better idea of how the brim flops!! I haven't looked but I'm pretty certain that this will be at least double or triple the cost in other leading fashion outlets so if this is your style I would say don't delay and grab one while you can!!

On to item number two which I picked up at the start of the Autumn season in Primark again, from their Tottenham Court Road store. It is lovely and warm and oversized and the perfect colour tartan that is missing from my scarf collection-at just £5 I couldn't say no!

Still on the subject of tartan, last month I found this gorgeous tartan wool vintage cape/poncho in a neighbouring towns Help The Aged charity shop for £5.99- loving the blue as it works so well over my black leather biker jacket and also looks great with dark denim too:

It's quite thick so is a nice different style of layer instead of a scarf and a great way of having some more tartan in my wardrobe.

Item number four was found only yesterday and in keeping with the lace obsession I've had over summer- a really cute black lace shirt which has a lovely all over sheer design and perfect for winter evening dressing and summer day partnered with denim, There is no label inside so not sure if it's current or vintage but was a definite must have from Oxfam for just £2.99:

Onto my last item which is so much inspired by the long style trend of the white tennis shoe- unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to the lovely Adidas Stan Smiths or even their Superstars, as shown below:

Well as you can see, my chosen Heritage tennis shoe of choice is by legendary British tennis brand Slazenger- I found these in Sports Direct in September and considering they are leather and under £20 I really couldn't leave them behind!!

They have mixed features of the Stan Smiths and the Superstars and for the quality and price they can't be beat, especially as they go with anything and everything!!

So that's my round up of  my favourite five this season- have you already indulged in the tartan, trainer and hat trend yet??

I would just like to say to everyone who follows, reads, comments and doesn't comment that I'm so grateful for your continued friendship and support you've given me- I'm optimistic that next year I'll be back to publishing regularly and most importantly get back to reading what all of you lovely people are upto- I've really missed everyone but I'm hoping that I'll be back on track before too long and thank you all so much for stopping by and catching up!

On that note I will leave you all by wishing each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year- roll on 2015 and I hope you all have a wonderful festive season- see you all very soon!!

Sunday, October 26

Life Hacks....Thrifty Tips to Keep You and Your Lifestyle well within Budget!!

Hi everyone! I was recently asked to do a post by the lovely people at Most Wanted, the online lifestyle magazine by on my favourite thrifty tips which I could share with my lovely blogger friends, I do hope you find the following useful and maybe some or all of these tips may inspire you to do the same too!

Do think to shop Winter in Summer and Autumn- whilst on charity shop trips this Summer I bagged a couple of winter jackets for just under a fiver each- a Belstaff bomber jacket was £4.95 and a trend led camel wool jacket was found for the same price, both at my local Sue Ryder. Then just this week, inspired by oversized coats on pinterest I found a black and white tweedy version by Next from my local Salvation Army for just £6.99. When the only extras to pay out on are dry cleaning then it's always worth checking out the charity shops a few months before you actually start wearing your finds- the prices tend to be really reasonable and there are definite gems to be found!

Check out your local library for new reads, old classics, your favourite actors autobiography, craft or cookery books- or some chick lit or a psychological thriller to keep you occupied on those rainy weekend afternoons. I've just recently finished reading The Long Fall by Julia Crouch, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Broken by Tamar Cohen. You can generally get up to 12 books on a library card and keep renewing them for as long as you need to all for free!

A cheap and healthy alternative to cough medicine and lozenges for a sore throat that I swear by is fresh ginger cut into bite size chunks. Chew until all the juice is released and swallow or spit out what's left, eating at regular intervals. From having a hacking cough and sore throat within 48 hours my cough disappeared and the fresh ginger root cost less than 20p from my local grocery shop!

Check out the men's sections in your local favourite high street stores for good quality wool knits at reasonable prices. As you know from my previous post I recently bought a couple of basic crew neck sweaters from H&M which came in at just under £30 for both and I know they'll be really versatile and stylish for my wardrobe!

Dig out all those faded black jeans, tees and sweatshirts that are languishing unloved at the bottom of your wardrobe and grab some machine wash velvet black dye from Dylon, available at your local supermarket or haberdashery store. You'll have next to new items in just a couple of hours that will be totally revitalised and renewed, giving you new outfit options for the coming season and those old faded favourites a new lease of life!

Before and After!

Before you get rid of those unwanted jumpers and sweaters that maybe moth eaten or too small, cut the sleeves off just above the elbows and put a small slit in the cuff for a thumb hole (optional)  to create an instant pair of fingerless wrist/arm warmers as an extra warm layer for the chilly days ahead. They look great as an extra layer over contrasting coloured sweaters or cardigans and will be keepers in your wardrobe for years to come!

I hope these have given you ideas of your own on how to get thrifty this coming season!! Have a lovely week ahead to you all!

Thursday, October 16

Essential Autumn Basics, Sweaters from H&M

Hi everyone! Firstly I need to hold my hands up to being a very absent blogger, I'm dealing with a lot of personal issues at the moment but I'm trying my hardest to get my mojo back and get back to my favourite hobbies of thrifting and blogging. Of late I do prefer to read blogs rather than publish posts which is how I'm spending a lot of my free time. Thank you to all of you who continue to read my blog and leave comments-it's always so nice to see them and knowing that a lot of you do read my blog and may not comment too means a lot, so a big thanks to you all!

Yesterday was an opportunity to have a quick trip out and indulge in some retail therapy on the high street-in fact just one shop in particular, H&M. I know it's a real favourite for a lot of bloggers lately, not only are their pieces stylish and trend led but the majority of their items are really reasonably priced combined with being good quality for the money.

I was in Regents Street briefly and knew I wanted to go in H&M and have a browse and I was definitely tempted by a few items. I was won over though as soon as I hit the mens section as the sweaters there really were worth a second look. I picked up first this merino wool one in a dark slate grey- in a size small it's perfectly long in the body and sleeves without looking too big and it will go well with skirts and jeans already in my wardrobe. It's an ideal knit too, more fine than thick but it would still look great with a shirt underneath too if I want to layer up. At £19.99 it was a must buy for me:

My second pick was this wool blend berry and navy crew neck sweater for just- wait for it- £9.99!! I was very surprised at the price as it's brilliant value for money and I love how the stripes all match up perfectly around the shoulders and front and back. A nice texture and knit -not too fine and not thick. The sweater also comes in a grey and navy colourway but I went for the berry colourway as I've jeans in this colour I can pair it with this season:

My other find was from the womens section and is a short sleeve fine viscose knit sweater in a light grey colour. For just £7.99 it's ideal for Autumn as an alternative to a grey tee and will be perfect under a blazer or smart jacket too:

I've a lot of bottoms in the way of jeans and although I don't own lots of trousers and skirts I have enough for the wear I get out of them and if I'm after anything else it will be some more blue jeans to add to the growing collection!!

What items are on your style basics wishlist this Autumn? Have you already succumbed to those must have pieces or are you waiting to find the right ones, do let me know!!

Wishing you all a really good week and roll on the anticipated heatwave we're due this weekend- I won't hold my breath though!!


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