About thriftmystyle.com

thrift [θrɪft]
1. wisdom and caution in the management of money

"THRIFT MY STYLE is a style and vintage fashion blog which is my own personal diary of thrifted now and forever pieces that are lovingly chosen from charity shops, boot sales, vintage fairs and ebay. Whether it's a vintage, high street or designer find, as long as it's great quality and fits well, then it will come home with me.

Most of my wardrobe has been sourced through thrifting based on my inspirations and aspirations from sassy street styling, decades gone by, magazines, blogs, my love of vintage and of course fellow friends and bloggers.

Items and outfits that I've coveted and been influenced by are similarly hunted down and are either obsessions of the moment for wearing immediately or are carefully thought out items that fill a niche in my wardrobe as style investment pieces to be cherished and loved.

I hope it gives you the inclination to go out and thrift, whether it's from your local charity shop or the village boot sale.

Thrifting is for all ages, all styles and all budgets.....be inspired....


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