Thrift My Style- Boot Sale Finds for Summer Styling!

Saturday boot sale thrifting in Essex- Ready for some thrift bargains!!

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is going really well! So from a heatwave Friday, the weather was amazingly sunny when I woke up this Saturday morning- so I thought I'd go to my first Saturday boot sale of the year!

I do really enjoy this particular one- it's in Chigwell, Essex near the David Lloyd Centre and if you do decide to check it out then I suggest you go early as stall holders were all packing up by around 11 o'clock!!

I got there around 9am, so not the earliest of boot sale starts but the sun was shining and I was on a mission to bag some bargains!!

Chigwell Essex boot sale

I didn't have to wait too long for my first one- I came across this Topshop jacket  and I was really being so indecisive- mainly about whether it was going to fit Post covid- you can't try on things especially if you're not sure you're going to buy it!

But I took a punt- it was £5 and the girl said it hadn't really been worn so I went for it.
It has a satin sheen to it with faux leather trim and just has that 'luxe' feel, it's definitely more of an evening or dressy style than a daytime jacket. When I got home, it fitted perfectly! So that was bargain number one, ready to be laundered and put away for it's next wear!

Topshop Luxe Camo Bomber Jacket

I'm always on the hunt for vintage costume jewellery and bargain number two was this cute gold plated tennis ball bracelet by Avon, it was only £1:50 and I snapped it up! It's a perfect pairing with my vintage costume jewellery necklaces and so cute and classy looking too!

Avon gold tennis ball bracelet

I was lucky to get bargain number three- if I'd been five minutes later this would have been in the stallholders car as she was using it to pack up her things! I quickly asked her how much it was and I was so happy to get it for £2! 

I've been after one of these clear style bags for such a long time- obviously the Louis Vuitton clear one was my favourite for such a while, but I really do love this one- it's a perfect summer bag by DKNY which is perfect for city or beach summer styling!

DKNY Summer Bag

My last bargain of the day was another style item I've been after for ages- a porcelain blue floral blouse- this  Primark summer blouse ticks all my boxes for versatility and for pairing with shorts, skirts or jeans for timeless summer styling- for 50 pence I had to have it!! It has a really Luxe vibe to it and is so pretty too, I know I'll get a lot of wear with it, weather permitting!

Primark Porcelain blue floral blouse

So a grand total of £9 spent- for a Topshop jacket, faux gold and crystal bracelet, a designer bag and a blouse!! 

I definitely love going to the boot sales when I can- it can be hit or miss as I went on Sunday and came away empty handed!  But if you keep an open mind and your eye out for pieces that are similar to what's on your style list, you can easily adapt a bargain into an item that will last you a few seasons!

What items are on your current summer wishlist?

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