Hotter Sandals for a Hotter Summer!!

Hotter Shoes-First for Style, Fashion and Comfort!

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to check in with you about my lovely evening with Hotter shoes recently!

As you may already be aware, Hotter are passionate about producing comfortable stylish shoes and sandals and I know from personal experience they always deliver! They are a leading premium British brand based in Lancashire and have been going for over 50 years and season after season they are so on point with their continued range of styles which are popular with all ages and particularly fashion and style bloggers who know what they want from a leading fashion brand!

I love wearing their sandals and shoes and funnily enough I was introduced to Hotter by my mum years ago! She bought me my first pair which I still have and wouldn't be without! Their summer sandals are always so comfortable and if your check out the current Hotter range and are very tempted by more than one pair, they are currently doing a special offer with code MRE40 which gives you £25 off on two pairs of shoes or £40 off for three pairs-happy days!! This offer does end on 7 June, so check out their Holiday Shop for their latest style offerings!!

So back to my evening- I was invited to a cheese and wine evening at Neal's Yard in London and what a decadent evening it was too! We had a speaker who had personally paired up the cheeses to all the wines and told us about the history of the farms of where they were made-delicious!!!

What a huge choice of cheeses!!!

Starting at 12 o'clock, we tasted each cheese with each chosen wine, so sophisticated\!!

The new season range of Hotter shoes and handbags are a real colourful delight- these shades are just perfect for Autumn

Hotter bags are so stylish and perfect for Summer with your latest vintage or trending dress of choice!

Due to the torrential rain I was unable to wear my new Hotter sandals on the night but I have worn them since- I particularly love this style as they have a wedge heel and the metallic colour means they will be perfect for any outfit or occasion!!

A big thanks goes to the lovely Michelle at Wingfield PR and the wonderful Hotter gals Jenni and Mel!! It was a fabulous evening and I was very impressed with Hotter's new season offerings-check out the full range and I know you'll be tempted if not by their fabulous sandals for Summer then some shoes for the Autumnal season!!


Perdita Tinsel said...

That patient finish is amazing - I love the matching bag set!

I have seen hotter before but never bought. They seem ideal for work (teaching) where I need something smart and comfortable!

Sharon S said...

Hi Perdita! The Hotter range is amazingly comfy and stylish and as a teacher I'm sure you would find something to suit your taste and budget- I noticed they are doing free postage on orders of £25 and over too! xx


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