Thrift Inspiration..... Back to Black-Hobos for 2016

I. Love. Black. Bags. Yes- whether it's large, medium or small, has gold hardware or silver hardware then I'm drawn like a magnet to them. Even though I've easily got a black bag for every day of the week if my mind is set on obtaining a certain style then I'm on it until a purchase is duly made!!

So my last phase on the black bag front was the oversized tote and I must admit it has been a regular and well used purchase- Primark for just £5 and with a touch of gold hardware its a very cute-and massive- bag. But oversized large is now off the radar in favour of the smaller hobo. I do have a lovely Fendi black Zucca hobo but I prefer not to use it on an everyday basis-a leather one is more ideal.

What I really love about the hobo is if you pick the right size you can get everything but the kitchen sink in it and for regular daily use, it's the perfect go-to. Plus it's such a classic style that never dates and is ideal for any season. So here are my favourite designer picks if money were no object:

Gucci Soho Leather Hobo £1210
 Givenchy Zanzi Obsedia Hobo £1216

Mulberry Tessie Hobo £695

Radley London Bridgewater Hobo £219

So my most recent thrifting trip came up trumps on the bag front with this Tula black leather hobo for just £3.99 in my local Salvation Army charity shop. Barely used and as new it's a welcome addition to my black bag brigade and has been in constant use since I bought it!

I was won over by the chic silver hardware and the classic simplicity of the slouch- and yes everything but the kitchen sink is currently residing in there!

A perfect shoulder bag for daytime that will remain a favourite even when my 'style phase' starts to wane and the next style beckons!!

Are you a fan of hobo bags? What style are you currently using? 

Thanks as always for stopping by and reading and commenting- it is always much appreciated and I look forward to catching up with you all!!


CuratingMi said...

Oh I love a black bag too Sharon....any shape or size though my favourite is my beloved Balenciaga that I've had for 12 years now! Dream bag for me would be a Stella McCartney Fallabella though! xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Michelle- the Balenciaga is a gorgeous classic!! I think you can never have too many black bags huh?! Xx

Kezzie said...

I'm curiously resistant to black bags- I really don't own any that are just black! All other shades though!!! Your new bag was a bargain!x

Sharon S said...

Hi Kezzie! Lol I think my bag collection is 80% black!! I should use my colourful ones now Spring is here!! Thanks for stopping by! Xx

diaryofapennypincher said...

I kind of wish I hadn't read this, I love black bags, especially hobo style! I've just bought an oil cloth owl print bag and have thrown out a tatty black bag to make room. Love that charity shopped Tula, just gorgeous!

Sharon S said...

Hi diaryofapennypincher!! Thanks for your lovely comment, I do like oilcloth bags too- yours sounds lovely!! Hmm I think I love black bags too much lol!! Xx

Manon Margaretha said...

I love black bags too! I hope to own a nice chanel one sometime in this lifetime haha!

Sharon S said...

Hi Maron! Maybe a vintage or pre owned is the way to go!! Xx


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