Street Style Trainers- Its All In Colour!!

Hi everyone!! Well here in the Home Counties we've been especially lucky in having a really mild winter-so far! Today is a bit nippy but not howling rain or snow and Spring is just around the corner too-happy days!! With this in mind, I'm particularly loving trainers with colour- for a long while, the likes of Stan Smiths and classic black Converses have been on trend and as much as I'm a fan of these styles, I'm looking at footwear with colour this season.

As I'm not an avid shoe wearer- I prefer boots or sandals in summer, I've noticed that my wardrobe is acquiring trainers-slowly and surely. I'm now officially into double figures-just!!

I therefore decided that a new trainer purchase from last month should be bright for Spring/Summer- I was suitably inspired by the likes of these street stylers (credit:google images) 

Yes to multicolour- a great paring with black

Shades of blue- mixing 3 shades of one colour is a great nod to introducing some colour to your trainers

I'm loving these 'in your face' bright yellow Roshes- ideal for bringing sunshine to your outfit!!

I've had these leopardprint, orange laced up Hype trainers for a couple of years but hadn't worn them until today- it's great to pull out something new from the wardrobe that you've forgotten about!! The leopardprint and orange really zinged up my grey knit sweater and jeans and I felt I was hot footing it closer to Spring!!

I haven't worn red footwear maybe ever- certainly not trainers, so I invested in these red Nike Roshes with a navy swoosh to see me nicely into the finer weather to come:

The Roshes are made of material ideal for the warmer weather and I'm looking forward to wearing these with a variety of different outfits- they've certainly torn me away from my signature white and black trainers and I'm actually now thinking I could be persuaded to go even brighter for Summer- sunshine yellow or some neon, maybe??!!

Are you an avid trainer wearer AKA a sneakerhead??!! What colours and styles will you be wearing this coming year?

Thanks as always for stopping by, reading and commenting-it's so very much appreciated, I love hearing your thoughts and opinions on everything style related!!


Unknown said...

Nice blog for shoe lovers as well as clothing which is important in everyone season need to give importance to our clothing style which changes according to the season, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

CuratingMi said...

Oh how I love my sneakers Sharon! You can't beat them for comfort and of course style! I need to get some colour in my life and red trainers could be the way to go.....adore those Nike's! Enjoy wearing them lovely! xx

Selina said...

I normally hate trainers but have had to find a pair because I'm recovering from foot surgery. Finally found a grey and black pair at Clarks and may be converted yet but let's wait and see


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I used to wear them all the time in early teens, then went off them, then a big phase of skate shoes at university, and of course I have many colours of converse. But I bright sporty trainer is a lot more comfy, it has to be said. My current faves are some grey snakeskin New Balance ones.

Unknown said...

I'm not a sneaker person at all, but I always think some people can wear them just fantastic just like these pics above!


Sharon S said...

Hi ladies- thanks for your lovely comments, its great to hear your thoughts and opinions on the sneaker trend!! xxx


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