Welcome to a Stylish 2016- Favourite Trends and Buys for January So Far!!

Happy January to You All!! Its great to see in a new year and I really hope I'm going to contribute to my blog on a fairly regular basis this year- style inspiration permitting of course! It goes without saying that I hope to catch up again soon with you on either your blogs, instagram, twitter and pinterest too! I admit to being a more regular contributor to instagram as its so easy and slightly obsessional to interact this way-if not a tad lazy though!!

Anyhow I've been inspired by stripes- from mutual bloggers, friends, style magazines, social media and mainly the fact I've always had a 'thing' for stripes-Breton in particular. Navy or red  in any style combination works great for me and I seem to be constantly adding to my ever growing collection.

Here are some pictures (credit: pinterest, google) that have really piqued my interest- you really can't beat a red, navy and white combination!!

Love how Kate is rocking this red cardi/jacket over her Breton top!!

One of my favourite striped looks, I recently shared this pinterest on instagram. A reverse of above really!!

A red bag is an essential with navy stripes if a red jacket is unavailable this coming season!!

Love the crop top and those sleeves are just soo cute!!

So here are my new Adidas Pro Model high tops that I snagged in the sale a few weeks ago- I purposely was looking for some Nikes or Adidas that could scratch the red stripe itch and these fit the bill perfectly!! I also caved in to my renewed vintage bag obsession, starting this year with a new to me Louis Vuitton Speedy 25!!!

I defintely needed (ok-wanted badly) a red and white striped Breton so this lovely new Armor Lux version is going to be seeing a lot of action!! 

So slightly off topic on stripes but going back to the bag itch- I hunted for an oversize black tote and found this perfect one for me in Primark in the sale for £5!! Perfect for work and afterwards when you've forgotten to put a few plastic bags in your handbag for those last minute grocery purchases!!

So onto a really coveted thrift find- I do love a logo sweater so I was really pleased to score this 90s original Benetton sweatshirt in a local Cancer Research for just £6.99!! Perfectly my size and a year round item that can be worn with anything- I love it!!

Onto another Primark find, these new pleather fronted leggings which were only £10 and perfect for daytime wearing  with a sweater and trainers during the day or with a structured jacket in the evening

I admit to another striped top and more Louis Vuitton but I'll share that another time!! So what is inspiring you this January- have you indulged in any purchases that will be seen regularly?!! I look forward to seeing your new items for 2016 in action!!

Thanks as always for stopping by, reading, commenting and remebering I'm still here too!! Wishing you all a fabulous 2016!!


Pennyblossoms said...

Cannot beat red, white and blue combo, it's just classic.
I do hanker after a Breton top; there's a brilliant shop in Plymouth for all things sailing that's been there for years, that I strain to walk past on my trips there. Alas, with big boobies, I think that would be a huge 'fail'!
Nice to see you pop up at the top of my reading list again. You always score some really good finds.

Sharon S said...

Hi Z!! Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas- such a lovely post too! Happy new year and thanks for stopping by to catch up-much appreciated!! xx

CuratingMi said...

You are back with a bang Sharon!! So lovely to see you blogging again! I love, love, love your red and white Adidas and so envious of your LV bag....what a find!
The Breton can't be beaten, it's such a classic!! Some brilliant additions to your wardrobe already for Spring! Look forward to hearing all about your other finds! xx

Kezzie said...

Hello there!!! How fab to see you.POP up in my reading list!! Hope all is well! Are you still working at ICL?
I couldn't agree more with the breton stripes and handbag look,,beautiful! I do have a red jacket as well-Mmmmm..x

Sharon S said...

Hi Michelle!! thanks as always for your kind and lovely words, much appreciated- yep you can't beat Breton stripes and new trainers to start the year off with LOL!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Kezzie!! Ah so lovely to catch up again-thanks for your lovely comment!! I agree a red jacket with stripes is such a stylish look!! xx

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ohh, you're back! Love a good stripe top, and those purchases of yours are gorgeous! Hope to see more posts from you this year (is it still OK to say Happy New Year?!).

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

I'm a fan of the Breton but sadly not so much opportunity to wear as I'm office bound most days as you see on my IG. Oh well *sighs*

Sharon S said...

Hi diaryofapennypincher, fashion bites and Anna- thank you for stopping by with your lovely comments and wishing you a happy new year- I'm off to check out your blogs now! Have a great weekend ladies xx

Heather said...

Love the red stripe with the black jacket that is so cute! my daughter and I since our recent move to England have been hitting the charity shops but we haven't been finding any good ones... Our search continues ~Enjoy your new to you treasures ~Heather

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello! Still getting all the stylish bargains I see!

I have to admit to quite a number of bretons in my wardrobe too. Loving the Adidas shell toes and your new LV (now it's vintage!)

CameronPoe2409 said...

As per usual you've made some brilliant shopping purchases! I'm using pinterest to plan casual and chic outfits for a trip to New York, I'm thinking levis with turn-ups teamed with some new Stan Smith trainers I got before Christmas. I'm starting a new job next week so had to buy a couple of sales items for the my office outfits.xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Heather-welcome to the UK-here's hoping you'll find some treasures before too long-great to hear from you!! xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Lakota-yep like you I love a Breton!! Thanks for your comment and stopping by my love!! xx

Sharon S said...

Hi CameronPoe-good luck with your new job my love and yep like you I do love my pinterest, thanks for stopping by too!! xx


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