Welcome to a Stylish 2016- Favourite Trends and Buys for January So Far!!

Happy January to You All!! Its great to see in a new year and I really hope I'm going to contribute to my blog on a fairly regular basis this year- style inspiration permitting of course! It goes without saying that I hope to catch up again soon with you on either your blogs, instagram, twitter and pinterest too! I admit to being a more regular contributor to instagram as its so easy and slightly obsessional to interact this way-if not a tad lazy though!!

Anyhow I've been inspired by stripes- from mutual bloggers, friends, style magazines, social media and mainly the fact I've always had a 'thing' for stripes-Breton in particular. Navy or red  in any style combination works great for me and I seem to be constantly adding to my ever growing collection.

Here are some pictures (credit: pinterest, google) that have really piqued my interest- you really can't beat a red, navy and white combination!!

Love how Kate is rocking this red cardi/jacket over her Breton top!!

One of my favourite striped looks, I recently shared this pinterest on instagram. A reverse of above really!!

A red bag is an essential with navy stripes if a red jacket is unavailable this coming season!!

Love the crop top and those sleeves are just soo cute!!

So here are my new Adidas Pro Model high tops that I snagged in the sale a few weeks ago- I purposely was looking for some Nikes or Adidas that could scratch the red stripe itch and these fit the bill perfectly!! I also caved in to my renewed vintage bag obsession, starting this year with a new to me Louis Vuitton Speedy 25!!!

I defintely needed (ok-wanted badly) a red and white striped Breton so this lovely new Armor Lux version is going to be seeing a lot of action!! 

So slightly off topic on stripes but going back to the bag itch- I hunted for an oversize black tote and found this perfect one for me in Primark in the sale for £5!! Perfect for work and afterwards when you've forgotten to put a few plastic bags in your handbag for those last minute grocery purchases!!

So onto a really coveted thrift find- I do love a logo sweater so I was really pleased to score this 90s original Benetton sweatshirt in a local Cancer Research for just £6.99!! Perfectly my size and a year round item that can be worn with anything- I love it!!

Onto another Primark find, these new pleather fronted leggings which were only £10 and perfect for daytime wearing  with a sweater and trainers during the day or with a structured jacket in the evening

I admit to another striped top and more Louis Vuitton but I'll share that another time!! So what is inspiring you this January- have you indulged in any purchases that will be seen regularly?!! I look forward to seeing your new items for 2016 in action!!

Thanks as always for stopping by, reading, commenting and remebering I'm still here too!! Wishing you all a fabulous 2016!!


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