Thrift Inspiration.....Embroidery Patches for Autumn/Winter 2016

Hi everyone! So London Fashion Week has been and there are many trends all under the radar for this coming season- tweeds, velvet, ruffles, long sleeves, metallics-to name a few!!

I'm particularly loving this Autumn the return of embroidered badges-from designer to high street, this is a trend that seems to come and go over fashion seasons and never truly goes out of style,

The first image is from Christopher Kane's collection of 2014 and perfectly relevant inspiration for anything embroidered at the moment:

These jeans are currently online at New Look and add a great nod to the lok without going overboard-a perfect pair of jeans for day or night:

Seen at Fashion Week, this style blogger certainly loves her badges and with one statement item in your outfit, it's a fabulous look for any season and is an ideal accompaniment for a smart blazer or biker jacket and bright bag:

This coat is perfectly on trend for winter- cute badges and although this is masculine tailoring with a twist, this is certainly a look for women or men alike:

This is a really feminine quirky look- who wouldn't want to wear this cute cardigan-the warm yellow and badges make it a really unique piece which could be worn with anything!!

What a gorgeous coat! Lilac hues, awesome badges and immediately dresses up a simple hoody and jeans combo:

For those of you looking for a new jacket this Autumn, there is a plethora of jackets from designer to high street banging out this trend- another favourite is this jacket currently available online at New Look which will see you effortlessly into Springtime next year and will be a really amazing cost per wear style essential:

(All pictures above: Pinterest)

So now to what I have indulged in for the new season!! Last month I had a lovely meet up with a gorgeous blogger friend and prior to meeting I had to have a sneak peek in my not local Primark. So glad I did as I found this lone jacket in my size on the rail for a bargainous £20!!

A couple of years ago I passed up on a DKNY denim jacket with similarly quirky patches in a charity shop and suffered buyers remorse on missing out- so when I saw this silky bomber with similar patches and the perfect shade of khaki I snapped it up and can't wait to start wearing later this season!!

Another item I scored on in the charity shop was a pair of black skinny jeans by Banned Apparel which were only £2.75- they've this patch on each back pocket and are a perfect evening trouser jeans which I had to purchase:

What trend is on your radar for this coming Autumn/Winter season? I think I may look out for something velvet too- jewel brights or black are a possibility!!


Thrift Inspiration..... Back to Black-Hobos for 2016

I. Love. Black. Bags. Yes- whether it's large, medium or small, has gold hardware or silver hardware then I'm drawn like a magnet to them. Even though I've easily got a black bag for every day of the week if my mind is set on obtaining a certain style then I'm on it until a purchase is duly made!!

So my last phase on the black bag front was the oversized tote and I must admit it has been a regular and well used purchase- Primark for just £5 and with a touch of gold hardware its a very cute-and massive- bag. But oversized large is now off the radar in favour of the smaller hobo. I do have a lovely Fendi black Zucca hobo but I prefer not to use it on an everyday basis-a leather one is more ideal.

What I really love about the hobo is if you pick the right size you can get everything but the kitchen sink in it and for regular daily use, it's the perfect go-to. Plus it's such a classic style that never dates and is ideal for any season. So here are my favourite designer picks if money were no object:

Gucci Soho Leather Hobo £1210
 Givenchy Zanzi Obsedia Hobo £1216

Mulberry Tessie Hobo £695

Radley London Bridgewater Hobo £219

So my most recent thrifting trip came up trumps on the bag front with this Tula black leather hobo for just £3.99 in my local Salvation Army charity shop. Barely used and as new it's a welcome addition to my black bag brigade and has been in constant use since I bought it!

I was won over by the chic silver hardware and the classic simplicity of the slouch- and yes everything but the kitchen sink is currently residing in there!

A perfect shoulder bag for daytime that will remain a favourite even when my 'style phase' starts to wane and the next style beckons!!

Are you a fan of hobo bags? What style are you currently using? 

Thanks as always for stopping by and reading and commenting- it is always much appreciated and I look forward to catching up with you all!!


Street Style Trainers- Its All In Colour!!

Hi everyone!! Well here in the Home Counties we've been especially lucky in having a really mild winter-so far! Today is a bit nippy but not howling rain or snow and Spring is just around the corner too-happy days!! With this in mind, I'm particularly loving trainers with colour- for a long while, the likes of Stan Smiths and classic black Converses have been on trend and as much as I'm a fan of these styles, I'm looking at footwear with colour this season.

As I'm not an avid shoe wearer- I prefer boots or sandals in summer, I've noticed that my wardrobe is acquiring trainers-slowly and surely. I'm now officially into double figures-just!!

I therefore decided that a new trainer purchase from last month should be bright for Spring/Summer- I was suitably inspired by the likes of these street stylers (credit:google images) 

Yes to multicolour- a great paring with black

Shades of blue- mixing 3 shades of one colour is a great nod to introducing some colour to your trainers

I'm loving these 'in your face' bright yellow Roshes- ideal for bringing sunshine to your outfit!!

I've had these leopardprint, orange laced up Hype trainers for a couple of years but hadn't worn them until today- it's great to pull out something new from the wardrobe that you've forgotten about!! The leopardprint and orange really zinged up my grey knit sweater and jeans and I felt I was hot footing it closer to Spring!!

I haven't worn red footwear maybe ever- certainly not trainers, so I invested in these red Nike Roshes with a navy swoosh to see me nicely into the finer weather to come:

The Roshes are made of material ideal for the warmer weather and I'm looking forward to wearing these with a variety of different outfits- they've certainly torn me away from my signature white and black trainers and I'm actually now thinking I could be persuaded to go even brighter for Summer- sunshine yellow or some neon, maybe??!!

Are you an avid trainer wearer AKA a sneakerhead??!! What colours and styles will you be wearing this coming year?

Thanks as always for stopping by, reading and commenting-it's so very much appreciated, I love hearing your thoughts and opinions on everything style related!!


ThriftMyStyle Favourite Trend- The Sweatshirt, Plus Some Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo

Hi everyone! Its a lovely winters morning and with that in mind it brings me on to what my signature daytime style for this season is gravitating to. I've been finding of late that I have indeed adopted a 'style uniform' which my lovely blogger friend Michelle at My Fashionable 40s mentioned in her fabulous post on 'Wise Style Words' and certainly for me it's all about the sweatshirt, jeans, trainers and chosen winter coat or jacket on top.
  So my recent thrifting trips have seen me adding to my growing sweatshirt collection this week with a couple more finds as seen below:

I already had the black DRMTM sweatshirt (new from a couple of years ago) and the United Colors of Benetton one (recent thrift find), which are both firm favourites and worn regularly. The Swedish Cheap Monday sweatshirt was a find from the Cancer Research charity shop for just £4.20 and literally 10 minutes later I found the grey cropped style Gap sweatshirt in the British Heart Foundation charity shop for just £4.30!! 

The Cheap Monday sweat is ideal for wearing right now-a darker shade of grey for winter and I'm really loving logo tops as they work so effortlessly with jeans and trainers for a stylish, on the go outfit that is pretty comfortable too!! The light grey Gap sweatshirt is an ideal Spring/Summer one which I'm sure will be a regular wear.

A new sweatshirt which my lovely son got for me is this logo sweat by Nicce London- it has a lovely fleecy lining and is a crop style which works well with higher waisted jeans. 

Sweatshirts never date and fpr me are a real style essential- the Benetton I found last month is an original 90s one which has stood the test of time and I'll be on the look out for other retro sweatshirts or T-shirts this year on my thrifting trips!!

Onto some more style inspiration from the First Lady of Parisian Fashion-Carine Roitfeld who has brought a chic collab with Uniqlo- hooray!!

I'm lusting over the blouson jackets-the reversible ones are gorgeous and the camo pieces are also on my radar too!! 

A really stylish and amazing collection which is so chic, wearable and on point for this season- are you tempted to indulge in any of the pieces??

What is currently in your daytime wardrobe this season- do you have a signature style for daytime or do you like a different look every day? Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment too- its so very much appreciated especially when my posts are quite sporadic and irregular- I'm hoping to post more in general so please do continue to "watch this space!!"


Love Moschino at Lights of Soho

I was really excited to go to the preview launch of the Love Moschino Specsavers glasses range at the Lights of Soho-London's first light art gallery, this week.

As a lover of Moschino I was looking forward to seeing the designs, which launch on 10 February. There are twelve designs and two sunglasses designs and for any Moschino addicts you're guaranteed to be spoilt for choice!

Ahh, Love Moschino!!!

The sunglasses designs in black or white frames-very retro inspired

A close up of both designs in the sunglasses range

Lights of Soho was the perfect venue for hosting the event, lots of mesmerising light artwork to compliment the designs on show

This design is sure to be popular-so vintage inspired and very stylish and quirky!!

More of the range-loving this red pair!!

I was smitten with this style- all the arms on the glasses feature the Love Moschino logo and this one with the hearts is a definite favourite of mine!

The full range which will be available from 10 February on Specsavers amazing 2 for 1 offer!!

Love is all around!!

Thanks to everyone at Specsavers for hosting such an amazing evening-it was lovely to catch up with  the lovely stylists and bloggers who attended and enjoy some canapes, cocktails and prosecco whilst perusing the range-I can't wait to go shopping!!


Welcome to a Stylish 2016- Favourite Trends and Buys for January So Far!!

Happy January to You All!! Its great to see in a new year and I really hope I'm going to contribute to my blog on a fairly regular basis this year- style inspiration permitting of course! It goes without saying that I hope to catch up again soon with you on either your blogs, instagram, twitter and pinterest too! I admit to being a more regular contributor to instagram as its so easy and slightly obsessional to interact this way-if not a tad lazy though!!

Anyhow I've been inspired by stripes- from mutual bloggers, friends, style magazines, social media and mainly the fact I've always had a 'thing' for stripes-Breton in particular. Navy or red  in any style combination works great for me and I seem to be constantly adding to my ever growing collection.

Here are some pictures (credit: pinterest, google) that have really piqued my interest- you really can't beat a red, navy and white combination!!

Love how Kate is rocking this red cardi/jacket over her Breton top!!

One of my favourite striped looks, I recently shared this pinterest on instagram. A reverse of above really!!

A red bag is an essential with navy stripes if a red jacket is unavailable this coming season!!

Love the crop top and those sleeves are just soo cute!!

So here are my new Adidas Pro Model high tops that I snagged in the sale a few weeks ago- I purposely was looking for some Nikes or Adidas that could scratch the red stripe itch and these fit the bill perfectly!! I also caved in to my renewed vintage bag obsession, starting this year with a new to me Louis Vuitton Speedy 25!!!

I defintely needed (ok-wanted badly) a red and white striped Breton so this lovely new Armor Lux version is going to be seeing a lot of action!! 

So slightly off topic on stripes but going back to the bag itch- I hunted for an oversize black tote and found this perfect one for me in Primark in the sale for £5!! Perfect for work and afterwards when you've forgotten to put a few plastic bags in your handbag for those last minute grocery purchases!!

So onto a really coveted thrift find- I do love a logo sweater so I was really pleased to score this 90s original Benetton sweatshirt in a local Cancer Research for just £6.99!! Perfectly my size and a year round item that can be worn with anything- I love it!!

Onto another Primark find, these new pleather fronted leggings which were only £10 and perfect for daytime wearing  with a sweater and trainers during the day or with a structured jacket in the evening

I admit to another striped top and more Louis Vuitton but I'll share that another time!! So what is inspiring you this January- have you indulged in any purchases that will be seen regularly?!! I look forward to seeing your new items for 2016 in action!!

Thanks as always for stopping by, reading, commenting and remebering I'm still here too!! Wishing you all a fabulous 2016!!


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