Choosing Hotter for Summer Comfort and Style

Hi everyone! As you may well be aware from reading my blog, I'm a real fan of the UK shoe company Hotter-not only has my mum worn them for years as a devoted and loyal customer, but with style being a real contributory factor for me in choosing shoes, boots and sandals every year, Hotter are my definite go to brand every season!
As their Style Notes say...Spring/Summer 2015 sees the introduction of a kaleidoscope of shades, from cool neutrals to bright explosions of colour. And with styles that stand out from the crowd, give a gentle nod to the latest trends, they are the most comfortable you'll ever wear!

With a passion for style, Hotter's Senior Designer Ellspeth showcases the shoes she loves and the trends we're all lusting after this season. "One of my favourites has to be Flower Power because I love big, bold prints. And nautical too, it's fun, eye-catching and it's a trend that's here to stay!

"In every pair we design not only do we hide secret comfort concept features like underfoot cushioning, lightweight flexible soles, and super soft leathers but we also carefully craft the finishing touches that gives our shoes their stand out appeal."
Whatever style or design you're after, Hotter have nailed it- Styles for feeling pretty, Nautical niceness, Tuxedo Inspiration, Colour and Flower Power are all the current trends featured for this Summer Season!
Having recently attended an intimate blogger event to catch up on the latest styles currently on sale for this season it was also great to get a sneaky peek at their deliciously wonderful Autumn/Winter range, it really promises some fabulous designs that will prove very popular not just in style  and current trends but in comfort too! 
Of course you can't have a Hotter meeting without the Hotter Bus in residence!

We fine dined and the food was truly delicious, paired with good company from fellow bloggers and Michelle from Wingfield PR and Melanie at Hotter:

A big thanks to Hotter and Wingfield PR for hosting such a wonderful get together!!
 So of course I couldn't wait for my new sandals to arrive and this Summer I plumped for the gorgeous Leeward design, which unsurprisingly is part of their best seller range for this season:
To me they have a nod to the Swedish hasbeens but obviously with the wonderful Hotter comfort concept thrown in! They really are perfect for Summer and being neutral means they will go with virtually anything and everything in my Summer wardrobe!!
If you've not already chosen your summer shoes yet, not just for every day but if you've a special occasion or event to go to then do check Hotter out- not only are they availbale online but there are lots of branches nationwide you are sure to find one not far from you!!


CuratingMi said...

What a fab event Sharon! The location looks gorgeous and the food looks divine, what better way to wile away a couple of hours in some lovely company too! Great choice with the sandals....they've come along just at the right time too now the temps are starting to notch up a bit! :0) xx

Kezzie said...

Hello lovely! How nice to hear from you and what a nice event to attend. I'm eyeing up that Pak choi!x

Avenue 57 said...

Hey Sharon, long time no posting?!

Hotter shoes are fab for your feet - I've got some friends who swear by them for comfort.

I love the ones you have chosen


diaryofapennypincher said...

You're back! Great sandals, mum has a couple of pairs of Hotter, they do look nice and comfy, and I noticed they have a couple of very vintage looking pairs which I would have snapped up if I had still been an office worker.

Sharon S said...

Hi Michelle! Aah it was a lovely event and of course I'm over the moon with my new sandals, definitely recommend them! xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Kezzie! Nice to hear from you hope you're well! Yes a lovely event the food indeed was delicious lol xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Fiona! Lovely to hear from you! Yes the sandals are amazingly comfy so pleased I picked white too lol! xx

Sharon S said...

Hi diary of a penny pincher, so lovely to hear from you! Yes I do love Hotter and they definitely have lots of styles on my radar too!! xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

*waves* Hello , yes I have my summer sandals , hasn't the weather been variable so far?!?!

Linda said...

Lovely photos of a great event!

Kezzie said...

Hello lovely! You haven't blogged for ages so I hope you are ok.xx


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