Thanks for the Inspiration....ThriftMyStyle 5 Favourite This Season Pieces

Hello everyone! Well it feels great to be back- I'm hoping that this will be my first of fairly regular posts now my mindset is slowly getting back to all things thrift and blog inspired!

I've my wonderful friend Michelle to thank at MyFashionable40s who really kickstarted me back in to action-her latest post here is about her favourite 5 this season pieces which are not just trend led but real style classics that will transcend from season to season- check out her fabulous post and also her very inspiring different daily outfits- she truly rocks casual chic in her own stylishly unique way!

So on to item number one which I actually picked up today whilst doing ahem some Christmas shopping- in keeping with the modern 70s vibe that is currently on trend at the moment, I picked up this 100% wool boho black floppy hat in Primark for a bargainous £8!! This will be a keeper for all seasons barring summer of course but word of warning- have a spare hand ready as the wind has a habit of whipping up under the brim!

Here is a picture of just the hat to give you a better idea of how the brim flops!! I haven't looked but I'm pretty certain that this will be at least double or triple the cost in other leading fashion outlets so if this is your style I would say don't delay and grab one while you can!!

On to item number two which I picked up at the start of the Autumn season in Primark again, from their Tottenham Court Road store. It is lovely and warm and oversized and the perfect colour tartan that is missing from my scarf collection-at just £5 I couldn't say no!

Still on the subject of tartan, last month I found this gorgeous tartan wool vintage cape/poncho in a neighbouring towns Help The Aged charity shop for £5.99- loving the blue as it works so well over my black leather biker jacket and also looks great with dark denim too:

It's quite thick so is a nice different style of layer instead of a scarf and a great way of having some more tartan in my wardrobe.

Item number four was found only yesterday and in keeping with the lace obsession I've had over summer- a really cute black lace shirt which has a lovely all over sheer design and perfect for winter evening dressing and summer day partnered with denim, There is no label inside so not sure if it's current or vintage but was a definite must have from Oxfam for just £2.99:

Onto my last item which is so much inspired by the long style trend of the white tennis shoe- unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to the lovely Adidas Stan Smiths or even their Superstars, as shown below:

Well as you can see, my chosen Heritage tennis shoe of choice is by legendary British tennis brand Slazenger- I found these in Sports Direct in September and considering they are leather and under £20 I really couldn't leave them behind!!

They have mixed features of the Stan Smiths and the Superstars and for the quality and price they can't be beat, especially as they go with anything and everything!!

So that's my round up of  my favourite five this season- have you already indulged in the tartan, trainer and hat trend yet??

I would just like to say to everyone who follows, reads, comments and doesn't comment that I'm so grateful for your continued friendship and support you've given me- I'm optimistic that next year I'll be back to publishing regularly and most importantly get back to reading what all of you lovely people are upto- I've really missed everyone but I'm hoping that I'll be back on track before too long and thank you all so much for stopping by and catching up!

On that note I will leave you all by wishing each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year- roll on 2015 and I hope you all have a wonderful festive season- see you all very soon!!


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