Outfit of the Day and Today's Buys

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all having a really good start to the week, I've had a great weekend as I met up with my good blogger friend Michelle over at MyFashionable40s. We had such an amazing time despite the weather being torrential rain during the start and middle of the day and from then onward's brilliant sunshine! The day consisted of shopping, eating and drinking- no photos which seems to be our usual ploy as we are normally so busy enjoying ourselves. We both managed to bag some bargains which I'll share in later outfit posts!

Today saw a visit to the hospital to get my younger son's wrist recast as he broke it last week in his sports day. We then went for a buffet lunch in town and a spot of shopping afterwards in Primark. Myself and Michelle had checked out her hometowns new Primark on Saturday but I didn't find anything I liked.
My youngest son managed to pick a few lovely pieces out for our forthcoming holiday and I picked up a sporty style tee in the sale for £1 and a summer parka for £9, which is thin and is in a silky material as opposed to traditional starchy cagoule style material:

My outfit today is a thrifted Gap black blouse which I got a couple of months ago in a neighbouring towns Sense charity shop for £2.99, I'm wearing it with my Gap boyfriend jeans from a couple of years ago from the Gap outlet store at Ashford and my silver Hotter sandals:

I'm trying to grow my fringe out-I'm really not sure if I want to or not-watch the next post to see if it's been chopped back in!!

Due to also running the Race for Life last week things have been so hectic so I've still not been able to get back to regular posting. I do still stop by to read your blogs even if I'm not leaving comments, so I do thank you for your continued reading and commenting too.

I do hope you have a good week ahead and here's to more sunshine ahead!!

Comfortable In Fashion

 It doesn't matter if you're on the red carpet or if you're having a fancy photo session with a Los Angeles commercial photographer. At the end of the day, being comfortable is what matters the most. That's the main source of confidence and freshness. When it comes to fashion, some people think that being comfortable is not that necessary, that looks are the ones that really matter. That’s not really okay because thousands of women are right now going to romantic dates feeling super uncomfortable because of their high heels and super tight skirts.

   Fashion has to feel comfortable and if it takes you more than one minute to put on those jeans, just leave them. There are so many styles of clothes out there that choosing outfits that do not fit well is simply a silly decision. It's also not looking great at all. When you wear something that makes you feel good and your feet do not hurt, you look gorgeous, just because of the attitude you've got. We need to breathe while wearing a dress and we need to move, while wearing high heels.
    If you feel like pulling the hem of the dress every 5 minutes and you are constantly adjusting the neckline of the collar of your shirt it means that the clothes are just not working for you. Once a piece of clothing is making you feel uncomfortable, there really is no proper 'feel' for it.
    However the right pair of high heels can straighten you up and the right chic dress can make you feel like you’re the queen of the world. This is why, feeling good in a certain type of outfit is mandatory, when choosing it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you have to wear yoga pants and sneakers at every birthday party or romantic date. You can find really fancy and elegant clothes that feel just like the leggings and the sporty shoes you love so much. You have to search for it, because eventually you’ll find it. And you will not only feel amazing but you will also look gorgeous. Ultimately there is nothing hotter than a woman who looks and feels good for herself and for others.


Thrift My Style Perfect Handbag Finds- When Fendi costs the same as Debenhams!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all keeping well- I'm sorry for being such a rubbish blogger of late, I seem to be having so much 'life priorities' that blogging has been taking a back seat but I will be trying my best to visit you all so soon!

I had to do a blog post today as I was so lucky on my thrift trip earlier today. Like many fashion and style bloggers I admit to having more than my fair share of handbags in my wardrobe, ranging from small to mid to large size in an array of different colours but I suppose a quarter to a third of them are black.

But why is it when you know you've over half a dozen black bags you still hanker after 'the right one'? Examining my handbags in my wardrobe in more detail this morning revealed that I had only two with silver hardware- one is a DKNY tiny cross body bag and the other is just a bit too fiddly (but still lovely) to be used on a regular basis. I know the gorgeous Michelle at MyFashionable40s had a similar dilemma- I won't call it a problem in the great scheme of things!! I was very impressed with her research and if I had not have found this mornings finds I would have been seriously contemplating buying a black mid size Longchamp bag. So here is what I found this morning:

This first bag was from the Help The Aged charity shop for £6.99 and is a black leather Debenhams Classic handbag. It is actually more mini than mid size but as it has lots of compartments it's not too much of a problem and of course it has the obligatory silver hardware that I was after- I just won't be able to shove a brolley in it, hehe!!

Then my second find was in the Cancer Research charity shop and as soon as I saw it on the shelf, I nabbed it quickly. Of course I didn't want to examine it too closely in the shop but on a quick assessment the overall quality reassured me it was genuine and I'm guessing at least five to ten years old too:

A classic Fendi Zucca hobo bag which when I checked on my journey home has the serial number and authenticity label but having been around fakes and authentic bags for years and knowing that quality is a key indicator I am more than happy that my find is genuine- not bad for £6.99 too! It is mid size and has the silver hardware too and is big enough for a brolley!!

I'm so thrilled with my finds because I knew in my head before I went out this morning what I wanted but I didn't dream I'd stumble across a designer goody! I've always loved Fendi and I know this particular bag will be used so much!

Did you have 'mission accomplished' with sales finds so far this season? Or if you're a thrifter like me have you found items that were on your style list?

Thanking you as always for you continued support, lovely comments and kind words- even though I'm so slow in responding I really do appreciate you all giving me the time and effort by stopping by.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!!


Outfit Post and A Couple of Thrifted & Gifted Autumn/Winter Investment Pieces

Hi everyone! How has your week been going? I'm in the middle of a working week but am trying to multi task like every other blogger mum with housework and food shopping duties, as well as making sure my family's summer break to the South Coast is all booked up and paid for! I had a great weekend of socialising with good friends and family and due to limited funds this coming weekend will be a much more relaxed and low key affair! 
My outfit choice earlier this week featured my thrifted River Island boho jacket that I featured a couple of posts back- I teamed it with a new Primark peach vest tee and my trusty Gap boyfriend cut offs which are proving to be a definite too regular go to for easy casual dressing lately!

 I'm wearing my tan leather satchel bag from the swap party I went to a couple of months ago and my black leather gladiator sandals which were thrifted a couple of years ago:

I had a removable canvas strap from a bag that has since gone on to the charity shop and decided it would work really well on the tan bag, as I'm not overkeen on carrying bags much, I prefer a cross body bag or shoulder bag for versatility. I've been pleased with it as I can wear light colour summer clothes and not have a dark colour strap across me.

A few months ago my eldest son who works in mens fashion pr attended the Clarks press day for Autumn/Winter 2014 and for my birthday present he gave me the voucher for a free pair of any of their new range footwear from the new season collection. I've been wanting a pair of flat lace up mid length black boots for a long while now and when I saw the Minster Lance boots on their website I knew they would be perfect for Autumn/Winter as I can wear them with all my skinny jeans and winter jackets:

Another item that I wasn't looking out for but found on a recent trip to a local towns Scope charity shop was this H&M black leather biker jacket, which I really liked for it's unusually longer style length and collarless feature:

It's a true matt black and will be the perfect pairing with my new boots, so that's me off to a flying start for the next season ahead-although I'm certainly not wishing it to come too quickly, lol!!

I thank you all as always for your kind and lovely comments- I love reading your thoughts and I am trying my best to come back to you whenever I get the chance. Wishing you a lovely week and a great weekend to come!!


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