ThriftMyStyle Keeps Up with The Slogans with Nike, Adidas, J Crew and Comme des Garcons

Hi everyone!! I thought I would share one of my favourite wardrobe staples with you- the slogan tee. Whether I look subconciously or not, I always seem to be drawn to tees with some type of slogan on them-it's the sort of feeling that a lot of bloggers have for their Breton stripes- they can never have too many, whatever the style or detail! 
One of my favourite summer finds last year was this Nike Ken Griffey tee, which was from a neighbouring town's Sue Ryder charity shop for £1.50. It got its first wear earlier in the week with my new-ish H&M skinny distressed jeans which were in the sale in January for £9.99 and my recently thrifted Papillio Birkies:

 The tee is a really soft material and the cut is ideal, fitted but not too tight and not overly loose either. I think the orange Birkenstocks just give the whole casual look a pop of needed colour:

My next tee is a J Crew charity shop find that I've had a while: 

E' Tale Vita aka Such is Life

My next find is from years ago when I first started blogging, I found this Comme des Garcons tee at my local boot sale for just £1:

One, Two Three

This next find was from last year and scratched the itch for a red tee as well as the slogan too

Drink Coca Cola

This last one is a real Adidas original which belonged to my eldest son from around 8 years ago. It has languished in the cupboard and been resurrected by me for Summer to add a pop of colour when worn with my favourite jeans of the day: 

A real Adidas Original

What is the weakest link in your wardrobe? Are you mad over Breton stripes or do you go crazy for the perfect pair of black trousers or the must have grey marl tee, I'd love you to share!!

Wishing you all a really fabulous weekend, whatever you get upto!!


Anne said...

I do love a breton top but I am also on the hunt for a good grey t-shirt:) Enjoy your weekend Sharon!
~Anne xx

Vix said...

You look as fabulous as ever! Love those Birkis! x

Avenue 57 said...

I used to hate slogan tshirts but now I'm starting to love! That last yellow one is divine!

Autumn said...

Your tees look perfect and I am terribly jealous of your awesome orange Birks.

CuratingMi said...

Wow Sharon! What a collection!! Loving the Comme des Garcon!! Some amazing finds!! I would love a slogan T and was very tempted by a few in Pull & Bear the other day but now I have seen your haul....I am going to try and lead by example and see if I can find a great thrifty gem! Inspired!!
Have a fabulous weekend my lovely friend! xx

Style Eyes said...

Love these t shirts especially the yellow adidas one. Yes I am a big fan of stripes as well as floral prints, well any prints really!

Shanika said...

I like how retro the coca cola one is!

Shanika | shanika-says.blogspot.com | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

Style At Every Age said...

You know it's the Breton, I need help! Have a fab weekend Sharon x

Kezzie said...

Aside from pretty dresses, anything sailor inspired!!! Which is ridiculous as it is so costumey! I was so happy when I found a collectif sailor top I'd actually been looking at in Spitalfields a week before (£25) for £2.50 in our favourite Sally army and then a Primark sailor dress in the seven kings Sue Ryder for £3!

Your slogan tees are lovely- bright and attractive!!
I had some luck in St Francis hospice and Oxfam today and there 4 gorgeous vintage hats I almost bought too but didn't want to carry them around Borough market all day! X

Sharon S said...

Hi Anne- yes the Breton is such a style must have, I so agree! xx

Hi Vix-I'm loving the Birkies thank you! xx

Hi Fiona thanks my dear I'm looking forward to wearing the yellow Adidas this season! xx

Hi Autumn thanks for stopping by, the Birkies are my new favourites! xx

Hi Michelle- I hope you find a great slogan tee, I'm finding they can be quite addictive to collect, hehe!! xx

Hi Ceri- yes I'm loving florals this and all seasons too, they really make an outfit xx

Hi Shanika thanks my dear, can't beat retro cool cola hehe! Xx

Hi Sharron- I know you adore your Bretons, we all have some kind of style weakness! xx

Hi Kezzie! Well done on your sailor finds how awesome you didn't pay out £25 and found exactly what you wanted! The Sally and Sue Ryder are my 2 favourites for sure! xx

To you all- thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend ladies xx

Unknown said...

Oh I must have a drawer full of white tee's......But I do like these slogan tee's and sweats around at the moment too! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the slogan tees. I've been mad for vintage sweatshirts of late - some with slogans! Also patchwork (anything, but not too tacky), 70s crochet shawls, and kilim bags. Xo

Pennyblossoms said...

Was going to ask about the fab orange sandals...but the commenters have answered my question!
So, love those birkies!! And the Coca cola tee.
Ha! just see your previous post! That double denim look really suits you.
Have a good week.
Z xx

Unknown said...

I love those jeans on you & the Coca Cola tee is just fab! xx


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