My Week in Pictures

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely Spring weather at the moment! It's such a nice feeling to venture out without all the obligatory layers of winter and think about lighter jackets and bare ankles!

Last week whilst on a thrifting trip in a town not too far away I was very lucky with footwear finds. The Richard House Childrens Hospice was where I found these:

Adidas Original Stan Smith Brown Weave trainers, £8

Papillio Birkenstock Arizona sandals £5.99

On Saturday my eldest had reserved some items in our local Sue Ryder charity shop and of course I had to have a browse. There is a new manager in there and prices are very reasonable-my star find of the week was an authentic Belstaff blouson jacket for just £5.

Next day of course was Mothers Day and a joint card from my beautiful boys and a lovely summer tee was my present from them both.

Sunday afternoon was spent with my mum as we wined and dined at a newly found favourite Mediterranean restaurant of mine which I couldn't wait for my mum to try. We both had a shared Mezes starter, grilled sea bass, mashed potato and mixed vegetables for our main meal and for desert I had stuffed apricots and my mum had baklava.

My mum bought me some perfume for Mothers Day, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden, one she has worn for decades. 

I'm still being rather a bookworm at the moment and my spare time has been spent reading Martina Cole's The Faithless- well with my home town being mentioned, I knew it would be a must read and having finished it last night I'll sonn be on the look out for a suitable replacement when back at work-the joy of working in a library is I get to indulge my sneaky peeks of every different kind of book and my library card is constantly in use.

Wishing you all a lovely week and I hope all of you lovely mums had a wonderful Mothers Day too!!


Rebecca said...

I'm liking those Birkenstocks especially! What a nice, bright color.

Sounds like you enjoyed a proper & terrific Mother's Day. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend and as usual found some great bargains. I love the trainers and birks plus the blouson is a style I'm really liking suddenly! I'm looking after my Boy's flight jacket from Gap :-) xx

Vix said...

Those Birkis are lovely! it must be a lot warmer down there, I'm wearing thermal tights under my maxi today! x

Avenue 57 said...

Oh you lucky duck with those Adidas originals!
Lovely to see sandals on the feet again - I can't wait for more warm weather


CuratingMi said...

Ooh-err Sharon! So envious of those fab Birks!! What an amazing colour.....they will be just glorious come Summertime! Loving the Adidas too! As for the Belstaff....a fiver, my goodness what a good deal!!

Sounds like you had a superb Mother's day.....just as you deserve!! Some lovely pressie's as well as a gorgeous meal....what more could a mum ask for!! Have a fab week :0) xx

Style At Every Age said...

Those Birkenstocks are gorgeous Sharon, great colour for you. Sounds like you had an amazing Mothers Day and Blue Grass is a perfect summer scent. xx

Kezzie said...

WOw, you DID do well! I have no luck with shoes in charity shops. Only ever found about 3 pairs in all my years of charity shopping and all three had to go fairly soon after as they were so dreadfully uncomfortable!x

Unknown said...

Can't believe you found all those amazing finds!.....I think you should do a guided tour of thrift shops, and then we could all come along, and see how you work your magic!! xx

Please may I? said...

Some fabulous finds, you do so well.

X x

Unknown said...

The colour of those Birks is amazing!! I'm so glad you were spoilt for Mothers Day Darl! so well deserved! xx

www.janetteria.com said...

I want those trainers!


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