Voucher Code Swap Shop Clothes Party!!

Hi everyone! Earlier this week I attended a clothes swap party held by Voucher Codes UK, #VCSWAPSHOP14 
When I was invited by the host Fleur, I was instructed like everyone else to bring 5 items of good condition clothes and/or accessories that I don't wear anymore and depending on whether it was high street or designer each item was awarded a certain amount of stamps. My plus one for the evening was my eldest son who came straight from work so I brought his 5 items of clothes and on arrival I received a grand total of 18 stamps to shop with!!
 It was held at the Gallery Soho on Charing Cross Road and on arrival I had a cocktail and decided to take part in one of the craft events which was embellishing tights. In good time it was then upstairs to the clothes swapping and boy, was there a fabulous amount of clothing and accessories to choose from. During the evening there was a lady making balloon headbands, a photo booth, catered food being brought round, cocktails and the craft sessions. Here are my pictures and some from the event organisers:

Here I am about to start shopping!!

There were a good few rails with a really great choice of different good quality items in lots of different sizes too:

Fleur, the lovely host from Voucher Codes

Lovely cupcakes which unfortunately I didn't sample!!

In the photo booth!

Sitting down doing my embellishing before the clothes swap

So many lovely people choosing their items!!

Meeting lifestyle and style bloggers Shanika Says, Nataly of Sand & Sugar and not pictured, LucyJLoves 

I was fortunate to receive a goody bag which included a gift voucher from Matalan and which I've already used to purchase a couple of ballet pump shoes for Spring. Amongst other things included was a lovely two tone leather purse and some Nair body clay cream:

Of course I had to show off my haul of goodies-unbelievably I came away with nine items and by the end of the night I still had stamps spare! But I was very impressed by what I bagged, which included a fabulous degrade ASOS denim shirt, a River Island speedy style canvas bag, a brand new Ted Baker cobalt blue and tan leather belt, a River Island sequin tee, a Topshop dress and skirt, a bangle and some brand new with tags Topman skinny jeans for Christopher-he had to have something for coming, hehe!!

My embellished tights which I can't wait to wear!!

The event itself was a major success and so enjoyable- I met some really lovely bloggers and it seemed to go too quickly- a sign that you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself!! Here is myself and Fleur with my bag of goodies!!

The best part of all was that the following day all the left over clothes were donated to Oxfam charity shop, so a perfect way to round off the event!!

A big thanks to all the lovely people at Voucher Codes for making the night go so well, I can't wait for the next one now!!


Vix said...

That looks like great fun! You and your son are so alike and look lovely together! x

CuratingMi said...

Wow Sharon.....looks like such a brilliant event! I'm gonna research to see if anything similar goes on in my area!

Some great items you managed to bag and so very envious of the goodies.....may have to steal your style and get myself into Matalan for some of those pumps! They look gorgeous! Talking of gorgeous...how handsome is your boy! :0) xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Vix-thanks my dear, the older he gets the more he looks like me, hehe!! xx

Hi Michelle- The ballet pumps are only £6 each, they may only last one season, but that's fine by me for that price! Aaw thanks for your lovely comment about the boy too! xx

hippyatheart said...

wow, what an amazing outfit, you look incredibly good!! and I love the saarinen chairs, you swappers got taste!

Please may I? said...

What a great idea. Looks like you had a great time.

X x

Kezzie said...

How much fun!!!! Didn't you get some nice things!! I organised a swap at a friend's house once (and another friend did too) and I really enjoyed that, so a massive one must have been great!x

Debbie Stinedurf said...

What a fun and totally cool event! I wish there was something like that around here.

Style At Every Age said...

Looks like great fun Sharon and you got some lovely bits. I know I owe you an email, I am truly useless with over 20,000 in my inbox, I hate myself for not dealing with things straight away grrr xx

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by with these lovely comments, your thoughts and opinions are so much appreciated! xxx

Unknown said...

I found your blog through another blogger, and I absolutely love it! I would like to nominate you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more info at: www.toniatheauthor.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

What a fab event Sharon! Its looks like so much fun & you got yourself some fab swaps too! Ax

Unknown said...

Really like your finds :) it was a great event indeed!
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