WhiteBirdPaperwork: From Romy, A Hippy at Heart

"Do small things with great love - That's the mantra of White Bird Paperwork. Business cards don't have to be boring, they shall make you stand out and reflect your personality and benefits. Featuring filigree superfine prints, sophisticated quotes or quirky slogans on eco-friendly high-quality paper, these cards are little pieces of art. They are sure to be noticed by the one you hand them over to! Nothing to throw away and forget, but a lovely treasure for anyone's desk or wallet - and an unique reminder of your business and your qualities!"

So says the lovely Romy of WhiteBirdPaperwork, a newly set up Etsy business that is offering uniquely refreshing designs that are handmade and ethically printed from petroleum free colours and eco friendly inks onto uncoated paper and vegan printing materials, all designed with Romy's attention to detail and hippy chic style in mind.

If you recognise her from her Etsy shop it could well be you have seen her blogging over at Hippy at Heart-she has been a regular blogging friend of mine for a few years now and is based in Germany and she has a wonderful blog which diaries her wonderful vacations, her passion for furniture and fashion and her new addition to her family-Hendrix the cat!!

I thought I would show you her fabulous designs of business cards which would be ideal for any bloggers or style lovers who wish to own a set that are not only unique but are ethically made too:

For Mexico Lovers and Flower Childs: set of 250 for £62.50

Wanna Hire Me? set of 250 for £62.50

Jack Kerouac Quote: set of 250 for £62.50

Little Pieces of Art: set of 250 for £62.50

For Vintage Sellers and Lovers: Paisley design, 250 for £62.50

I hope you manage to get over to Romy's Etsy store and her blog, she is such a lovely young lady and her style is most inspiring and chic! As she says in her own words-'My business cards are perfect for Etsy sellers, vintage sellers, writers, photographers, fashion designers and individuals with a free spirit'.


Kezzie said...

They are gorgeous!!! I don't really need business cards but if I did...x

CuratingMi said...

Beautiful stationary Sharon! I love Romy's mission statement to her potential purchasers.....if I ever strike out on my own business wise I will be first in the queue for some of these lovely cards! Hope you are having a great week xx

hippyatheart said...

Ahh, thanks so much, dear Sharon!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Kezzie and Michelle- I so agree, they are ever so pretty and if I need some in future would definitely buy from her!

Unknown said...

They are stunning! I love things that are just that little bit different! Ax


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