Dining In with Tiffin Tin

Hi everyone! I had to blog about my recent 'fine dining experience at home' from my all time local favourite eatery, The Tiffin Tin. 

"The Tiffin Tin is one of London's Top five places for a great take-home meal," Tom Parker-Bowles. 
"The portions were enormous: the meat was juicy and well spiced-the spices for each dish are ground daily on the premises. The freshest Indian food this side of Brick Lane." The Evening Standard.

I had already bought food from here before I knew of it's fine reputation and the first time I tried it I knew it was a place that would be forever a favourite and is frequented on special occasions for it to remain a treat.

We traveled to our local branch in Wanstead so we could personally check out their open plan kitchen and see the cooks in action. The service was excellent and it was great to watch the food being cooked in front of us and enjoy the aromas wafting around. 

The Tiffin Tin uses the finest ingredients and the freshest and most different vegetables in their dishes and they do not use any artificial colourings or preservatives. Your chosen dishes are vacuum sealed and also put into plastic reusable containers and your meal comes with complimentary popadums and chutney.

We had a Tandoori mixed grill for starters, murgh (chicken breast) dansak, pilau rice and vegetable biryani, which between three of us was more than adequate as we had food leftover for the following day too: 

I love how you receive your food too-no bog standard white carrier bags, you get this funky cardboard box which is based on the original Tiffin Tin carrier which is a standard for the Indian way of life of how people carry fresh food from home to work. I already have a couple that I keep in my room to store scarves. As the food is tightly secure, the boxes are immaculate and always reusable immediately:

Like I said we went to our local Tiffin Tin branch in Wanstead, (East London)-they also have branches in Hornsey, Totteridge Lane, Tuffnell Park and West Hampstead. You can actually order online and credit cards are acceptable as well as cash if you wish to take advantage of their free delivery for orders over £10.

If you do live in any of these areas around London I really recommend you try their food-you won't be disappointed and the standard of food is definitely the equivalent of eating in a top quality restaurant with the added benefits of being at home of course and you also get the chance to support a local, thriving and successful business!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and that all your preparations are coming along nicely for Christmas too!


That's Not My Age said...

Sounds fantastic, hope you're new job is going well - I'm trying not to panic about CHristmas!

renae said...

Great efforts in baking and your post is really fun. I miss you. Where are we when we need each other? hahaha

Anne said...

Hi Sharon...love the idea of a cardboard box as opposed to the white plastic carriers!Have a great weekend:)
~Anne xx

Style At Every Age said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I want some x

Unknown said...

Hi dear ,great blog ,I follow u =)
Check out my blog ,there is a big giveaway =)

Please may I? said...

Sounds and looks scrummy.

X x

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-so lovely of you to stop by, thanks so much for your comments! xxx


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