Dune Mongolian Scarf & Liberty Tartan Scarf- Scarves of the Week

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely week so far and like me, looking forward to the weekend. This week has seen me start my official role as a library assistant which I'm really enjoying plus I'm meeting really nice co-workers too, making the transition of starting a new job so much easier!

I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend but if the weather turns particularly nasty it will mean having to stay indoors snuggled up watching TV, films and listening to music, whilst catching up with my blog reading and book reading!! 
I thought I would show you this weeks scarf purchases-the first one is my Dune Mongolian shaggy wool scarf/shawl which I treated myself to whilst in London on Saturday:

It really is a scarf of substance and I actually felt naked after taken it off instore to put back the display piece- I love the softness and shagginess of it as I've always wanted a scarf like this for so many past winters. I really would recommend it if you're looking for a shawl like item over a variety of different coats and jackets this winter-it really blocks out the cold and looks really nice on too.

My second scarf was an accidental find whilst in town early this week, as I'm trying not to spend anything on myself after my splurges this month. I was really only trying to browse my local Salvation Army but it's always the way-when you don't want to see anything or are watching the pennies, something always shows up! Thankfully when I saw this scarf, it was well worth buying and I couldn't leave it behind for just £1.99:

A pure wool black and white tartan scarf which is immaculate and still has the original Liberty paper sticker on it too:

I'm so chuffed to find this one as I don't have a monochrome scarf and this fits the current tartan trend perfectly. It's a lovely length and width and it looks like one of those items that has been bought and not used and donated to charity, waiting for me to swoop and buy!!

I keep saying it, but I'm really on a strict (ish) self imposed thrift and shopping curfew-apart from maybe getting a new pair of black trousers or jeans for work that will be my only spending for the forseeable, but I can never say never.....sigh!!

Here's hoping you all have a lovely weekend and what with the Festive Season and my new job I may not be around as often to blog new posts and comment back, but I always take pleasure in reading your blogs via bloglovin' and google+ to see what you are all up to in the style and fashion blogosphere!


Anne said...

Your scarves are lovely....that Dune shaggy one looks so cosy and warm:) Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ah, congrats, Sharon, I didn't know you had a new job.

Great scarves. The Liberty one is lovely, and quelle deal - you just couldn't have left it there! Xo

Sue said...

Of course you couldn't leave it behind at that price. What a fab bargain of a Liberty scarf. Once again - I don't know how you do it!

CuratingMi said...

You have an amazing eye for a bargain.....so envious of your Liberty scarf....I am pretty obsessed by tartan scarfs at the mo! Also loving the Dune furry scarf, it looks so luxurious x

Vix said...

I bought my Mongolian lamb scarf from a jumble sale 3 years ago, it's the best 20p I ever spent. I feel naked when I take mine off too, so warm and snuggly. x

Nell Heshram said...

I love these - especially the shaggy one! That reminds me, I need to check out our local charity shops for some winter accessories....

Style At Every Age said...

Oh I love that Sharon, I want one!

Mrs C said...

Yup, it is hard to be on a 'diet'.. I failed all the time :)

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