Do you let your daughter judge your clothes?

We all remember being firmly told that we wouldn't be 'going out dressed like that!' in our teens, but in more recent years the tables seem to have turned with modern mums seeking the approval of their daughters when it comes to fashion.

 A recent Telegraph article claims that almost half of British mothers look to their daughters for clothing advice, particularly when it comes to how age-appropriate the item in question may or may not be.The painful but practical truth of the matter is that the apple of your eye is far more likely to be honest with you than your friends when it comes to your appearance. Nobody would be so cruel as to bluntly tell you that your new skirt is too short or your freshly dyed hairdo is a trashy colour - nobody apart from your children, that is. Feelings may get hurt in the process, but heeding this sort of honest opinion might save you from committing an embarrassing fashion faux pas.On the other hand, there is the argument that while your teenage daughter might think she knows everything, she's probably not the authority on how women over 30 like to dress.

If you're hunting for stylish women's jackets, for example, you'll find that designs aimed at your age group are unlikely to be sold alongside those intended for teenagers or young adults. Fashion for these age groups is notoriously changeable, with very few 'quirky' trends lasting longer than a season before being relegated either to the back of a wardrobe, the charity shop or the bin.  Your daughter's tastes and personal style are also likely to change and develop drastically during her teenage years, sometimes going from one extreme trend to the opposite! If you consider the fashion crimes that you committed throughout your younger years, you may think twice about leaving your adult wardrobe in the hands of your temperamental teenager. Follow your own fashion instincts or those of a loyal and frank friend your age. Not only will you walk away with a wardrobe befitting a woman rather than a girl, but you may also avoid a few family arguments at the same time!

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Avenue 57 said...

My mother still tells me what she does and doesn't like about what I'm wearing and I tell her too!!!!!!!

Things never change!



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