Thrift Inspiration......New Look Knit, Isabel Marant Style!

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well, it's a half term week in our household and it's great not to have any early morning starts for my youngest, who relishes his late nights and late lie ins- having got his interim report just before he broke up and achieving a B grade in every subject- he has his GCSE's in eighteen months time, I'm really pleased with his progress to date and at how he is just enjoying relaxing and recharging his batteries from all the sports and academic stuff that has been on his timetable lately!  Anyhow, I am being kept busy with general household duties, my volunteering work, blogging and of course little thrift trips here and there and this suits me just fine!

Since the impending Isabel Marant/H&M collaboration was announced, I must admit to have been quite impressed with how her pieces work so effortlessly well with each other-to me, this is casual chic dressing most stylish and I really love the red/black/white pieces that add texture and a lovely pop of colour to different outfits. My favourite items from the collection are below, the longline cardi jacket, the tasseled scarf and the multi colour sweatshirt:

 I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to get an item from the collection, the scarf would be number one on my list as I'm sure it would be an excellent layering piece with all the winter coats and jackets I have, but I would like to see what the quality is like before I made it an addition to my wardrobe.

Last weeks thrifting trip was to two towns on the bus- I found nothing at all in the first town's five shops that I visited so was hoping I would do better at the next town's six shops. Well at the eleventh and last shop was where I did find a couple of items and thankfully they weren't impulse buys from frustration!!

I first found a pair of boyfriend style straight leg light wash Levi's jeans which were just the colour I've been after for a while. Just as I was approaching the till to pay I saw this New Look knit which I had to wait to try on-I nearly didn't bother as I really had enough and just wanted to get the bus home. I was pleased I waited though as it fitted perfectly and once the items were paid for I was straight on the bus homeward bound.

As you can see it's a tweed style open knit in a red/black/white colourway (sorry for the photo quality which makes the top look purply-which it isn't!) and has a scallop front:

I was drawn to the colour and it's an 'inbetween' weight-not thick and not thin, so ideal for those days where I don't need to layer up. 

Have you been inspired by the Isabel Marant/H&M collaboration and if so, what pieces are taking your interest? Will you be buying a piece or looking to adopt a similar style to what they have on offer?

Wishing you all a good week ahead-the sun is shining today and it's not too windy either- a perfect Autumnal day to enjoy-hope you do too!!


Vix said...

I'm sorry, I don't know who she is - but your jumper is lovely! x

Sue said...

I have that jumper. I bought it last year but I think it has more of a navy about it than a black which is probably why your picture is giving you a purple effect. And great minds think alike as I thought it was very Marant inspired too. See http://susiesoso.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/seeing-red.html

Hope you enjoy wearing it!

Anne said...

I love that longline cardi and your jumper also looks great:) Have a good week!
~Anne xx

Unknown said...

A very Marant'ish find......and probably at a fraction of the H&M collection too! xx

onesugarplease said...

I said I would never queue up outside Hennes after the hellish time I spent waiting for the Marni collection....but I am super tempted from what I've seen so far!

Style At Every Age said...

I like the cardigan but prefer your knit to be honest. We are also enjoying half term, Charlie loves to stay up late and lie in, so different from when my girls were his age, I never let them stay up too late! I've still been getting up to do Claudia's pack up but yesterday I went back to bed when she'd gone!

Unknown said...

I don't know yet actually I also really want that cardigan but you know on the other hand looking at the prices it might be better to go for a similar item like you recommended!

I might go for some accessories then or something :)

Just uploaded a new post so let me know what you think Girl :D
Have a great day :D

Come by at The Fashion Milkshake!
Right time for the last sun beam!

mispapelicos said...

Just come to show that you can find the latest trend cheap if you have the eye.
happy Halloween, dear Sharon.

Please may I? said...

Loving your knit Sharon.

X x

www.janetteria.com said...

I am huge fan ot this cardi, but your piece is lovely too. :)

Style Eyes said...

Lovely knitwear! I am definitely feeling the need for lots of cardis and jumpers at the moment and I love these chunky and colourful styles.

Unknown said...

I love the cardigan & it would be perfect to layer up on dry days! I live in St. Leonards & there are some amazing charity shops down here! If you ever fancy a trip down South we can raid them together! I have some amazing finds from a few of them! Ax

Sharon S said...

Hi A-I definitely will come down to see you next year, look forward to it!

Hi ladies-thanks for such lovely comments, as always they are very much appreciated! xxx

Angela Shrekels said...

I am SO excited for the Isabel Marant and H&M collaboration- will I be able to get my hands on a piece (specifically the boots!) mmm doubt it! That knit is an amazing find!


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