Thrift Inspiration..........For Autumn Tote Bags

Hi everyone!! Whenever I am on thrifting trips I'm always looking out for jackets, bags and jeans as first things to look for. I love thrifting bags as you can generally find really great quality ones that are leather or a good quality fabric for so little. 

If money were no object then I would definitely be choosing this gorgeous patchwork Fallabella bag by Stella McCartney-so many trends all in one: metal chain hardware, the colour of the season-oxblood, faux snakeskin and mock croc, this really is a lovely bag for Autumn:

Stella McCartney Fallabella Tote bag, £760

Earlier this week I found this fabulous leather patchwork oxblood tote bag for £5.99 at a neighbouring town's Oxfam charity shop. It's a perfect size, not too small and not massive but certainly big enough for all essentials and a fold up umbrella too:

It's ideal for daytime wearing and I'm so drawn to the rich colour too. It reminds me of a brown leather slouch patchwork bag that I bought for myself on my first ever girls holiday when I was seventeen from Ibiza and I used it until it fell apart, it really was a special bag and I'm hoping this one will live up to expectations!!

This next find was from my local Sue Ryder charity shop a couple of months ago and I absolutely adore it. It's pure wool carpet and I'm sure it comes from Morocco, it has such a hippy boho chic vibe to it and was a bargainous £3.99:

In the early 90s I went to Morocco for the weekend for a 'Diamond Hunt', it was a tour operator's educational as I worked for a major travel agents at the time. It was an amazing adventure and I brought home a wool rug for my mum that had been hand loomed by local Berbers in the Atlas Mountains. The bag really reminds me of the wool rug that unfortunately is no longer around as my mum got rid of it when she moved house last year.

Do you have handbags that have a sentimental value to you?
Wishing you all a really great weekend, it's pouring with rain and cold and windy where I am at the moment-(ugh) so it really is so right to turn on the heating and get the layers at the ready!!


Vix said...

That Moroccan one is gorgeous! I'm going to start looking for old rugs so I can make one. x

Claire Justine said...

love your last bag :) thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

Love your gorgeous thrifted bags! Such great finds and such amazing prices! Love that they bring you special memories too!


www.janetteria.com said...

Love the last one! :)

Style At Every Age said...

The Stella is gorgeous but it annoys me how she charges so much when it's not leather!

Kezzie said...

A rug bag is a super idea!!! I found a cute little green handbag in a charity shop which I love!!! X

Unknown said...

Great buys!

I really like the last one :) I used to have one like that as well and I loved it haha :D

Just uploaded a new post so let me know what you think Girl :D

Have a great day :D


Are you a classic York lady?

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-such lovely comments, so kind of you all, thank you!! xxx


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