The Salvation Army Charity Shop Reward Scheme

Hi everyone!! As you all may be aware, I shop A LOT at my local and neighbouring town's charity shops. For me not only are you donating to a good cause but of course you are doing your bit for the environment by buying secondhand goods.

To be rewarded for charity shopping is a real incentive and as I regularly shop at my local Salvation Army it makes sense to collect their reward cards. As it says on one side of the card, for every £5 spent you receive a stamp and once you receive 10 stamps YOU get a free £5 to spend-what's not to love!!

On the other side of the card is the donation side of being rewarded-buy a re:bag instore for just 99p and everytime you fill it up and donate the contents you can get your card stamped with a £2 credit. Fill up x 5 and you've a massive £10 to spend, so in total you can get a whopping £15 back! 

Each re:bag which has it's contents donated is equivalent to around £20 to the Salvation Army and could help provide a week’s support for a rough sleeper, a day’s vocational training at a Salvation Army day centre for 10 people to help them pursue new careers, or a much needed box of food for a family struggling with poverty at Christmas. In context it really shows how far your bag of unwanted goods can go and it really does make a difference to people around the UK:

Even if you don't necessarily buy clothes from charity shops you can still pick up lovely accessories, costume jewellery, handbags, DVDs, CDs, books and general bric a brac, some of which is still new and can make ideal stocking fillers for Christmas.

There are over 140 shops participating in the scheme and if you click here you can find your local branch plus further information on the schemes.

Of course I had to show you what I managed to get with my £5 reward this week:

A ladies Levi's denim shirt which is perfectly in my size:

A pair of chino's by Gap which are from Spring 2012 and once laundered, pressed and put away will be perfect daytime trousers for Spring next year. You can see they were reduced, I presume because they are discounting the summer items:

So for me I received 2 items for £5 and they will both definitely be worn too-regardless of how cheap items are in charity shops I still don't buy for the sake of it, the item still has to be first wanted and then worn.

I hope this inspires you to check out your local Salvation Army-it is definitely a worthwhile charity to donate to and buy from especially as all profits go to different causes within the UK.

PS- This isn't a sponsored post, just a post from a very satisfied customer!!

Wishing you a really lovely weekend!


hippyatheart said...

That Levi's shirt is incredible, what a bargain!

Vix said...

That's a great idea, I remember you mentioning that Sue Ryder did similar last year! You'd have to buy a lot to spend a fiver in our Sally Army!
That Levi's shirt is fab! x

Unknown said...

Great idea......we run a similar scheme at out RSPCA shop. I like the reverse card though, donations on one side and the loyalty on the other side......

Very good

(Dear Thirty)

Style At Every Age said...

What a great incentive! Fab to see you have two great staples with your rewards - makes it all worth while x

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea! More charity shops should do this. I don't think we have a salvation army one near us :-( I'm off to double check

Unknown said...

I love charity shopping & have found some truly amazing pieces! I live in St. Leonards & its full of fab charity shops! Shame we don't have a Samaritans though! Its such a great scheme! Who doesn't love a reward card! Andrea x


Sharon S said...

Hi everyone! So pleased the post has inspired some of you to check out your local charity shops, thanks for the lovely comments too! xx

Style Eyes said...

Definitely feeling hungry now! Love that cardigan, it looks so cosy.


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