Thrift Inspiration...... Isabel Marant Bator Tweed Coat Style!

Hi everyone!! I do hope all of you have had a fabulous week and most importantly, now looking forward to the weekend, yay!! It was definitely jacket and umbrella weather today and I'm not really sure what to expect for the coming weekend-I haven't packed away summer clothes just yet, so here's hoping we have an Indian summer for a few weeks yet!

One item that I've been after for the past few winters is a black and white tweed oversized coat. Many people have their versions and here are my favourite picks which I find most inspirational and well styled for the colder weather to come:

This last photo is from Golestaneh street style blog- I really love her style here, such a casual chic and cosy look!! Her Isabel Marant Bator coat is from a few seasons ago but this style is so timeless and versatile and looks good with any type of chunky knit, white, blue or coloured skinny jeans and leather skinny jeans too.

 The stylish and timeless Isabel Marant Bator coat

I really did not need another winter coat but after nipping in to my local Sue Ryder charity shop earlier this week I just had to nab this wool mix version-pictured below which is by Debenhams and was a wonderful £8.99. It also meant I got more stamps and reached the end on my Sue Ryder loyalty card, so my next visit gives me £5 to spend for free!!

I also bought a few weeks ago some faux leather jeans from Primark-actually they are the only pair of Primark jeans that have ever fitted me properly and I can't wait to wear the coat and jeans together with a chunky knit when the weather cools. The coat is the perfect length and although it is my size it has room for a knit to go underneath just nicely:

I knew if I didn't snap it up I would regret it, for me it's a perfect Autumnal jacket and I now just need to invest in a black wool polo neck and also a wine colour handbag!!

What style of coat will you be wearing or hoping to buy this coming season?

(All photos: google images)


onesugarplease said...

I used to have a coat just like that but can't think where it is after so many house moves!!!

Law1sfab said...

OMG you have a great eye, could be the same coat and it's so on trend with the oversized shape. Love it and will keep my eye out for something like this perfect xx

www.janetteria.com said...

Yepp, love this coat...

I have lot of coats, but I found my dream coat too, check this out if you have a mood. :)


Vix said...

That coat is almost identical to the ridiculously priced one, it just goes to show it's possible to be fashionable without bankrupting yourself. You've got such a good eye!
I'll be wearing the same vintage coats I've been wearing for ever - but not just yet, I'm staying summery as long as is humanely possible! xxx

Style Eyes said...

I love the cut of this coat. I will be sticking with my duffle style coat this year.

Claire Justine said...

Great post, oh wow I picked one up simerla to the 4th one down for a pound at the charity shop. I put it in the garage as it was to big, looks like I will be in fashion now, run to get it back out :)

Thanks for linking up to Share your style Saturdays :)

Barbara von Enger said...

Tweed coats are lovely on others but less so on me;-)

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanks for your comments and for stopping by x


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