Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend, for me yesterday was spent in a rather hungover state after a little party on Saturday evening that resulted in me having that extra glass of wine that left the room spinning when I eventually went to bed. The last time I was like that was on New Years Eve, so twice a year is more than enough for me-staying in bed virtually all day next day as a result is not how I would plan my Sundays, but never mind!! 
These pictures are from early last week and were meant for Friday's post, but as you well know, the Chanel Jacket Find took precedent!! We had a lovely afternoon feeding the squirrels and having a stroll around our local park. My outfit of choice was a thrifted red Breton stripe tee which was a £1 from the boot sale earlier this year, my TU for Sainsburys khaki animal print skinny jeans. thrifted leather gladiator sandals that were bought unworn from the boot sale for £3 and a gifted DKNY mini bag:

There is nothing more calming than heading for the park and walking in the opposite direction to everyone else- we tend to stay around the wooded area and the lake, rather than join in the hustle and bustle of the centre of the park where the playground, tennis courts, bandstand and boating lake are. Here are my favourite snaps of the afternoon:

My favourite- 5 little ducks being led by their mama, how cute!!

The Old English Garden-featuring a vast spread of lavender 

Not quite sure who or what this Mr or Mrs is- is it a bird, a hen, a cockerel or a duck? A mix of, I think!!

So much wildlife!!!

I am linking this post to the lovely Claire Justine for her Creative Mondays blog hop. Do take a look, it's a great chance to view other gorgeous ladies sharing their posts and providing some excellent inspired ideas!

Wishing you all a great week ahead!


Rebecca said...

It was good to "see" you enjoying the beautiful day in the park - and somehow I missed that last post!!! You certainly found some impressive pieces. Good for you.

mispapelicos said...

Thank you for these glorious photos, dear Sharon.

Anne said...

Gorgeous photos Sharon:) have a lovely week!
~Anne xx

www.janetteria.com said...

Love your sandals, darling Sharon!

Style At Every Age said...

Lovely pictures Sharon, sounds and looks like a fab park xx

Vix said...

I do love a park and yours is gorgeous, those ducks are so sweet and you look fab! xxx

Heather said...

wow your park is gorgeous I would love to stroll around there and you look super cute!! Love Heather


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