Afternoon at Somerset House for London Fashion Week in Chanel and Leopardprint

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! As you all may be aware, it's London Fashion Week until tomorrow and although I don't have any shows to go to, I have been living the 'experience' of it through my uber stylish and talented son who not only works full time in men's fashion pr, but is a freelance photographer. He has been fortunate to attend over nine different designer's shows to shoot backstage and some front of house-his highlights being Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith for Hunger Magazine.

Being such a proud mum, I will do a round up post of his wonderful pictures later this week when he has actually finished. Anyhow, it's been great to hear and see firsthand from him the backstage adventures and front of house antics from the view of a photographer and has made my experience of London fashion Week all the more enjoyable even though I did not participate!

As the sun was shining yesterday morning, I thought I would take him for a coffee at Somerset House before he set off to do his shows and we arrived early afternoon:

My intention was for us to have a coffee, him set off and for me to have a wander around Somerset House, take some photos and then do some people watching.  I just got to the people watching after making myself comfortable when it decided to rain-hard! Still, I managed to get some photos before the weather turned:

My lovely son, who was pretending he didn't want his photo taken, hehe!!

A view of the Embankment and the London Eye

Such a hub bub of passer by's, photographers and fashionistas in the business!!

My outfit of choice yesterday was my thrifted Chanel jacket, some new to me thrifted PRPS boyfriend jeans, black wool pashmina, a new Primark tee, thrifted Clarks black peep toe shoes and my leather leopardprint tote by Autograph at Marks & Spencer. I was so pleased I'd worn my scarf, I even had a hat in my bag which went on when the rain came down!! 

The shops at Somerset House had some gorgeous items-my favourite's were the Bella Freud and Markus Lupfer jumpers which I could easily have bought all of them if money were no object and also the wonderful bookshop, where I fell in love with nearly all the bookshelves and their contents. If you're after any designer or vintage book then this must be your first port of call:

As you can see, i was very windswept, but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon-especially when I had a sneaky McDonalds before getting the bus back to Liverpool Street for the train home!!

Have you been keeping up with London Fashion Week at all? I like seeing what the designers have to show, but I am not at the point where I watch live streams or apply for tickets for shows. I'm more than happy to take a backseat and view it through my son's camerea lens, hehe!!

Wishing you all a really good week ahead!!


Applebypie said...

What a lovely day and how fortunate to have a son " in the know!" You look lovely in this outfit - sounds like a perfect day. X

Style At Every Age said...

You look fab Sharon. I love people watching and having been fortunate enough in the past to be offered tickets for shows, I love to be in the thick of it too! Good to hear your son is doing so well xx

Anonymous said...

What a great day out, weather notwithstanding. That's the UK for you, always there to remind you of its propensity to rain at the least convenient time...

That's Not My Age said...

You look chic in Chanel - and I've enjoyed seeing your son's photos! Hasn't the weather been rubbish?

mispapelicos said...

You look fabulous at Fashion week, dear Sharon.
Happy Monday, still very hot here.

mail4rosey said...

Ah fashion sense runs in the family, I love it. :)

Anne said...

Sounds like a fabulous day Sharon and you must be so proud of your son:) You look lovely!
~Anne xx

Vix said...

A fab day and you and your handsome son definitely look the part. x

Claire Justine said...

What a great day, aww I can feel your pride, he is doing great :)

Love the sweetshirt with the lips on!!

Great outfit and love your jacket,,, my oldest son say why don't you have pictures of me but when were out he dives away from the camera, glad you got a photo :)

Thanks for sharing ....

renae said...

Oh wow! Those wrappy turquoise heels are CALLING MY NAME. Wow. Thanks for the fun low-down of London's Fashion Week.

Glad you liked my bargains and how I worn / styled them. It was way fun, and even more fun to get wonderful thrifty stylist as your self to like them. *big smile*

Sandra Martinez said...

Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :)
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Sandra Martinez said...

Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :)
Come to see my new post at;

www.janetteria.com said...

WOW! That Chanel cardi is truly classy and must have piece, my dear!

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone! Your comments are so lovely and I'm really pleased you all stopped by, thanks! xxx


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