Wedding Season 101: How to put together a great wedding guest look

Summer is the most popular time of the year to get married, which is great for happy couples but can be a bit of a headache for their stressed out friends and relatives. Dressing for a wedding can be a minefield: there are so many unwritten rules, it's hard to keep track. Is it okay to wear black? White? What about the same colour as the bridesmaids? Keep your preparation stress-free by following these top tips to get the balance just right. 

Keep it Simple
This should be your golden rule. Weddings usually involve a bit of travel, and you don’t want to sit in a car or train in your Sunday best. Have an outfit that you can throw on quickly once you arrive at the hotel, to prevent last minute panic or sudden creasing. 

Comfort is King
You’re going to be in a lot of photographs so you want to look your best, but don’t sacrifice comfort. Weddings are lengthy affairs, so you need to wear an outfit that isn’t going to dig into your skin, and shoes that aren’t going to leave your feet looking like a war zone. Prioritise colour over heel height - silver shoes are glamorous enough to look formal either as heels or flats. 

Keep it Classy  
You’ll be drinking and dancing in the evening, but during the day you’re probably going to be in church with the couple’s elderly relatives. Flashing too much leg or cleavage could be seen as disrespectful. Try to choose an outfit that transitions easily from daywear to evening wear. Make sure you don't wear something too eye-catching, as upstaging the bride is considered the biggest wedding faux pas. Keep it demure and remember that it's the bride's big day.

As for Colour...
Apparently, official etiquette books do allow wearing white at a wedding, but since you can bet most people don't know that, it's probably still best avoided. Stick to pretty brights and pastels, and try to avoid anything too sombre. You can usually avoid looking like a bridesmaid by choosing a dress with a pattern.
After that, you're ready to enjoy yourself! Just go easy on the champagne and avoid literally stepping on anyone's toes, and you'll be the absolute model wedding guest. 


Anne said...

Great tips! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Style Eyes said...

Definitely with you on the comfort thing. Uncomfortable clothes just make you miserable all day.

Samyakkclothing said...

Amazing tips! Dressing for a wedding is not an easy job for a women. I really appreciate your tips and i hope they will guide me in a wedding occasion.

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-thanks for your lovely comments, much appreciated xx


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