Thrifty Finds: Chanel, Valentino, Vintage Celine, Burberry and DVF-My Charity Shop Haul!!

Hi everyone!! Well what an amazing few days I've had!! On my way home from volunteering on Wednesday afternoon, I had a few things to do and my last port of call was the local Salvation Army charity shop. I was going in there to see if I could track down a black wool polo neck or turtle neck-which I actually did, even though I've not shown it here. It's a Marks & Spencer lambswool turtle neck which was £2.99, so am now sorted on that for Autumn and Winter. Well I first saw a couple of Ralph Lauren blazers which I picked up to try on, but they were left in the end as they were too short in the sleeves. Then I picked up a paisley dress (which didn't even get a try on due to the forthcoming excitement and also the shop was due to close, so it was hurry hurry hurry!).

Yes, a Chanel cardigan jacket AND in my size too!! This is from the Autumn collection in 2005, you can see the date code on the label 05 (year) A (Autumn) 42 UK 12

 Of course the detailing is just wonderful, there are cute little pockets, ribbon threaded throughout with boucle knit trimming, a double C zip pull and 3/4 length sleeves:

It's a wool, cashmere and angora blend-so soft and warm

The main detailing which I didn't see until I get home is the silver chain around the bottom of the jacket to weight it down.

The price? As you could see in the first picture- an unbelievable £4.99!!! I'm sure the staff must have thought it was a fake to have sold it for so cheap. Having already my 90's Chanel jacket, I could compare the two and the labeling and the quality are just top notch and 100% genuine:

This is definitely a keeper- I've regretted selling finds in the past and this is up with my Ossie Clark find which was in 2006 and got sold a couple of years later to help pay for bills. I'll always have bills, but I won't always find Chanel jackets in the charity shops!!

The interior of the jacket does not show any of the ribbon stitching which just goes to show what exquisite quality Chanel pieces really are:

My photos are not good quality though, so please excuse how some of them have come out! I could not believe my luck and that wasn't all, I also found this gorgeous dark green olive leather gilet by Valentino which I bought and was my 2nd bargain of the evening- also priced at £4.99 and a perfect fit too!!

The gold chain detailing is totally gorgeous and I can't wait to start wearing this!!

 So as I had found these treasures just before the shop closed I was itching to check it out again first thing yesterday morning and did I came up trumps yet again- a vintage Celine wool skirt suit, in my size for £9.99:

THE perfect colour for this coming Autumn and Winter and I'll enjoy wearing them more as separates

The tailoring and attention to detail is superb, the buckle on the skirt band has the double C and is also engraved with Celine

I pulled this bucket hat out of the £1 basket-it's a fully reversible Burberry one which is plain beige on the other side:

Here is the Diane Von Furstenberg dress which I snaffled too, it's in tissue paper fine silk and unfortunately when I washed it, it caught on something else and  there is a little rip in it, but I should be able to mend it. Another summer dress for a wonderful £4.99:

So it really looks like someone had the job of sorting out their own or someone else's designer wardrobe and thankfully it came to me via the charity shop.  It just goes to show that there are things to be found if you're prepared to be patient and look hard enough too. I really love my finds and very thankful I am for them!!

I hope you've enjoy viewing them and that it also gives you real inspiration to seek and find your next designer bargain-you never know what you will find so be sure never to miss out on giving your local charity shop a visit!


Sue said...

Oh my goodness. I would have fainted at the Chanel cardigan on the spot. It fits you lovely as well. It was meant to be.

Boy you do well in your local charity shops!

hippyatheart said...

woahhh, I have to move to your town! ;) amazing finds!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am almost speechless! You really hit the motherlode. I love all of your purchases. I think the Chanel jacket is gorgeous and looks great on you!
Way to go....I am clapping for you out here in California ;)

Vix said...

Goodness me! That's one incredible haul! I love that suit regardless of the label, I can't wait to see you wearing it, the colour is gorgeous! Just goes to show that charity shopping is amazing! xxx

Anne said...

The Chanel jacket is stunning and so are all your other finds!! Have a fabulous weekend:)
~Anne xx

Veshoevius said...

Oh my lord! What a haul! The chanel jacket had me open mouthed! In fact I'm pretty lost for words - other than - take me shopping with you!!

CameronPoe2409 said...

Oh wow! Am speechless, it looks like you have found the Narnia of Charity shops, amazing bargains!xx

Kezzie said...

Wow! Great finds! Someone swanky clearly donated a lot and I am so glad you found it! I looked longingly into the window of this very same Sally Army as I drove into town to pick up a parcel today. Did you see that amazing dip-dyed halter neck dress? I reallllllllllly like it but no time to go in and check it out!!!

Hope you are well xx

elegancemaison said...

You lucky lucky girl! My local charity shops are full of low level high street cast offs at high prices.

Here in Wiltshire we rarely have designer stuff in our charity shops even though the local population is high status. Maybe they are all too mean to donate. I have found better clothes at affordable prices in
London charity shops.

I think need to stalk you!xx

Claire Justine said...

Oh wow, what an amazing bargain I love your Chanel jacket, great finds on all your thing. I need to hit the charity shopsagain, not been for a while since the children have been off school :)

Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop

Style At Every Age said...

Words fail me at the beauty of this little lot! Well done Sharon x

janavi said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I'm in NY and there are no thrifting bargains here. Or very, very rarely, and certainly not Chanel. Brava!

Perdita Tinsel said...

Wowzers! I have a secret fave chazza for designer... But never a haul like this! Amazing, well done.

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-all your comments have been so awesome and lovely and very much appreciated too, thanks so much! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, you TOTALLY hit the jackpot, Sharon - great finds! x

Claire Justine said...

Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays, featuring and pinning this week at the hop :)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GAWD. You have actually lived the moment that avid thirsters like us live for. A Chanel jacket in your size!?!?!?!? Are you effing kidding me!?!? If there is one piece that we all wish we would find, that is it. Well done m'lady….well done indeed.

Unknown said...

Fainted!!! Only you xx

Unknown said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog! Wow, the Chanel jacket is amazing! Love your style!


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