Coloured Contact Lenses and Fashion

If you've ever been stuck for inspiration for that perfect outfit, or had difficulty seeking the killer dress to match your eyes, help is at hand - and it's more affordable and simpler than you might think.

Change your eyes!
The use of coloured contact lenses is a growing trend. Once the preserve of the movie industry or the theatre, fashion contact lenses are the ideal way to change your look or match up with your favourite dress. From simple, natural looking tones to the dramatic effects of patterned lenses, slip in a pair and transform your look in seconds. Varying your eye make up is one route to changing your appearance, but altering the tone or look of your lenses adds a lot more variety.

Weighing up the Cost
Fashion lenses are much cheaper than most normal lenses especially online at visiondirect.co.uk: as they are often worn for special occasions rather than as a long-term visual aid, the lenses are usually bright plastic creations - that said, many can last for up to a year without noticeable degradation and, importantly, with no effect on your eyes. Many retailers offer 3 month guarantees on their lenses, with money-back options available if you're not satisfied.

Party Time
For many people, Halloween parties are a great way to let loose and go all out to impress: traditionally this involves make-up, wigs and outfits to achieve a dramatic look. Yet throw in a pair of lenses and your look can be truly transformed - from lenses with spiders to the sort of look often seen in a horror movie, once again the fashion lens can provide that extra-special touch at a budget price. 

Whether you're seeking a change to your everyday look or wanting a radical way to spice up your wardrobe, why not give fashion contact lenses a try - you won't regret it!


Perdita Tinsel said...

I have been thinking of getting some colour contacts. I like dramatic eye make up and a lot of tutorials, especially Japanese street-inspired, use them.

Sharon S said...

I love the look of them, not sure if I'm brave enough to go for them though, hehe!!

Anonymous said...

I once got a grey pair after seeing them on a coworker. I thought they were really cool, although they weren't as striking on me as they were on her (she was African and I think her dark skin looked better with the light grey). I have been thinking about trying again now that my hair is white. Now you've got me thinking.


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