Thrifty Finds: Chanel, Valentino, Vintage Celine, Burberry and DVF-My Charity Shop Haul!!

Hi everyone!! Well what an amazing few days I've had!! On my way home from volunteering on Wednesday afternoon, I had a few things to do and my last port of call was the local Salvation Army charity shop. I was going in there to see if I could track down a black wool polo neck or turtle neck-which I actually did, even though I've not shown it here. It's a Marks & Spencer lambswool turtle neck which was £2.99, so am now sorted on that for Autumn and Winter. Well I first saw a couple of Ralph Lauren blazers which I picked up to try on, but they were left in the end as they were too short in the sleeves. Then I picked up a paisley dress (which didn't even get a try on due to the forthcoming excitement and also the shop was due to close, so it was hurry hurry hurry!).

Yes, a Chanel cardigan jacket AND in my size too!! This is from the Autumn collection in 2005, you can see the date code on the label 05 (year) A (Autumn) 42 UK 12

 Of course the detailing is just wonderful, there are cute little pockets, ribbon threaded throughout with boucle knit trimming, a double C zip pull and 3/4 length sleeves:

It's a wool, cashmere and angora blend-so soft and warm

The main detailing which I didn't see until I get home is the silver chain around the bottom of the jacket to weight it down.

The price? As you could see in the first picture- an unbelievable £4.99!!! I'm sure the staff must have thought it was a fake to have sold it for so cheap. Having already my 90's Chanel jacket, I could compare the two and the labeling and the quality are just top notch and 100% genuine:

This is definitely a keeper- I've regretted selling finds in the past and this is up with my Ossie Clark find which was in 2006 and got sold a couple of years later to help pay for bills. I'll always have bills, but I won't always find Chanel jackets in the charity shops!!

The interior of the jacket does not show any of the ribbon stitching which just goes to show what exquisite quality Chanel pieces really are:

My photos are not good quality though, so please excuse how some of them have come out! I could not believe my luck and that wasn't all, I also found this gorgeous dark green olive leather gilet by Valentino which I bought and was my 2nd bargain of the evening- also priced at £4.99 and a perfect fit too!!

The gold chain detailing is totally gorgeous and I can't wait to start wearing this!!

 So as I had found these treasures just before the shop closed I was itching to check it out again first thing yesterday morning and did I came up trumps yet again- a vintage Celine wool skirt suit, in my size for £9.99:

THE perfect colour for this coming Autumn and Winter and I'll enjoy wearing them more as separates

The tailoring and attention to detail is superb, the buckle on the skirt band has the double C and is also engraved with Celine

I pulled this bucket hat out of the £1 basket-it's a fully reversible Burberry one which is plain beige on the other side:

Here is the Diane Von Furstenberg dress which I snaffled too, it's in tissue paper fine silk and unfortunately when I washed it, it caught on something else and  there is a little rip in it, but I should be able to mend it. Another summer dress for a wonderful £4.99:

So it really looks like someone had the job of sorting out their own or someone else's designer wardrobe and thankfully it came to me via the charity shop.  It just goes to show that there are things to be found if you're prepared to be patient and look hard enough too. I really love my finds and very thankful I am for them!!

I hope you've enjoy viewing them and that it also gives you real inspiration to seek and find your next designer bargain-you never know what you will find so be sure never to miss out on giving your local charity shop a visit!


Marks & Spencer, Thrift Style-Another Thrifty Summer Dress Find

Hi everyone! I thought I would show you another of my summer dress thrift finds-this one is from the newly opened St Francis Hospice in my local town and I bought this about a month ago and wore it for the first time last week. It's by Marks & Spencer and was only £2.50-and it's only a size 10!!!

I really love the colours, the cut and the fit-it is so floaty and light and is a real dressy dress-but as I've no occasions as such this summer I thought I would wear it on a shopping trip with my youngest son to Westfield shopping mall to get a few things for him. I did look in Marks & Spencer as I'd seen a couple of sweatshirts that I had wanted to try on, but on seeing them on I decided they were not for me.
I used a new clutch that I bought a couple of months ago from Primark-it's a grey suedette one with diamante studding and was only £6:

It's a perfect neutral bag to wear when you haven't got a certain colour in mind to go with a chosen outfit and it will be ideal to use this coming Autumn too. The way the weather has been recently may be the last of my summer dress wearing, but I'm pleased to say that I've worn all the thrifted ones I've bought this summer bar one, so that's not bad going at all!!

I hope you are all having a great week so far and it's now countdown to back to school and Autumn-my, summer has gone so fast but it's been great to have had such glorious weather!!


Thrift Inspiration: Autumn Trends including a graphic vintage tee

Hi everyone! Well it has been a typical bank holiday weekend in my part of the world-rain, rain and more rain. Oh well, here's hoping the good weather will return or it will be the start of getting out the Autumn layers. My outfit of choice over the weekend was inspired by some weekend reading from the Guardian's Russ McClintock Street Style article. For Autumn top looks include grunge, graphic tees, black and wide legged trousers. One item that has been languishing in my drawer for too long now is a favourite tee that I thrifted a few years ago at a neighbouring town's St Francis Hospice charity shop for around £2.99 and reminded me of this look:

I'm sure most of us must have an iconic graphic vintage tee in their wardrobe and I decided to wear my one- it's a tee of Deborah Harry's Domination 91 tour. I grew up listening to Blondie and they were my favourite band from back in the day, I really adored Debbie Harry's achingly cool style and still do enjoy listening to her music even now.
I paired the tee with my leather/wet look ruched skinny leggings and my western black and suede leather boots which were a boot sale find a good few years ago for a bargainous 50p!!

The details: Mixing silver and gold with my Vivienne Westwood bracelet and silver Ernest Jones bangle-both blogger gifts; the back of my tour tee; the battered and worn in favourites, black western boots:

The gorgeous Deborah Harry; ruching details of my skinny black leggings

I actually had to endure some raindrops for these photos-it really was dreadfully dismal on Saturday and the lighting wasn't at it's best!!

I am linking this post to the lovely Patti of NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday and to the lovely Claire Justine for her Creative Mondays blog hop. Do take a look, it's a great chance to view other gorgeous ladies sharing their looks and providing some excellent style inspiration!

Wishing you all a great week ahead!


Outfit Post: Dorothy Perkins thrifted vintage style summer dress

Hi everyone! I thought I would show you one of my newest thrift finds-this is from a newly opened charity shop in my local town, the Saint Francis Hospice and prices are really very reasonable. For the short time it's been open, I've managed to snag a couple of bargains from there already.
One of them being this Dorothy Perkins summer dress which to me is very vintage inspired. I really love black and floral's combined and the turquoise border at the bottom of the dress really adds that extra pop of colour:

The floral detailing and fit and flare style of the dress make it so stylish to wear for the hot weather we're having and the price of it-just £2.50 meant I snapped it up without trying it on! Unfortunately a lot of the charity shops where I live have either closed or purposely don't have changing rooms anymore due to high level of thefts. What a shame people feel they have to resort to stealing from a charity shop of all places, prices are generally so cheap I do feel it's so unnecessary and not nice at all for the charities involved. The same as bartering- I don't tend to barter in a charity shop unless an item is damaged and has not been shown as such on the label, then I will cheekily ask if I could have a small discount. Even if they did not reduce the item I would still buy it for the price shown.
 Anyhow, the new to me dress got an outing earlier this week and I should have taken a back shot of it as it has lovely tie back detailing across the shoulders and the waist.

I am also wearing a pair of silver sandals that I bought quite a few years ago which were actually from my local Dorothy Perkins-they were a summer sale bargain at just £5 and are most comfortable too. I love metallic sandals for summer, but the pairs I have are really on their last legs and I will look forward to getting some new ones next summer.

I hope you're all having a good week-we are due a bank holiday weekend and hopefully the weather is going to continue to be really nice-wishing you all a great week so far!!


What to Wear to a Fine Dine Affair

Get confused enough by the menu selections or cutlery positioning without the worry of what to wear to a formal dinner? Here are some simple suggestions for an appearance of sophistication without straying too far from your day to day wardrobe.

The Work Event
In addition to dressing smart in the office, there are the occasions when work takes you out of hours. Whether it’s for drinks or dinner a high waisted pencil skirt teamed with a tailored jacket will never serve you wrong. Although a black silk strappy dress with a lacy jacket could serve even better. The key is to add a touch of fun to make it less dull daytime and more evening sophistication. Accessorize with some colourful pendant earrings and a clutch and you’re ready to work the room.

The After Work Dinner
Plans after work are inevitable, and frankly life-saving. However there is a different style checklist for meeting your friends at the pub and meeting a special someone for a fancy dinner. What’s needed here is a transitional outfit to take you from under your desk right onto the high end restaurant catwalk. A potential weapon could be the little black dress. Teamed with a suit jacket by day and sharp heels by night all that’s needed here is a switch of accessories. Ditching the work bag behind in exchange for a statement mini-bag will make it a night time outfit. However, what’s really needed is a shimmer of elegant jewellery; some big earrings matched with sophisticated neck candy. Try Pandora’s necklaces for women to catch some attention with a striking pendant.

The Golden Ticket Event
Instead of a work event that you have to rush for, it is sometimes more overwhelming to have a special event that you need to plan for. If it is a ticketed event there is nothing better than to go all out. This could be a midi dress with a statement necklace and killer heels. If you prefer to stick to simple sophistication try pastels, a colour trend right now, with a detailed jacket. Or lucky for you black and white statement is on a hype at the moment.

Key rules to apply; try to coordinate your clutch, your shoes and your accessories but don’t make them match, include no more than three colours in your outfit and if you’re going for a bold dress keep that jewellery simple (and vice versa). Finally, remember that whatever event and no matter how formal, the best attire to wear is an air of confidence.


Outfit Post: Jean Paul Gaultier and Double Denim

Hi everyone! I hope the weekend weather has been kind to you-where I am it's been getting warmer over the weekend and it stayed dry yesterday for the boot sale. It was slim pickings on the bargain front but I did manage to get some All Saints jeans for just £3 which are the perfect darker blue shade for Autumn and Winter. My outfit choice was a mix of double denim and my Jean Paul Gaultier 90s stretchy dress which I wore as a top. This was originally a boot sale find and was only £1 a few years ago:

The Gaultier top is ideal for wearing with blue denim and I wore my yellow neon hoop earrings to go with the yellow in the top. My denim jacket is by Gap and was a charity shop find earlier this year for around £4.99:

I also wore my trusty grey skinny jeans from River Island which are one of my favourite pairs to wear when it's not so hot. Grey jeans for me are an essential in a denim wardrobe, they are a great neutral and work with virtually any other colour for any season too:

I'm currently debating what items I want to invest in for the Autumn/Winter season- a couple more pairs of jeans and some knits definitely feature and of course as soon as I make my thrifty purchases I'll be sure to share them here first!! Look  out for my thrifted All Saints jeans in an upcoming outfit post on LiveToLoveDenim.com

I'm linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday and the gorgeous Claire-Justine oxox for Creative Monday. Wishing you all a great week ahead too. I know there are some of you that are not even thinking of Autumn purchases but for those of you that are, what is on your style radar for the coming new season?


Outfit Post-Tales of Childhood, Spanish Espadrilles and an Egyptian Tunic

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far, time during the summer holidays seems to be whizzing by and it's great how the weather is still so lovely with the sun shining and making me feel so cheery!!

When I was little, I had a neighbour who was a couple of years older than me and she had bought for her a pair of red espadrille sandals-wow, was I impressed at how the laces did up around the ankles and the legs and she looked so cool in hers. When my best friend in primary school also got a pair I did so so want a pair but unfortunately for me as a girl it was not meant to be.

At the boot sale a few Saturdays ago was sandal heaven- I bagged three as new pairs for a total of £7.50 from different sellers and one of them was these lovely yellow Spanish espadrilles, which have a leather lining and the traditional rope wedge heel-tying up the laces around my legs brought back all those girly memories of the espadrilles! My pair were just £2.50 and wearing them all day yesterday was comfort heaven too:

I  love the bright yellow colour-wearing them with darker and neutral colours really put a zing into my outfit in general:

Another item I thrifted last month was this crisp white cotton tunic blouse which was from my local Sue Ryder charity shop for £3.99. I love the embroidery-it looks like it could have been done by hand. The length and cut of the blouse is perfect for Summer and the label is in Arabic and English- 100% cotton, made in Egypt:

My trousers are skinny jeans from TU at Sainsburys and I bought these in the January sales for just £9-they have a slight animal embossed print pattern and the colour of them means they can be worn all year round too.  They are a tiny bit snug on the waist though- I really need to get an exercise regime sorted out, but it's just not happening at the moment, hehe!!

Do you have any childhood fashion memories that you've now been able to wear as an adult?

Have a great week everyone!!


Outfit post: Thrifted Versace and Kimono Blue Florals for Sunday Boot Sales

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather is still really gorgeous and it's so nice to enjoy the school summer holidays with fabulous sunshine on tap.

We decided to visit a new to us countryside boot sale which is a few miles away but is mainly filled with sellers who are clearing their cupboards rather than new market trader stalls. It's a perfect size too-not too big and not too small and the bonus of this one is it's a 'lazy bones' one which gets going from around midday onwards. En route we also found another one which was literally only a few minutes away in the car from the lazy bones one and which shuts at around midday.

I decided to wear my favourite cobalt blue original 90s Versace skinny jeans with a mushroom colour cami top from Marks & Spencer (new) and a thrifted blue floral kimono from Matalan which I thrifted at last weeks lazy bones boot sale for just £1:

 I love how the modern blue florals combine nicely with my nearly 25 year jeans, which are so stretchy, so comfortable and still on trend colour and style wise all these years on. I thrifted these Versace jeans a few years ago for around £5 from a neighbouring town's Cancer Research charity shop- I remember I nearly passed on them but I returned a liitle while later to buy them and they've been a real style staple in my wardrobe:

This was photo was taken on the car park field of the first boot sale we pulled up on-the view was spectacular of the reservoir lake in front of us:

As it was our first time at this one and we arrived at around midday, the sellers were already packing up. Eager to get even just one bargain, I came across a lady selling this vintage and 'as new' faux fur jacket who didn't want to take it back home and said I could have it for £1!!

We then went on to the lazy bones boot sale but I didn't get anything-except a sugared donut to eat with some fresh watermelon that we had brought with us- it really was a yummy combination!!

En route home we decided to stop off for a cheeky drink before catching the athletics and football which were both on the TV. We love going to this particular little pub and we always seem to go there when it's gloriously hot and sunny:

The blooms were beautiful and the view from our seat over the village green was so lovely too:

It always seems to be so windy lately, excuse the windswept pose!!

A relaxing end to the boot sale walks was to enjoy a mid afternoon lager shandy before going home to a lovely roast dinner!!

I'm linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday. Another week involving volunteering means I'll be in and out a lot but I will try my best to visit all my lovely readers and commenters-wishing you all a really great week ahead!!


Coloured Contact Lenses and Fashion

If you've ever been stuck for inspiration for that perfect outfit, or had difficulty seeking the killer dress to match your eyes, help is at hand - and it's more affordable and simpler than you might think.

Change your eyes!
The use of coloured contact lenses is a growing trend. Once the preserve of the movie industry or the theatre, fashion contact lenses are the ideal way to change your look or match up with your favourite dress. From simple, natural looking tones to the dramatic effects of patterned lenses, slip in a pair and transform your look in seconds. Varying your eye make up is one route to changing your appearance, but altering the tone or look of your lenses adds a lot more variety.

Weighing up the Cost
Fashion lenses are much cheaper than most normal lenses especially online at visiondirect.co.uk: as they are often worn for special occasions rather than as a long-term visual aid, the lenses are usually bright plastic creations - that said, many can last for up to a year without noticeable degradation and, importantly, with no effect on your eyes. Many retailers offer 3 month guarantees on their lenses, with money-back options available if you're not satisfied.

Party Time
For many people, Halloween parties are a great way to let loose and go all out to impress: traditionally this involves make-up, wigs and outfits to achieve a dramatic look. Yet throw in a pair of lenses and your look can be truly transformed - from lenses with spiders to the sort of look often seen in a horror movie, once again the fashion lens can provide that extra-special touch at a budget price. 

Whether you're seeking a change to your everyday look or wanting a radical way to spice up your wardrobe, why not give fashion contact lenses a try - you won't regret it!


Wedding Season 101: How to put together a great wedding guest look

Summer is the most popular time of the year to get married, which is great for happy couples but can be a bit of a headache for their stressed out friends and relatives. Dressing for a wedding can be a minefield: there are so many unwritten rules, it's hard to keep track. Is it okay to wear black? White? What about the same colour as the bridesmaids? Keep your preparation stress-free by following these top tips to get the balance just right. 

Keep it Simple
This should be your golden rule. Weddings usually involve a bit of travel, and you don’t want to sit in a car or train in your Sunday best. Have an outfit that you can throw on quickly once you arrive at the hotel, to prevent last minute panic or sudden creasing. 

Comfort is King
You’re going to be in a lot of photographs so you want to look your best, but don’t sacrifice comfort. Weddings are lengthy affairs, so you need to wear an outfit that isn’t going to dig into your skin, and shoes that aren’t going to leave your feet looking like a war zone. Prioritise colour over heel height - silver shoes are glamorous enough to look formal either as heels or flats. 

Keep it Classy  
You’ll be drinking and dancing in the evening, but during the day you’re probably going to be in church with the couple’s elderly relatives. Flashing too much leg or cleavage could be seen as disrespectful. Try to choose an outfit that transitions easily from daywear to evening wear. Make sure you don't wear something too eye-catching, as upstaging the bride is considered the biggest wedding faux pas. Keep it demure and remember that it's the bride's big day.

As for Colour...
Apparently, official etiquette books do allow wearing white at a wedding, but since you can bet most people don't know that, it's probably still best avoided. Stick to pretty brights and pastels, and try to avoid anything too sombre. You can usually avoid looking like a bridesmaid by choosing a dress with a pattern.
After that, you're ready to enjoy yourself! Just go easy on the champagne and avoid literally stepping on anyone's toes, and you'll be the absolute model wedding guest. 


Summer Style: This Season's Hottest Trends

With the summer showing no signs of slowing down, now would be a perfect time to breathe some fresh style into your wardrobe by picking up some clothing that reflects this season’s hottest trends. Catwalk fashions are making their way into the shops so that we can afford to look fabulous and with George at ASDA, our money will go further too.
What do we look out for? With plenty of styles and fashions to choose from, take a look at these bang-on-trend ideas for a little inspiration and take your pick from the great selection at ASDA without overstretching your budget.
Animal Print
This funky print constantly comes and goes, and this summer season - it’s back! From the simple tunic tops to the fab dresses at George, if you want to get a little closer to nature and show off your animal magnetism, there are some great choices available.
Take a look at the animal print midi dress for a figure hugging look that will accentuate your curves, or a chiffon blouse with leopard print detail, teamed with a simple pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Zebra print is also a winner – be bold and beautiful with some standout prints this summer.

Aztec is everywhere at the moment, with plenty of statement outfits to choose from to make you stand out and look sensational. From the subtle touches, such as a pair of Aztec print woven wedged sandals to a bold Aztec pencil skirt or all-over print playsuit, you could get the tribal look in no time.
Choose a pair of cowboy-style ankle boots that would look great with dresses, shorts and skirts alike.
Crop Tops
You may have seen these on the catwalk and in the high street and while we don’t all have the luxury of a sleek, toned body to flaunt a crop top, they look just as great of a plain vest top too. Opt for a plain black crop top with a bold and bright skirt, or choose a graphic print crop, such as the G21 Aztec Crop T-shirt from George which would look fab with a simple pair of denim shorts.
The bolder the better! Mix and match to really stand out from the crowd and layer with accessories to show off your style. From polkadots to daisies and funky brights, the plethora of prints available is impressive and would suit most tastes and styles.

You can’t falter with black and white, especially not in this summer season. Whatever your style or the trend you’re hoping to find, monochrome continues to be a massive hit. From black and white polkadot skater skirts to geo print skater dresses and woven cardigans for cooler days, monochrome is all over the catwalk and the high street. Head for the supermarket for some great monochrome styles at favourable prices.

Whether you’re a sucker for fashion or you’re happy to wear whatever you feel like, regardless of the latest styles, George at ASDA has something for everyone. Take a look and add some new threads to your summer wardrobe.


7 For All Mankind cut offs and Topshop- Thrift outfit of the day

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday was spent at a new to us boot sale and sailing along the river in a little electric motor boat which was a lot of fun, especially as a passenger! No photos unfortunately as I was enjoying the tranquility and scenery too much!

I decided that for clambering in and out of a boat required a fairly casual outfit, so I wore my 7 For All Mankind cut offs which I remember buying as jeans around 2002 in a now disappeared charity shop. I can't  believe that I can still get into a pair of jeans that are more than 10 years old, hehe!! I paired them with another thrift find from the boot sale a few months ago, a metallic silvery gold textured tee by Topshop which was just £2:

It looks like it's a heavy material, but is really quite lightweight and airy and I really like the design of it too-this was my nod to the metallic trend this Summer season:

I've also been wearing my hair in bunches a lot lately, it's been so windy and my hair is at that in between stage in that it can't all go up properly into one ponytail but in all honesty it feels so much more comfortable and cooler this way. Footwear are just some leather and sequin slides that are so sturdy and comfy- I seem to have used that description a lot in this post- I suppose I'm showing my age!!

I've been so slack with posting regularly and commenting so apologies to all my regular readers and commenters if I've not visited you lately. I do actually read a lot of posts via bloglovin' which is a really guilty pleasure of mine when I'm in between working at home and my volunteer work.

Wishing you a really good week ahead and I'm linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday.


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