High Heels, Wedges or Sandals-Take Your Pick!!

With the weather so intermittent lately, it's really hard to try and put together any chosen summer pieces or outfits without layering up a little. So it's great news that footwear from Heels Republic have some fabulous styles of sandals and shoes here which will all be perfect for dressing an outfit up during the day or for choosing a night time stylish look that doesn't have to be weather reliant.

Whether you opt for heels, wedges or sandals this Summer, there are different styles to suit all occasions and budgets and they come in a lovely variety of different colours too. I've picked a selection of my favourites, which are not only ideal for Summer and evening wear, but can transcend the seasons through rain or shine:

Black strappy heels, 69$

Low Summer Wedges 59$

Multi colour wedges, 79$

Grey platform heels, 59$

Here's hoping these styles will inspire you on your next shoes or sandals purchase!!


Style Eyes said...

I definitely love a wedge as they are by far the easiest of heels to walk in. Those low wedges would be perfect.

www.janetteria.com said...

Love the first ones!

Elsa Hurtado said...

I love all three.
I just came across your blog, and I love your concept! Can't wait to see more.
Now following of course!

Xo, Elsa
Mix and Match the F word

Barbara von Enger said...

There is a time for wedges and there is a time for sandals;-)

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-thanks for the lovely comments!

hippyatheart said...

If only I could walk on heels, but it feels strange to me. I love heels on other girls. Well, I guess I would pic the wedge.


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