Street Style Inspiration with Key Accessories and Statement Pieces

For outfit inspiration I love looking at street style fashion for different ways of wearing items that can create an outfit that looks not only unique and stylish but also shows off a statement piece. For example this classic jacket and shorts combination is kept minimal and chic to show off those rather amazing boots this young lady is wearing:

With this next outfit the lace sweater and skirt makes the statement but her chosen choice of accessories of clutch, necklace and shoes elevate this outfit into something rather special for a chic day time look:

Lots of statement going on here-the mini Hermes bag, compliments rather than clashes with her cocoon shaped dress, highlighted with a classic collar and plain opaque tights:

Having a pop of red with the lipstick and handbag immediately sets the tone for this stylish day look of houndstooth checkered blazer and the must have leather trousers-as usual, the sunglasses really make the look too and is a main common denominator with all of these looks to keep them street style fresh and chic:

This outfit screams minimalistic and is made all the more unique and stylish with the addition of the black fedora, grey sweater and white shoes, a really modern take on a classic look:


How do you enjoy turning a run of the mill outfit into something special- do you update with accessories, a statement piece or mix up all your favourite items to create a really stylish outfit unique to you?


hippyatheart said...

really love the last look, an outfit I would wear myself if I would be able to walk on heels ;)

Unknown said...

I spruce up my outfits mainly with shoes and jewelry. I have loads of each kind lol! Mainly I love to wear an eye-catching pair of shoes but this year I've committed to really focusing on jewelry. :o)

Style At Every Age said...

Some gorgeous looks here, love the blue and the white shoes and of course the Hermes! x

Mrs C said...

What an inspiration, Sharon.. I especially drawn to the long coat and hat in the last picture.. minimal yet stunning!


Anonymous said...

I love all these looks! My clothes are pretty basic so I rely on my accessories to finish off my outfits and update them if at all possible. I think shoes are pretty important to me in setting a personal tone of the season - why didn't I save my white shoes from the 80's/90's? :-) xx

Ofelia said...

Lots of cool and as you said minimalist looks with statement pieces.
I think that they look great but I tried this in the 90's and is not for me.

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-I loved reading all your wonderful comments, thanks for stopping by! xxx


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