Accessories: It's all in the details- Scarves Galore!

Hi everyone! With the weather being so temperamental lately, for me style wise it's all about channeling accessories. My previous post was about a recent thrifty purchase of my Peruvian tote bag in vibrant colours for summer. Following this theme I thought I would a post on my favourite accessory passion of the moment- scarves.
 As regular readers may well know, I adore scarves-whether it's a designer purchase such as my Mulberry wool and cashmere scarf which was heavily discounted in the Christmas sales, a designer gift of a Burberry check pashmina which has proved to be a year round style staple to my latest purchases from Primark and my local shopping mall, to me, if it catches the eye and I know will be a versatile piece, then wearing a scarf during any season  is the perfect way to channel colour and keep cosy in the bargain.
As well as purchasing scarves in local shops, boutiques, charity shops and boot sales, browsing online is definitely the way forward to picking a really good trend led and up to date bargain. To me, picking the right scarf is a real style investment as they can be worn anytime, anywhere and if looked after properly will last for years to come. The great thing with browsing online is when you're looking for something in particular, then when you're on the right site, other choices pop up to confuse and covet in all different price ranges too!! I am like a magpie and they are definitely my weakness- I could easily buy a new one every day if funds permitted and when I saw the collection available via Uniprice, I was so spoilt for choice! Looking at a website that compares all brands and budgets really indulges you to seek out the perfect find and until my next purchase I've shared my favourites which are ideal for all budgets and tastes-hope these inspire you for your next scarf purchase!!

Diane Von Furstenberg silk Valencia scarf, £144

Maya scarf (Zalando) £12

Lily & Lionel animal print watermarked scarf, £135

Etro silk scarf, £195

Warehouse English Garden scarf, £22

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead and happy shopping too!!


Anne said...

I love scarves! Have a great weekend:)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh yeah, can't go wrong with a big scarf collection. I've been eyeing up one with a sausage dog pattern on it!

Alexandra Petersen said...

I have a love hate with scarves. One of my friends got hers caught in the wheels of a go kart and nearly died. So unless it is freezing, a scarf for purely decorative reasons always gives me cause to hesitate!

Heather said...

Oh so pretty I love scarves!! ~Heather

livlovelaugh said...

i LOVE scarves! Very nice picks here!


Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-thanks for stopping by with your kind and lovely comments! xxx


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