The Last Day for Faux Fur?

Hi everyone! As you can tell from the poor lighting quality when this photo was taken on Saturday morning the sun was gloriously shining and it felt like the day was really going to be promising- I did even contemplate that the layers I had on were going to be too warm.
Well thankfully they were just right as about half an hour after the photos, the sun disappeared and there was definitely a nip in the air, so I was pleased to have my trusty Debenhams Maine faux fur gilet on that I bought last Autumn at a local jumble sale for just £1.50:

I was chuffed to be able to leave a scarf at home- I know I love them but having to wear them all winter has turned into a chore rather than a pleasure so I decided to wear my new from last month purchase-my black wool Fedora from Topshop:

I notice that they have a lovely variety in for Spring, ranging from different colours as well as being made in straw or wool, I am loving the light grey and nude colour ones!

My weekend was a mix of thrifting, chores, relaxing and catching up with the social media that is blogging, tweeting and instagraming-please follow me on all of these if you have not done so already- it will be so much appreciated and of course I will happily follow you back too!

I am linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday. I do so hope you al have a great week ahead-now the kids are back at school normal service can be resumed-hurrah!! 


That's Not My Age said...

Fingers crossed spring is here to stay! Hope you're well x

Avenue 57 said...

You look great, I'm loving the hat
Was so lovely and warm yesterday, could easily get used to that!

Veshoevius said...

Great hat and gilet - I do hope the sun is here to stay! I've just packed all my furry things away!!

Vix said...

What a fabulous look! The last of fake fur? Not for any self-respecting festival goer. Those fields get mighty chilly at night! I wear mine all year round. xxxx

Rebecca said...

I grabbed my denim jacket with the faux fur collar to have along on our vacation! It is one of my favorite casual jackets!

I like your top hat - though I probably won't wear one 'cause of hair issues after wearing them.

I'd love to follow you on the other sites, but have basically limited myself to blogging (and some facebooking to keep up with family and folk from my "past"). Just not enough time :)

Have a great week! (Oh, my current quest is to find out what boyfriend jeans are. I'll bet you could tell me!)

hippyatheart said...

how great, you look like a stones groupie or someone from the late 60s!!

Maddie said...

Such a great and stylish outfit! You look awesome!
Maybe you might consider following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I will wait for you on my blog!


Ofelia said...

You look cool! As if you were going to a rock concert!
It appears that the warm weather is going to take a little longer to reach you this year.

Patti said...

Great look, love your new hat! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

Mrs C said...

Boho chic at its best! Till next time faux fur vest!


mail4rosey said...

That's got a nice cut too it. I'm definitely loving your choices, you have a good eye for what looks great on you.

Kezzie said...

Oooooooooooooh nice hat!!!!! I love the faux-fur gilet!!!x

Johanna said...

Hello gorgeous!
Thank you for the comment on my bloggie, I appreciate it.

You look terrific with that fur on.
I am following you now, maybe I will learn something from your amazing sense of style.

♥ Have a lovely day


Unknown said...

OMG Sharon that looks SO fabulous!! I just adore fake fur vests, but unfortunately I can't carry them off. But I love their bohemian-'70s look!

Please may I? said...

Lets hope this weather has finally turned around now and the sun is here for a while at least.

Looking lovely in you hat and fur.

x x

Raquel T.G. said...

Nice vest! :)

Unknown said...

Gilet ... that's a sleeveless jacket or a vest (not the sweater kind), yes? Learn something every day! You look great, and you know I'm loving the romance of the fedora!
I'm hoping this late spring keeps dawdling around, at least here. Too hot, too fast for me!

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-I'm so pleased with your lovely comments, thanks so much!!


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