Outfit Post- MyStyle of Monochrome

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, the weather yet again has been a mix of cloud, sun and rain but I haven't been up to much as I've had a stomach bug that's kept me low for a couple of days now.

This outfit is from last week and combines a couple of favourite items of mine- a new tee gifted from my son from one of his press day jaunts. It's by Edwin Jeans and I featured it on Livetolovedenim.com last week as well as writing about the history of the brand too. I'm wearing my faux leather style ruched leggings which are another favourite but something I've had for a few years now and rediscovered lately at the bottom of the wardrobe, nestling amongst unworn winter tights. They are ultra comfy and an ideal piece to team with a long line jacket which is how I've styled this outfit:

I've started wearing jewellery again, for some unknown reason I haven't been bothering but now maybe because Spring is here I think I'm trying to make more of an effort:

On my hand I'm wearing my gorgeous Hashtag ring by Wendy Brandes and some neon stacking rings from Primark. On my wrist I'm mixing my metals by wearing a silver bangle that was gifted to me last year by Ernest Jones and my Vivienne Westwood bracelet from the lovely Pearl over at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom which she sent to me a couple of years ago:

Clotheswise this is me channelling a  monochrome look, with a touch of neon thrown in-I'm loving my neon hoop earrings so much too, these were also from Primark a couple of weeks ago and I've also been wearing a neon diamante stud in my 2nd hole in my left ear- I've not worn an earring in this hole for at least ten years and it went in so easily!!

I'm linking this post to the lovely Patti's Visible Monday post on NotDeadYetStyle . I hope you all have a great week ahead-because I haven't felt well I've not been reading a lot of blogs so I'm hoping to catch up during the week, see you all soon!


Outfit Post: Herringbone Tweed, Street Style

For a long while now I have been searching for a vintage herringbone coat-for me they are a perfect trans-seasonal coat which can take you from Winter to Spring without looking like you're obviously wearing your winter coat. This is Anja Rubik wearing her herringbone coat that she has teamed with denim and black opaque tights, a really chic look for any season (except Summer!!)

Here is herringbone tweed again and a perfect street style look that is so casual chic for daytime. The cut and length of this coat is perfect for warding off that unpredictable weather that Spring brings:

I finally found one a couple of months ago-it is pure wool herringbone tweed, so similar to Harris Tweed and super lightweight and warm too. Being a vintage piece means I will be wearing it with denim and black to give it a modern feel:

Being midi length it will be an ideal coat to take me from Autumn to Winter too and I'm also wearing my ruched faux leather leggings that I've had for ages and have now started wearing again. The coat was from my local Sue Ryder charity shop for only £7.99, such a bargain for a coat and a 100% wool one at that:

The style and colour of this coat is a warmer alternative to a trench and I'm now hoping to track down a shorter version in grey or black as a possible extra for my winter wardrobe:

Vintage coats are a must have for my wardrobe-not only are they better made, the quality and wool content is so much higher than modern high street alternatives and you also have something that is unique to you.

Do you have vintage coats in your wardrobe and what styles are they?


Boot Sale Saturday

Hi everyone!! Today's post is about the boot sale that we went to on Saturday, which is currently held at Chigwell Rise in Essex.
Hubby was doing one with a selection of vintage items, antiques and general household items that we no longer wanted and I decided to come along to be an early bird to catch some goodies.
This was the view from our window queuing to get in at 5 am on Saturday morning, so cold yet so lovely to see the mist and dawn rising over the fields so early:

Once he had paid the pitch money to get in (£12) he started to set up while I decided to wander around and wait for for people to start setting up and selling. As you can tell from the frost, it was freezing cold and I was glad I had my layers of a tee, sweatshirt, scarf, gloves and parka on, with my hood glued to my head for the first couple of hours!! First tip of the day, make sure you wear layers- as the morning proceeds, you will start to lose them but they will be well needed the earlier you start.

I haven't been to a boot sale so early for years, it was glorious to see the dawn rise and take pictures of the red sky beckoning a new day ahead:

Another tip is to make sure you take a fair amount of change and some carrier bags with you- sellers won't be too happy to be greeted with a £10 or £20 note at 6:30 in the morning and having your own bags will save time to dash on to the next eagerly sought after bargain too!

So by about 6:45 a lot of stalls were set up and buyers were descending on sellers like their lives depended on it-what a frenzy!! I didn't know whether to elbow my way in or wait my turn, I think you have to do a mix of both to get those all important first bargains!!

The boot sale is held in two adjoining fields so it was good to cross over every so often to catch new sellers setting up. Another tip-if it is very early don't always buy on the first price that a seller says (unless your heart is set on the item of course) as in a couple of hours they may well be welcome to a bit of haggling.

I was fortunate to bag some lovely pieces but another tip is just because items are cheap does not necessarily mean they should be bought for the sake of it-in the heat of the moment it is tempting to buy up everything you see because of the low prices but you do still need to be selective about the labels and items you choose. If you do see something that you are in two minds over, then do buy it-going back for it means it won't be there later!!

Don't be afraid to haggle either- if you're reasonable in the offers you make and are polite and friendly it's odds on you will get that item for cheaper but if not, at least you asked! Also don't be put off by something if it is a bit dirty or has some loose stitching-this is an ideal way to haggle and it's not hard to do some cleaning or repair on something when you get home.

 By mid morning the layers of scarves, hats and gloves can easily be replaced with those well needed sunglasses from SmartBuyGlassesUK and an open jacket-it's amazing what a difference a few hours makes!! As you can see the sunshine there was positively glorious by midday, even if parts of the field were still waterlogged-another tip, make sure you wear your walking boots or wellies if the weather has been previously rainy, the fields can still be squelchy and muddy even if the skies are blue!

We packed up shortly after midday and headed to our local supermarket to stock up on some fresh crusty rolls, sausages and pure orange juice for a home made brunch for when we got home. Boot sales can be expensive for eating out and you don't always get quality food for the money, so we just had cups of tea and some fresh donuts there and ate later. If you are doing a boot sale then it's a good idea to bring a thermos flask of tea or coffee and some home made sandwiches to keep you going, plus plenty of change and carrier bags too.

You can google to find local boot sales near to you and I would certainly recommend them whether you are a seller or a buyer-getting there early regardless will inevitably set you up for a good day and if you can be back home again for around 1 pm to enjoy your afternoon, what's not to love?!!

Have a great week-I'll definitely be checking out a couple more booty's by the time the week is out-have you any plans to visit a boot sale this season?


Pops of Neon- Outfit Post

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, the weather here in the UK has been really great- I even managed to have a lie in my hammock on Saturday afternoon, I really think Spring has arrived-hurray!!

Yesterday I also reorganised my wardrobe so all of my summer clothes were easily accessible. Summer skirts, blouses and tees are all now at hand to start wearing and with this in mind I decided to wear something that included neon in my outfit.

Whilst on twitter last week I saw a Marie Clare feature on Primark's Spring/Summer 2013 range and on browsing, I saw an amazing scarf that I had to go and check out. Unfortunately the said scarf was not in my local branch but I still managed to get hold of a different one (scarf addict that I am) in cream and black. I also decided to check out the costume jewellery and nabbed a few pieces too-notably neon which for me is the ideal way to dip into this trend for the Summer season.

So my Sunday outfit of choice was this old favourite blouse which is by Topshop and was a boot sale find a couple of summers ago for just £2. Im wearing it with my Japanese Michiko Koshino boyfriend style jeans and my hot pink studded flats:

I'm also wearing my new Primark yellow neon hoop earrings:

Here is a close up of the top-it's a real favourite find with a lot going on. Embroidered neon stars, skulls, birds and floral and leafy swirls:

A close up of my hot pink neon suede style studded flats which are really comfortable and a perfect weekend shoe:

For such a small area of blouse, there is a lot of detail going on in such a variety of neon and cobwebby stitched detailing:

Here is a close up to show my neon earrings- I really love neon but now I'm older a touch of it works better for me rather than investing in a particular item of clothing for this trend. Saying that, if I found the right item I would get a bag or footwear in neon yellow-it goes so well with white and denim for trendy Summer styling:

I am linking this outfit post to the lovely Patti of NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday.

Will you be wearing neon this season-maybe you already have an item of clothing or accessory in this trend or are you too awaiting to find the right piece for you?


River Island Biker Jacket and Jeans

Hi everyone! The week has been a real mix weather wise, we've had glorious sun, downpours, gales and clouds so for the moment bare legs and no jackets are still off the agenda for the moment!

I decided to wear my newish River Island biker jacket which was a half price bargain in the mid season sales, reduced to £35. Its a perfect trans-seasonal jacket as the body is Melton wool and quite lightweight too providing just the right amount of coverage and warmth for an unpredictable British Spring day:

I also chose this style for the black pleather sleeves so it could work as an evening jacket when the nights are cooler too and still look smart:

I'm wearing my Topshop skinny flares which I thrifted a couple of years ago from the Sue Ryder charity shop, a recently thrifted Zara Mans chambray pinstripe slim fit shirt (also from Sue Ryder) and my Peacocks sandals that I've had for quite a few summers now:

This outfit I've just realised is all original high street- no vintage or designer in sight!!

Wishing you all a really good weekend-I am hoping to get to a couple of boot sales, replenish supplies for my ebay selling and if the weather's good I'll definitely be in my hammock in the garden with a magazine in one hand and a nice cool drink in the other-fingers crossed!!


Summer Shoes in Pastels, Metallics, Neon and Classic Colours

With Spring and Summer truly on the way it will be such a great relief to put away those furry boots, wellingtons and thermal socks for a good while!

Over at DefShop they have a lovely range of different sneakers and hi tops in colours ranging from neutrals, pastels and metallics- here are a pick of my favourite ones:

As for sandals, metallics and neons are going to be heavily on trend this summer-I'm really loving these pairs which are not only stylish but will go with so many summer outfits whether you're at the beach, city shopping or having a day out with family or friends :

For a more formal look in the day, an evening out or a for street style look with skinny jeans, then opting for a pair of classic court shoes in either pastels or chic black is a perfect style choice too for the coming season:

I hope these different styles and colours give you plenty of shoe inspiration for your next footwear purchase!


The Last Day for Faux Fur?

Hi everyone! As you can tell from the poor lighting quality when this photo was taken on Saturday morning the sun was gloriously shining and it felt like the day was really going to be promising- I did even contemplate that the layers I had on were going to be too warm.
Well thankfully they were just right as about half an hour after the photos, the sun disappeared and there was definitely a nip in the air, so I was pleased to have my trusty Debenhams Maine faux fur gilet on that I bought last Autumn at a local jumble sale for just £1.50:

I was chuffed to be able to leave a scarf at home- I know I love them but having to wear them all winter has turned into a chore rather than a pleasure so I decided to wear my new from last month purchase-my black wool Fedora from Topshop:

I notice that they have a lovely variety in for Spring, ranging from different colours as well as being made in straw or wool, I am loving the light grey and nude colour ones!

My weekend was a mix of thrifting, chores, relaxing and catching up with the social media that is blogging, tweeting and instagraming-please follow me on all of these if you have not done so already- it will be so much appreciated and of course I will happily follow you back too!

I am linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday. I do so hope you al have a great week ahead-now the kids are back at school normal service can be resumed-hurrah!! 


MyStyle of Raffia Clutches-Designer to High Street

I do love handbags and have been keen to get some inspiration for a Spring/Summer one. A style that I was suitably impressed by from designer to high street is raffia clutch bags.

These are instant summer season bags and so reminiscent of being on the beach or the marina with a Pimms in one hand and your raffia clutch in the other! Not only are they super stylish, they are super lightweight and can add a fabulous splash of colour to that chosen summer outfit. Here are my picks of what's available online at the moment with something for all budgets and tastes:

On a recent trip to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford London to sort out younger son's I Pod in the Apple store I had browse in Primark- this branch seems to have a slightly bigger range than my local one. I generally tend to make a beeline for the scarves and handbags and I wasn't disappointed as I found this lovely little Aztec style one for a bargainous £6.99:

I love the colours featured-some monochrome details plus a nod to neon with the pink. It also has a rose gold colour chain which makes it ideal as a shoulder bag or popped away as an instant clutch. It is also quite roomy so I will get all the essentials in it too. I was really pleased to find this in the absence of a vintage or thrifted alternative.

Is a raffia clutch or bag on your style radar this season, maybe you already have one in the wardrobe all ready for wearing this Summer!!


The Best Fashion Apps For Women

How is it that some women just seem to know all the latest trends, come up with the coolest clothing combinations and still seem to have enough money left at the end of the month? Well we are about to lift the lid on their best kept secret-fashion apps.

No matter how confident or up-to-date women are in their fashion choices, everyone needs a little help now and then and apps are ideal for lending that helping hand when needed.
How else can a woman possibly have access to all of the latest catwalk trends if not with the Style.com app?! With hot-off-the-runway news and images in addition to other high fashion news this app is the secret weapon for women wanting to get ahead of the trends.
Do you think these women are coming up with these cool fashion forward looks all on their own? Surely they are getting their inspiration from Chic Feed. This app has compiled the most inspiring images from fashion sites including LookBook, Altamira NYC, Face Hunter and The Satorialist for users to find ideas and apply their own creative flair.
But looking good does not have to mean breaking the bank- the Gilt Groupe app is perfect for the bargain hunters out there. The app allows users to find out about the latest sales and designers about to hit the sales racks-secret weapon number three.
Finally, if you think that these woman who always manage to look great have just picked out their outfit 15 minutes before they leave the house you are mistaken-last on the secret weapon hit list is Style Book. All of those women who watched Clueless back in the 90's will know and have fallen in love with Cher's computerised wardrobe that matched up her outfits-you can see where this is going- create your own computerised wardrobe by uploading photos of your separate items of clothing to your mobile device and match up outfits in preparation for any occasion.
The latest trends are not only restricted to your wardrobe, when it comes to image you need to have the whole package and this includes that mobile phone which is going to be glued to your hand from now on. To find the best deals and a stylish little handset that is sure to become your ultimate fashion accessory, visit Phones4U.


Thrift Inspiration........Gap Trench for £1!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some moments in the sunshine-the weather appears to be creeping up temperature wise so hopefully we can now say Spring is here, yay!!!

On a thrifting trip last week I went into a town that I had not visited for a few months and one of the lures to visit is there is a £1 charity shop-the Sense charity have been doing this for quite a long while here so it must be very popular. After looking at all the other charity shops I didn't see anything that really inspired me so when I went into Sense I wasn't really expecting anything.
The manager was in the back room steaming and sorting items and as I walked past the room I saw the Gap trench coat hanging up. She said it was going to be put out so I said I would take it and as I had it in my hand I noticed a full length Tissavel faux fur coat which she had only put out a few minutes earlier so that was snatched up too! Two coats for £2, less than a regular sized coffee and these definitely raised my adrenalin levels without the need for caffeine!!

So here is the Gap trench after I had laundered and pressed it-it is a cotton coat and unlined so is very low maintenance in the care stakes. I would go so far to say the coats are my best thrifted items for 2013 so far, you really can't go wrong with quality items at such ridiculously low prices!

There are a lot of traditional features on the trench, around the neckline, shoulder and collars and the back has an inverted pleat detail too. 

Sizewise, it is just slightly bigger than I may have chosen if bought brand new, but I can't complain for £1!! Actually it fits fine around the shoulders and the sleeves are a perfect length it just feels roomy around the body from the waist down but that could be because of the double breasted style which I'm not used to:

My weekend outfit of choice was a thrifted boyfriend style denim shirt which was £2 from a local charity shop, black wet look ruched leggings and my trusty black leather Marks & Spencer biker style ankle boots:

I'm also wearing an Eiffel Tower pendant that I bought when I went to Paris for my 40th birthday

I am linking this post to the lovely Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.

What has been you best bargain of the year so far-was it thrifted from the boot sale or charity shop or did you get an amazing bargain in the recent sales, please share!!


The Lands End Powder Belle Boots-Blogger Recommended!!

Last month I was a bit disappointed to notice that one of my wellington boots had a split across the foot, so they had to go straight in the bin. I've been wearing my brown Pavers boots which I've had for about three years now but they're not insulated so don't keep my feet totally toasty.

So doing my blog rounds earlier this morning I was most excited to read the lovely Avril of SchoolGateStyle's latest post and her recent purchase which was on recommendation from Fiona at Avenue 57, the Powder Belle Tall boots from Lands End. Not only do they have great reviews on the website, they've been reduced from £80.00 to £24.95 AND if you order from Lands End by 7 April, they are offering an extra 20% off - I went to savoo for the code and my total bill for the boots were £23.91, bargain or what!! Here is a picture of Avril rocking her boots:

I decided to order the dark wine colour but they also have availability in black, brown, ivory and fawn. Not only are they perfect for wearing with skinny jeans, they are waterproof in suede and quilting, have a maximum traction rubber sole and 200 grams of insulation-perfection for the current weather!!

I cannot wait to get these and start wearing them, I could have done with a black pair but I thought I would go with colour seeing as it is Spring!

Thanks to Avril and Fiona for the heads-up on the boots and wishing you all a fabulous weekend too!


Swimwear for Summer

With summer just around the corner that dreaded time to don the swimwear is almost upon us but is your winter body all set to step into summer?!
With the fabulous range of styles that are already coming onto the market in anticipation for the upcoming summer season, you might have recently spotted the perfect little swimsuit, bikini or tankini that you have in mind for your summer holiday. However, over the winter months, like many people you may have neglected the diet and the gym in favour of some creature comforts and winter warmers.

But do not fear; there is plenty of time to prepare your body to fit into that beachwear and look good in it. Simply get your diet back in order with a little common sense that says put the biscuits back and with spring coming up, take advantage of the weather and introduce a walk into your daily routine or, even better, a run. Also try drinking plenty of water and less alcohol.

To ensure you look your absolute best, make sure your desired swimwear is flattering to your shape and size; there is something out there for everyone so do not think that one bad bikini means you need to lock yourself away for the whole season. It is no longer simply a question of a swimsuit, bikini or tankini anymore but a halter neck top, a bandeau style top, swimwear to suck in where you want and push up where you want, bold print, elegant print and the list goes on. Know your shape and find a style that best suits you.

If you have a summer holiday coming up and are looking for the perfect swimwear try visiting bonprix.co.uk where you will find a range of styles designed to make the most of those curves, to shape where needed and to offer support and comfort.  


Springing Forward with a Pop of Pink

Hi everyone, I hope you've all been having a great Easter weekend! My weekend has been a mix of going in to town, r&r with the family listening to music, watching films, some (not much) housework and surfing the net.

As I was doing nothing in particular, I decided that a uniform of cardigan, tee and jeans were the order of the day and to bring a pop of colour to the look I dug out a pashmina that I've had for a few years that is in the summer pile. It's a perfect shade of pink, not too vivid and not too pale:

I'm wearing: Gap Always Skinny jeans (ebay), J Crew tee (charity shop), M&S black leather biker style ankle boots, Edinburgh Woollen Mill lambswool cardigan (charity shop), pashmina (local ethnic shop, now closed)

I went into town to take back the River Island jacket and was nearly tempted to buy a bag in there, but resisted. I'm trying to hold out for the boot sales to get into full swing and nab a couple more for the wardrobe, preferably in Summery colours.

I'm linking this post to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday, wishing you all a really good week ahead!!


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