Spice up your look with accessories

If you want to update your look but can’t afford a complete wardrobe revamp, get creative with accessories. Changing your accessories can help you change your whole look. Think how different a basic jeans and T-shirt ensemble would look teamed with a pastel pashmina and heels, or with a pair of rock-chick DM boots and a checked cotton scarf. Accessories really do make an outfit, whether you want one new look or several! Get experimenting with these key accessories.

Step away from the black opaques and slip into something more interesting. Tights come in pretty much any colour or pattern you could imagine these days, and unusual hosiery can make a great focal point when you’re giving old wardrobe favourites a new lease of life. Try out bright block colours for a fun, young look; or lacy patterns for added sex appeal.

Don’t restrict yourself to winter woollies: there are plenty of gorgeous scarves around that can be worn day or night and at any time of year. Think floaty floral chiffon for a boho look, or use a patterned scarf to add a splash of colour to a neutral outfit.

You really can build a whole outfit around your footwear. Try on some of your favourite outfits with different pairs of shoes – you’ll be surprised by what works! A pair of chunky boots can help dress down a pretty frock, while classic stilettos will add sophistication to casual outfits.

An on-trend bag is a great way to add some style points to your outfit, as well as giving you somewhere to keep your stuff on a day or night out. Think beyond plain black leather: take a look at some of the gorgeous statement bags out there. How about an elegant patent clutch bag to glam things up, or an oversized tote for a touch of celebrity style? Bags don’t have to cost as much as you might think – Very.co.uk’s range of bags, for example, includes plenty of affordable choices.

Belts are a clever way of creating new shapes and silhouettes. Worn over floaty tops and dresses, a belt will help emphasise your waist, making for a more groomed, pulled-together look. Experiment with both subtle skinny styles and big statement belts that will grab people’s attention!

I hope this guest post inspires you to style up your own outfits with these key pieces!


elegancemaison said...

Hi Sharon - great post. Thanks for the ideas. I'm a great one for using accessories to get the new season's look, especially after the winter 'padding' that I have acquired!(See you at Frock Me sometime? Let me know if you want a comp for April 7th.)Cx

Rebecca said...

I've got the belts and scarves....I think it's time for a statement bag or two (and maybe a new pr. of shoes)!

By the way, I really like the new look of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I'm starting with the shoes of course lol playing around with the new flats and low heels to see if they can make my more formal dresses work casually. xx

Unknown said...

hi dear, u've a great blog!!! maybe we could follow each other?! It would be a pleasure for me :) big kisses


Unknown said...

Really love dots bag!!! Amazing post. I like you blog, I follow you on GFC, hope you visit me and follow me back if you like my blog!!

thanks and nice day!


Sharon S said...

Great comments, thanks so much!! xxx


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