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A couple of weeks ago was New York Fashion Week and one of the collections to catch my eye was by Kenneth Cole whose designs for Autumn/Winter 2013 are not only uber stylish but totally wearable. 
The collection featured charcoal grey, black, metallics, teal, oxblood and olive for the next winter season. 
Fabrics were also mixed and matched-velvet, tweed, wool, leather and shearling were all featured and layered up to produce different textures within outfits. Double breasted style coats, knits and leather trousers were all covetable separates that will be great style investments and certainly provide solid style inspiration for Winter-I also love how his elbow length leather gloves feature in different colours over different coats and jackets to give individual, layered styling. Here are my favourite picks of his runway collection:

A teal coloured hat brings a chic touch of colour

An easy metallic knit is perfect over grey mannish trousers and those gorgeous peep toe boots

Olive and teal in different textures

Oxblood is a perfect understated colour for layering

Olive military layered with black biker continues to be in trend for next winter

Double breasted grey wool is an inspiring smart look

Colour three ways-tan, teal and olive

Oxblood texturized-silk, wool and leather

Definitely one of my favourite collections from New York Fashion Week-not only inspiring for the use of colours and different textures combined but easy key pieces that can be adapted for trans-seasonal dressing.
A key item that has been lacking in my wardrobe is a classic double breasted style coat, so after looking most of Autumn and Winter I was really pleased to recently find this Kenneth Cole one in black lambswool and cashmere.
I was fortunate to find it in a neighbouring towns Scope charity shop for only £16!! I think you'd be hard pushed to find a winter coat in Primark for that price and that would be man made materials too.
Being in pure lambswool and cashmere has made it such a luxury daytime coat to wear and the cut and fit are just perfect too-it is a USA size 8 which is a UK 12, just right for me:

As I said before I was even looking online and in the shops at full price and sale coats, but everything I saw had a very low-if at all wool content. For me, quality is key, regardless of price and I would rather go without than buy something of an inferior quality that won't last and will just look cheap.
So this was my bargain of the month and I'm sure it will be a firm style staple in my wardrobe plus keeping me cosy in the bargain-what's been your best buy of the month so far?


Vix said...

I'd rather only wear quality stuff too, that's why I only ever buy second-hand, I couldn't afford it new. That coat is fab. x

Perdita Tinsel said...

What a find! With charity shops I feel it's important to remember that some things are cheap at £10+ (and some things a rip off at 50p, if unwearable) so I always go in with an open mind to price. That coat will last for years.

Unknown said...

Another amazing find!!! How do you do it? Love the colours at Kenneth Cole. x

Anonymous said...

That's the perfect little pea coat! Well done! Agree with you about the qulaity pieces - seems only vintage items are a 100% wool or silk. I LOVE the Kenneth Cole outfits here, really inspirational and wearable at the same time. I have an old jersey dress and 2 pairs of sandals and was always looking out for more pieces but they don't seem to be very easy to find in UK, except for you!

Ofelia said...

The coat looks great and the collection is amazing! I'm especially drawn to the deep burgandies in the collection.

Unknown said...

That is the bargain of the year surely!! Only you xx

Unknown said...

I love vintage finds! I don't know what's more fun, wearing them or hunting for them! Great post!
-Alicia G. (Fashion Files)

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-all your comments are much appreciated, thanks a lot!!

hippyatheart said...

first coat is incredible and I love your thrifted one, too. Such a timeless piece that you can wear for ever


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