Thrift Inspiration..........Doing it Asprey style

A structured handbag should be a must have for any woman's wardrobe-they add a chic look to any outfit, giving it a more formal air without looking like you've tried too hard.

Asprey's of London was founded in 1781 and they opened their flagship New Bond Street store in 1847. In 1862 it received it's first Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria, swiftly followed by its second one from King Edward VII in 1889.Since then they have produced fine jewellery, leather goods and silver ware to Royalty around the world.

 Asprey received the Queens Award to industry in 1975, celebrating 200 years
In 2006 Asprey celebrated it's 225th Anniversary by receiving it's own Coat of Arms

In May 2012, the company collaborated with Katie Hillier to design a collection exclusively to Asprey and she continues to consult on their current collection for Spring/Summer 2013.
 Featured here is the Morgan Day Handbag in Sapphire Crocodile, a truly stunning bag which is available online for £15,800:

 As you can imagine, completely out of my price range-so was I pleased then to find this lovely vintage Asprey handbag last month for £15,795 less than the one above in a neighbouring town's Sense charity shop:

This one is in a midnight blue and has quite a few compartments too. It's style is fairly similar to the Hermes Kelly bag, another iconic brand which I unfortunately can't afford either!!

Still I do now have a structured vintage handbag to add to my collection and it's style will inevitably stand the trends of time and be wearable for decades to come.

What style of handbag are you hoping to add to your handbag collection this season- will you be wearing a vintage number on your arm or are you looking for something more modern?


Anonymous said...

Oh you got a beauty there - lol at the price difference! I agree with the structured bag being a must have and thankfully got it covered *cough*. If I do add to my bag collection it would still be vintage. There really isn't anything truly modern to tempt me - phew!

hippyatheart said...

I would kill for a chanel 2.55 ;)

Kezzie said...

Ooooh, bargain! I'm presuming either Barking or Barkingside???!!x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great find for a fiver. I am always looking to add bags to my collection - vintage or modern, I really don't mind! I would really like a Balenciaga or Bottega Venata but a wee bit beyond my purse right now! They also have some nice Biba bags in House of Fraser.

Cadmium said...

what a find! hope it enhances many future outfits!

Ofelia said...

It give us such a great sense of satisfaction when we find an article of clothing that is out of us merely mortals budgets and that is from a brand that we love.

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the fabulous comments xxx


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