Thrift Inspiration.........Doing it McQueen style with the humble grey sweatshirt

Hi everyone! The weather is absolutely freezing outside and I would say at the moment its all about layers and keeping warm. This brings me to a wardrobe staple that most us may already have, which is the humble grey sweatshirt. I thrifted a Uniqlo sweatshirt earlier this week for just under £4 and whilst browsing the internet I was inspired by what it can be worn with:

This look featured at the MCQ pre fall collection presentation for 2013 and I love how this sweat top has been layered over a black chiffon dress and paired with black ankle boots to fierce the look up. 
You could adapt this look with a black chiffon pleated skirt or layer it over a black floaty dress, check out what's already in your wardrobe.

It's a really inspiring look to wear a statement 'dressy' skirt with a grey sweat top for a more wearable, every day look and it ensures you get extra mileage out of that 'best' skirt.

As a fan of Uniqlo here is a link to their men's grey sweat which is just £19.90- go for a smaller size for a fitted look or a couple sizes up if you like it slouchy. Either look will be great with a black belt over the top, McQueen style.

Will you be pairing up a grey sweat with a statement skirt? It really is something that can be worn right now, a great way to wear those thermal tights and tees without feeling like you haven't tried with your outfit choice!!


www.janetteria.com said...

Nice, I need a similar one...no doubt!

Kelly Jackson said...

There's something about a grey sweatshirt that's become classic, don't you think? I picked up one in the summer from American Apparel that's Flashdance-inspired, and I love it! :)

The Quick Red Fox said...

Amazing! I love a good sweatshirt and grey is so versatile. I love the belted McQueen look xxx


Ofelia said...

The look is easy to emulate no matter what you budget is and it can also fit many bodies types.

Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous,I absolutely want that one!!

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanks so much for your lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that black embellished tube skirt - just clicked over though, and sadly it's not available in my size :-(


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