ThriftMyStyle.........Joining the Puffa brigade

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all keeping cosy and warm-funnily enough, the weather here at the moment has been quite mild and sunny for December, so extra thick layering is not quite on the agenda just for the moment!

One trend that has been in fashion for a couple of decades now has been the 'puffa jacket'-it is definitely one of those 'marmite' trends in that you love or hate them. I fall in to the 'love' category- I remember having a bright orange Miss Selfridge one back in the 90s and although I still love the style I would only ever wear neutral dark colours now!
The celebrities certainly know that not only can they be stylish, but they are just so warm and snug and in the Daily Mail last week it looks like this is a trend that will be around for quite a while to come, especially for those in colder climes:

Sarah Jessica Parker managing to look so casual chic and ultra snug and comfy

Emanuelle Alt showing us that puffas can be stylish

Naomi Watts doing dress down layered chic

Over at Net-A-Porter they have some really fabulous picks and if money were no object I would certainly be picking one of these snuggly options:

I picked up this Armani black puffa jacket last winter and its very 90s inspired in the crop style:

I love the little Armani details on the zipper and pockets and being down filled, it really is a cosy option for the winter. I found it for less than £10 in the Sense charity shop and I must have had good jacket thrift luck that day as I also found a H&M khaki and fur lined parka jacket that is still going strong for me again this winter.

I cannot resist a jacket and any style seems to be on my radar for this season-wool, puffa, faux fur- in fact my wardrobe is bulging purely in winter wear!

What style of winter coat or jacket is on your style list this winter-do you love or hate the humble yet cosy puffa?


Rebecca said...

Must be my "older" age, but I just can't get into the puffa. Now the faux fur is ANOTHER story :)

Vix said...

Your find is very snazzy and a total bargain at less than £10, too.
Bit too sports casual for me, I'm fake fur all the way! x

That's Not My Age said...

I'm a fake fur addict, like Vix! And I went to see Valentino yesterday, drat. But let's meet up for lunch in the new year. Happy Christmas!!

Kezzie said...

I used to hate puffas but there are some nice ones around nowadays- an M&S one even made its way onto my wishlist this year! The coat I would LOVE is a sheepskin coat, three quarter length- I just adore sheepskin and I'd love love love to find one in my size. Sadly, I have such narrow shoulders, many things look ridiculous on me!
Glad that you are ok at the moment! Keep me posted on how you are. Would still be lovely to meet at some point!x

CameronPoe2409 said...

You've picked the perfect bargain for winter and as per usual, I love SJP's look. I need to invest in a new coat for winter, not seen anything I like yet. xx

WendyB said...

I'm supa-dupa puffy http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2011/11/what-wendy-wore-a-dinner-and-two-shows/

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it on others but haven't dared to go there for myself - I've only just got in the bf jeans for heaven's sake lol! Give me another couple of years :-)

Style At Every Age said...

I can't live without mine although it needs replacing, preferably with a Burberry one!

Mónica said...

I used to do puffas when I was in a teenager and used to play in a basketball team, but I can't see me wearing it now. I am into faux-fur now! By the way, just in case I don't "talk" to you before, Merry Christmas!

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanking you all for your comments, as always they are so much appreciated xxx

Unknown said...

Naomi Watts looks amazing in a puffa! I myself can't carry this off for to save my life because I'm very busty/top-heavy. I look very Michelin Man, lol!

But I like the style and wish I could carry it off.


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