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I have just been made aware of an organisation called 'Give More', which is a growing movement of thousands of people within our communities who are pledging to give more time, money and energy to the causes they are passionate about.
In their own words, the need in our communities is going up and charities and community groups are struggling to cope. The facts are stark – 83% of teachers have seen a growth in the number of children arriving hungry at school. At the same time there’s been a 100% increase in the number of people being fed by foodbanks, with 4 new outlets opening up every week. 5.4 million households are living in fuel poverty, almost half of those individuals are over 60.
In response to this, thousands of people from every corner of the UK are uniting to fight escalating need by each giving more time, money and energy to the community or cause they care about and inspiring others to do the same. Give More is an independent, privately funded initiative that asks you to stand up and be counted – join the movement and be part of something vitally important. We rarely talk about giving, but if we don’t shout about the good work going on up and down the country, many charities and community groups may cease to exist.
There are many ways you can join in and help the Give More movement grow:
You can Sign up – show your support by signing up and learning more about Give More
Make a pledgemake a public pledge, and add your cause to our face wall
Inspire others to join ininvite 3 friends to make a pledge, and help the movement grow
Spread the word – use your networks to help us raise awareness of Give More via Twitter and Facebook
Encourage your organisation – encourage your organisation to become a Give More partner, and help us reach more people.
Get the Give Guide-The Give Guide is a free, tailorable resource packed with simple ideas for helping charities or good causes this Christmas.
Read Wayne Hemingway's story- like many of us, he is a big charity supporter and if you don't necessarily have time to be a volunteer, then by regularly donating unwanted clothes to your local charity shop and also choosing to buy your purchases from them is a fantastic way of supporting your community. I do so hope this has inspired you to take part-whether its by social media or down at your local chazza!!


Kezzie said...

Sounds a great idea! It sounds like the same sort of things that my uni friend Rach is involved in (she was the one behind that organisation LUNCH that I blogged about!)x

CameronPoe2409 said...

Thanks for sharing. My family have never been rich but we still given three meals a day. The thought of children going to school hungry is heartbreaking. I will look at what I can do to help. xx


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