Leopardprint Tote bags: Designer v High Street

Hi everyone!! Just as I got back in to blogging, life and health issues came to the fore and I had to put blogging on the back burner yet again! So as I am currently having to rest as much as possible due to health reasons I thought I would try and get my blogging mojo back on track.

I've always loved leopardprint and in a wardrobe cull last month a couple of leopardprint items were pensioned off which meant there was an opening for a potential new purchase. I didn't really want any clothing, such as a coat or blouse, so I when I browsed my favourite style of bag-the tote- recently, I was suitably inspired to get something that featured leopardprint.

Here are my favourite style inspired bags, all currently available: 

Having been using a Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag solidly for nearly a year for work, I was already convinced that this was the style I wanted in my next purchase and if  I could have leopardprint as part of it then it would prove to be a smart buy. My lovely DH treated me to the Autograph leopardprint tote a few weeks ago and although it seems a pricey purchase at first, on a cost per wear basis and how many different occasions it can be used for, it really was a worhwhile style investment.

Leopardprint never dates and the Autograph tote has three compartments-1 middle zipped one and two either side, an inner zipper smaller back compartment and a phone and little inner front compartment. The zippers on the outside could even be used as mini compartments! It really is a fabulous bag and I'm sure is one I'll be using for a long time to come.

Is leopardprint back on your style radar this season, how will you be wearing it?


That's Not My Age said...

I do like your leopard print tote x

elegancemaison said...

After your recommendation I'm beginning to desire that Autograph tote - all those pockets and zips!

But actually I've never been that keen on leopard print. My sister does it in droves and it suits her but apart from the odd scarf not really my style. Cx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Never been off my radar! Love those bags and I'm wearing leopard print skinny jeans today - total bargain from Forever 21.


hippyatheart said...

although I love a touch of rock n roll in my wardrobe, leopard never was on my radar. always feels a bit tricky to combine it in a good way. maybe I don't like it because I'm a blonde and I think it can look cheap easily? not sure :)

Rebecca said...

I have a leopard-print scarf that I've worn a couple of times lately - once casually; another time, dressier.

Style At Every Age said...

So sorry to hear about your health problems and hope it all gets sorted soon. Love my Neverfull couldn't live without it and as you know I am a sucker for leopard print!

Barbara von Enger said...

Rest up my sweet blotg friend. So sorry to hear you are ill. xoxox

Vix said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, hope things improve soon!
Leopard's never been off my radar, all the more so now I've found the perfect original boots on eBay. x

Anonymous said...

Oh hope you get better soon!
Your bag sounds very useful and I agree about the cost per wear ratio.

I've got leopard print wedges and a dress so can't imagine buying anything else leopard print for next year either.

WendyB said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon.

And you know I think there can't be too much leopard ;-)

Unknown said...

Amazing post!

2 words.. LOVE IT!



Caroline said...

Hi Sharon - love all those bags - leopard print and tote, two of my favourite things! Do hope you're feeling better soon xx

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanks so much for stopping by, its so much appreciated xxx


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