I'm a # good blogger, thanks to Wendy Brandes

Hi everyone!! Well technically I haven't been a brilliant blogger or tweeter of late-my sincere apologies to those of you who have visited and kindly left comments. I will be trying very hard to visit you all in the coming week-as usual, life does tend to get in the way!!!

Anyhow, unofficially I am a # good blogger and my latest purchase proves it- I received my most gorgeous recent addition to my collection from the wonderful Wendy Brandes-no wonder I'm soo happy!!


I had wanted the # ring for ages and finally decided to order it from Wendy- I nearly went for an 'S' ring, but my love of the hashtag won through in the end!! I received it on Friday and have been wearing it ever since, here is its debut-

I adore it-it is an adjustable ring so I can wear it on either hand and I love the uniqueness and gorgeousness of it!! A big thank you to the lovely Wendy-check out our London blogger meet and how I kept to my annual tradition of trying on her rings and keeping one on for the whole duration of the meet! Note to Wendy-my newest addition will not stop this annual habit!!

If you've been bitten by the # bug, or feeling the LOL, OMG or YOLO vibe then check out the stunning WendyB by Wendy Brandes range NOW-YES NOW- I don't normally dish out orders, but I'll make an exception so you can drool over her fabulous range!

So here in the UK, the weather is dire-yet again. so the ring arrival really brought some sunshine to my weekend. In this outfit post, I am rather tribal-my tee is from Primark and was only £4-it has a textured self leopardprint which lifts it from a normal white tee. My TU skinny ankle grazer jeans in a beige animal spot print cost £1-thanks to a half price sale and using ten pounds worth of Nectar points. My thrifted Topshop leopardprint belt finishes this animal print outfit off:

So heres hoping to some sunny weather this week-before we know it Autumn will be here and summer will be a distant memory ;-(

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and for any of you going on holiday, bring some sun back please! 


Denim obsession continues.....also, spending diary for my thrift finds and outfit post

Hi everyone!! Well this June was officially declared as the wettest and dullest since records began and I do so hope that July will not be following the same pattern. Today has been a mix of sun and showers yet again and the wind is getting my washing dry at the moment!!

Back to all things fashion related and my favourite denim find of the month is this H&M chambray denim gilet from the Cancer Research charity shop for £3.99.  I really like it as it's not pure denim so will be able to go with all jeans and summer skirts and it's super light and cosy for the current in-between weather:

The skirt was a find last week from the Salvation Army and is by Gap-it has a fine small red check print, pleated and has pockets and an ideal everyday summer skirt-only £2.99:

My tee is by Ralph Lauren from their Ashford outlet store and the sandals are from Topshop a few years ago. I'm also wearing blue hoop earrings from Primark which I bought last year.

I bought a diary at the beginning of June as a couple of years ago I used to do a spending diary for thrift finds and found it really gave me a good insight in to what I bought, what I gave away and what I spent. So far this month I have bought 3 summer skirts, 1 gilet, 1 jacket, 3 bags, 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of shoes, 1 grey Tommy Hilfiger hoody, 1 grey Whistles tee and 1 Topshop embroidered blouse, 1 bangle and 1 scarf.

Out of all of these there are 2 bags which I didn't really need/want, but got them for the 'bargain' aspect. I have earmarked 8 items to the charity shop bag too. My favourite finds this month would be the summer skirts as they will definitely be worn, as will the gilet, the hoody, the boots, the tee and the blouse. I really try to only buy items that I will wear, as opposed to 'prettying the wardrobe'-ie-the wardrobe sees it more than what I do!!

Do you keep a budget/spending diary on what you buy and what you get rid of? It is certainly an eye opener, especially for repeat buys. I try to do a 'one in, one out' philosophy, but it doesn't always work.

I am hoping this months buys will feature 3 of these items on my thrift wishlist: a maxi sun dress, a blue denim skirt for everyday wear and a summer coloured small handbag or clutch-not black!!

Do you still have anything on a summer wishlist??


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