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Firstly, a big HIYA to all my readers and followers!! I have been very noticeably absent for a number of life consuming reasons, but I seem to be back on an even keel and I'd like to resume blogging life if possible!!

I was suitably inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's and Carine Roitfeld's exhibition which has taken place already in Tokyo and is due to open in New York on 8 June: The Little Black Jacket, with the book to follow later this year. There were109 fashion and famous personalities taking part by wearing the iconic Chanel little black jacket in their own way, with Karl and Carine taking the photos in his Paris photographic studio within six days with the results being shown in the forthcoming exhibitions and the lavish coffee table book:

The exhibition will be visiting London later this year with the book coming out on sale too-I will definitely make my way to see this, cannot wait!!

Anyhow, it inspired me to show off some of my collection of Little Black Jackets- I had a count up and have 10 in total!! Here are my favourites which span the decades, from the 1970s right upto the 2010s-you can never have too many, no??

This first one is my most recent and current in style purchase-by COS, I purchased it from the British Heart Foundation on Sunday for only £6.99 and I love the flared 3/4 sleeves and zipper detail-a very minimalist and deconstructed style:

2010s-COS jacket

This next jacket is a boot sale find from last year, bought for only £3 and it is one of my absolute favourites-none other than Valentino, with the trademark lace detail around the lapels and neckline in a classic tuxedo style:

00s Valentino

Next, another favourite is this Thierry Mugler sculptured little black jacket, so tailored and form fitted, bought from my local Sue Ryder charity shop a couple of years ago now for £12:

90s Mugler

This next jacket was a special find a few years ago now in my local Salvation Army for only £2.50, a gorgeously cut fluid wool jacket by Issey Miyake from his Plantation line-classic 80s styling with batwing sleeves:
 80s Issey Miyake

Lastly another favourite find is this wonderful unlabelled Janice Wainwright 70s jacket, with her distinctive applique and art deco styling in black wool crepe:

70s Janice Wainwright

So you can see I have a weakness for Little Black Jackets (as well as denim, but thats another blog post story!!)

What is your fashion weakness, I'd love to know what your indulgences are!!!

PS-Although I have not been commenting I have still been enjoying reading your blogs and will hopefully be over to leave a comment or two! Wishing you all a great week ahead!!


Perdita Tinsel said...

Wow those are amazing jackets- superb finds.

My weakness would have to be blouses and tops, I can't say no! Especially to a wacky 70s design!

alex said...

Miyake from his Plantation line-classic 80s styling with batwing sleeves is really nice even if it's 80's design.


Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous finds. I like the first one and the Seventies one is beautiful.xxx

Kezzie said...

I'm SO glad you are back, I was going to come over and say hello again but thought this might seem like pestering to get you to blog again! I love your collection, the Sally army shop is so good for hidden gems, I remember getting a gem of an LK Bennett silk skirt there! I bet the staff know you there well! They always say Hi, especially the two on the SAturday!

www.janetteria.com said...

Love that classy Valentino!

Vix said...

Lovely to see you back! Loving that Janice Wainwright number, that Deco styling is pure perfection! x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a great collection. I just like jackets and coats generally - I have WAAAAY more than I need. I've actually bought 2 black blazers in the last fortnight thinking about it - a sequinned one from Oxfam and a 3/4 length sleeve one from Topshop.

That Janice Wainwright one is stunning.

Thea vintage said...

Lovely finds! Especially love the Issey Miyake and Wainwright jackets : - )


SabinePsynopsis said...

You have been away forever, Sharon - good to have you back! Loving the Thierry Mugler jacket. I guess my weakness are blazers... got way too many to wear. xoxo

Unknown said...

WOW! The Issey Miyake is realllllllly appealing to me. I hope you wear it lots.

IMO, few things are as chic as a black blazer, with fitted black jeans and a white tee. (my uniform:-)



Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Oh my god, the Janice Wainwright - SWOON! Also love the Mugler, such amazing cut out details x

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Style Eyes said...

Valentino for £3, I am so jealous. A black jacket is such a classic and versatile piece.


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