Thrift Inspiration, Doing it 'Grazia' style-the return of the rucksack

This weeks edition of Grazia continues to highlight this coming season's trends and for a change its not all about the 'It' bag, more of a return from the fashion wildnerness, the rucksack.

Its the type of bag we all most probably have stashed away in the back of the wardrobe and in my case it most definitely was! The rucksack certainly is a classic style which comes in an array of different colours, patterns and materials:

I was suitably inspired to dig out my mint green Kipling rucksack-adorned with little Tim, the Kipling's trademark gorilla who is in this seasons colour of spearmint green, bless him, hehe!!

I thrifted this bag about three summers ago at my local boot sale for only £3- I remember it being an early Spring find and I use it quite sparingly to keep it in good condition. I will definitely be wearing it out a few times this summer- it is a welcome style staple that is both in trend colour and fashion wise, as well as being practical and cute!!

What item have you rescued from the back of the wardrobe and brought out of the fashion wilderness for this summer?


Thrift Inspiration, Pale and Interesting Escada style

Today is absolutely freezing and really all thoughts of Spring were really not on my mind this morning, but during a shopping trip in town I found another piece for the Spring and Summer wardrobe.

The designer collections were showcasing icy colours of spearmint green, bitter lemon and damask rose, all gorgeous shades for the new season to come.

This outfit by Louis Vuitton is an ice creamy delight and both pieces would really work well as separates too.

This jacket below by Jonathan Saunders is a fabulously versatile item which is perfect with a dress but will go with this seasons pastel and floral skinny jeans too:

Todays find is a spearmint green silk and wool jacket by Escada and I've teamed it with a simple navy cami tee and my moss green skinny jeans from Marks & Spencer which were from the PDSA charity shop last month. I will look forward to wearing this jacket with a cute summer dress and either pastel or white jeans for an more updated look in Summer:

I am also after a longer length blazer for summer and some white or pastel jeans. Roll on the boot sales to start where I'm sure I will score some pieces I'm after. For the moment, I've got my chunky knit aran cardigan back on and the heating turned up high, with the Escada jacket nestled in the wardrobe for an outing when Spring comes!!

Have you made any 'pale and interesting colour purchases for Summer yet?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, wrap up, I think snows on the way!!


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