Perfect holiday bags by Paul & Joe Sister

When I saw these bags over at Spartoo, I immediately thought how perfect they would be as either a travelling bag on holiday or perfect for a weekend break.

The floral or plain beige designs are ideal for any environment and will make any outfit look stylish and complete, plus they look very spacious if you decide to use it for work at the office, collecting your treasures at the boot sale or for your shopping!!

Eloise Ada, £50

Bi-colore lope, £63

Ella Aloes S, £44

Bi-Colore Daly, £47

Will you be treating yourself to a new summer bag this season-whats your favourite for holding the kitchen sink in-is it florals, plain, totes or doctors bag style?

Plus a note to all my blogger friends!!!

I just want to say to everyone who has left comments on my posts recently that I've been having problems leaving comments on some of your blogs-I'm not sure if its a common issue or if its my browser (I'm using internet explorer as google chrome crashed a few weeks ago).

I have tried for about 4 days now with particular bloggers so I need to try and investigate now why I can't leave the comments. Apologies to those who do consistently leave lovely words, this is the reason too why they are not being returned at this time and I do hope to resolve what the problem is soon.

Wishing you all a very happy week ahead!!


Barbara von Enger said...

I actually like the first bag best.
But all the others are lovely, too.

Style Eyes said...

I love the printed bags. I ahve also seen a really big black leather bag on Spartoo that I love.

I have been having problems with commenting on some Blogger blogs too over the last few weeks.

Vix said...

Lovely choices, the top one's my favourite because it looks like I could cram loads in!
When you log into Blogger try unticking that box which says "keep me signed in". I usually find I can leave a comment then. x

Louise Mc said...

I have had some problems recently commenting on blogger too. I'm fine doing it from my phone, but on my laptop it seems to keep signing me out. I use IE too. X

Ofelia said...

Great purses! My favorite one is the Ella.
You know that I'm a purse-a-holic; purses and accessories are my weakness so this post is made for me.
Con Amor,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Sharon, finally I get a chance to catch up with you!

I really need a new beach bag as I always ruin them.

I find that if I click again on leave a comment it lets me after the initial message.

Hope you're good my friend. Love, C xx

hippyatheart said...

really lovely choises :) I bought myself a new beach bag, that's it :)

Smashingbird said...

Gosh I have far too many bags, I think I'll be ok for a bit ; ) xx

Please may I? said...

lovely bags, however after sorting my wardrobe i am fully aware that i need no more!

X x

Wildernesschic said...

I also have too many bags.. although I often lust xx

www.janetteria.com said...

I love Paul & Joe!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Lovely bags. I would love to buy some new bags, but trust me, my closet cannot hold any more new items.

The comments sometimes give trouble. Don't worry. maybe you need to upgrade your browser. I do that in any case, since it helps improve the browsing in general. hope you trouble-shoot soon.

WendyB said...

Technical problems are so annoying!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Summer bags should be light in my book, so these are all lovely!

I'm also really struggling with commenting on some blogs, especially when you cannot insert your URL as an alternative. If this also applies to my blog, would you send me a short email, Sharon? (I don't think it should though.)


lunarossa said...

I have been having trouble with leaving comments on blogger too. Another blogger friend suggested not to tick the "keep me logged in box". Apparently it's a bug. I tried and it worked for me! Ciao. A.x

Heather said...

I was having a lot of problems as well and another fellow blogger suggested that I make sure not to click the always signed in button when logging in and that has certainly helped although I can't figure out why lol!! sorry it took me so long to link up with you again from the new blog...but thanks for stopping by over there. I love these purses I love canvas I have being looking for a similar khaki canvas bag ~Have a great week Love Heather

Ella said...

lovely bags, especially the 2nd biege/tan coloured one! im a massive hoarder with my bags so these would suit me just fine xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanks for all your fabulous comments xxxx

J. said...

Great bags! The first one is my fave!


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