Guest post by Lucy @ Vintage London

I was recently approached by budding young journalist Lucy to do a guest outfit post for her blog Vintage London, which you can see here

Thanks so much Lucy for a lovely post and best of luck with your internship at the Telegraph, I know you will do so very well!!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when we actually had some sun!! The weather forecasters keep saying it will be sunny, but the last few days have seen virtually no sun at all-I am hoping for a bright weekend!!

I do hope to catch up with you all very soon and I wish you all a fabulous weekend, whatever you are up to xxx


Perfect holiday bags by Paul & Joe Sister

When I saw these bags over at Spartoo, I immediately thought how perfect they would be as either a travelling bag on holiday or perfect for a weekend break.

The floral or plain beige designs are ideal for any environment and will make any outfit look stylish and complete, plus they look very spacious if you decide to use it for work at the office, collecting your treasures at the boot sale or for your shopping!!

Eloise Ada, £50

Bi-colore lope, £63

Ella Aloes S, £44

Bi-Colore Daly, £47

Will you be treating yourself to a new summer bag this season-whats your favourite for holding the kitchen sink in-is it florals, plain, totes or doctors bag style?

Plus a note to all my blogger friends!!!

I just want to say to everyone who has left comments on my posts recently that I've been having problems leaving comments on some of your blogs-I'm not sure if its a common issue or if its my browser (I'm using internet explorer as google chrome crashed a few weeks ago).

I have tried for about 4 days now with particular bloggers so I need to try and investigate now why I can't leave the comments. Apologies to those who do consistently leave lovely words, this is the reason too why they are not being returned at this time and I do hope to resolve what the problem is soon.

Wishing you all a very happy week ahead!!


Vintage Wrangler

This summer I've been keenly collecting sleeveless boleros and waistcoats, as they are not only stylish but are a great layering piece over shirts, cami vest tops and dresses.

For quite a while now I've been coveting a Wrangler vintage denim waistcoat and I was pleased to find one at last on ebay last week. I am wearing it with my thrifted white Reiss shirt which I got from the DEBRA charity shop in May. I'm not a real fan of white shirts, but I found this one and one last week by Margaret Howell which I'm sure I will style with many different pieces in my wardrobe.

I'm also wearing my trusty grey denim skinnys from Marks & Spencer and my years old Peacock beige wedges which are still going strong!!

I really love waistcoats for summer and they are proving a versatile, stylish and indispensible item for me this season. What piece would you not be without this summer? I'm so sorry I've not been visiting you all regularly, now I've broken up for the summer holidays I am hoping for a bit more spare time, but with a house move planned things may continue to be rather hectic through August!!

I do wish you all a lovely weekend whatever you do or wherever you are. The weather here in the UK continues to be rather erratic, I do so hope the sun comes and stays out soon for us all for the next month at least!!


Vintage Versace Fest!!

As you may know, I've been a fan of Gianni Versace for a while. My love affair started when I purchased this 90s Gianni Versace dress above on my very first A.B.C meet with the gorgeous Wendy Brandes back in July 2008.

This was my first Versace piece and in April I was so excited to pick up at my local charity shop The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace, see my post on it here.

It has been great to see how Lady Gaga has embraced vintage Versace and last month Grazia did a post on it and showed off some absolutely stunning pieces being sold by Zone7Style. I've just been browsing their Versace pieces and totally drooling-check out their amazing collection here

Lady Gaga wearing vintage Versace in her own ecletic, quirky stylish way:

Well onto my amazing find which is a 90s Versace Film Poster jacket:

I'm wearing it just with a cami and jeans but my full intention is to wear it with my cobalt blue Versace jeans.

Then again, maybe not, as head to toe in one label may not work that well, I'll have to try and see!

I was especially pleased to see that Zone7Style have the Versace film poster skirt in cord but I certainly could not wear the whole look as a suit!!!

Its only a few months until the eagerly awaited H&M and Versace collection.

So what is you opinion on Versace-vintage, modern or the new collaberation?


Mugler Handbag Love.....

I've long been a Thierry Mugler fan especially his designer collections of the 80s and 90s. So I was pleased to see that his modern range of handbags are available on Spartoo and they are in the sale with some upto 50% off too!!

Jena, £36

The collection is lovely and there is a tote, handbag or shoulder bag in a variety of different colours, shapes and styles to suit all tastes and budgets.
I'm seriously tempted to get the red version-its my favourite here as it's a cute bag for summer days and gorgeous for evening wear too:

Zenith 94, £59

In PM 1, £18

In 7, £33

Lema, £43

Will you be shopping for a last minute sales bargain? Wishing you all a fabulous weekend whatever you get upto, unfortunately its been raining non stop here and I think its more of the same tomorrow too!!!

Sincere apologies for not visiting regularly either, summer is proving quite hectic but I will endeavour to visit you as soon as I can xxx


Blogger Meet, aka A.B.C, aka Pimms Time!!

On Saturday it was so lovely to meet up with gorgeous blogger friends Kate of Make Do Style, Ms Peelpants of Vintage-A-Peel, Ms Penny Dreadful Vintage and Wendy of Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry
It was actually the 4th A.B.C-Annual Blogger Convention, as I like to call it-I've managed to attend 3 out of 4-see Wendys fabulous post on past meet ups here

We had a wonderful lunch at Giraffe restaurant first and then we stopped off at a local public house for our Pimms Fest, where the lovely Mr B was official photographer and so kindly kept all the ladies glasses topped up at all times.

A few hours later we ended up at the Hamilton Hall in Liverpool Street for a Bon Voyage drink.Heres to the 5th one this time next year-a good time was had by all and it was so nice to see Wendy again, especially as she was not well on the Friday evening.

I also had the Vintage Fashion Fair in Primrose Hill yesterday and it was so nice to meet the lovely Ceri of Style Eyes Fashion Blog. It was a really good day, very busy and enjoyable to meet new customers and stallholders.

I am sorry as I really am so behind on catching up with you all, but will endeavour to visit your blogs during this week. Wishing you all a very good week ahead, whether its hectic, relaxing, vacational or working!!!


Casual Style in Gap and River Island

The weather has been really lovely these last few days and for dressing down I wore a pair of recently thrifted River Island indigo skinny jeans, rolled up for a capri style look, with a plain black vest top and a Gap Liberty style print blouse that I rarely wear.

I like the idea of wearing blouses or shirts over a vest top for a summery layered look- I've been looking for a denim shirt but haven't had any luck so far.

When theres not much to do except work, housework and chores I like to be comfortable and casual and this is my sort of go to outfit for lounging.

What is your summer casual outfit of choice?

Its also the Vintage Fashion Fair at Primrose Hill on Sunday, the days seem to be flying by so this may be my last post before then!!

I hope you are all having a good week ahead so far-although I haven't been to any boot sales or charity shops just recently it seems the days are just going so quickly!!

Not long for the summer holidays now though, six weeks of hopefully sun, relaxation and general chilling out!! What are your plans for the summer?


Saturday Evening on the South Bank

It has been lovely weather this weekend and last night hubby and I decided to have a drive to London and take a short walk and people watch along the South Bank from Tower Bridge. We stopped and pitched up on the grass by City Hall on the Thames with some drinks and nibbles, watching the world go by. We then had a stroll and came across the outdoor Art Exhibition, Rites of Life

It really is a stunning and free exhibition, which is worth stopping to look at:

I wore my 90s Jean Paul Gaultier body con tube dress which was originally a maxi but I cut it down for a more wearable and summery outfit.

I also wore my trusty leather biker jacket which I got from the Sue Ryder charity shop and is from Primark-its a favourite and goes with anything!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and heres to more sunshine for all of us this coming week!!


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