MyStyle Summer Trend: Sleeveless

With the temperamental weather we are having here in the UK, my main staple of choice for this summer is a sleeveless waistcoat, gilet, bolero or cardigan.

If you like denim, then why not check out the denim jeans at Ellos. They also have a great collection of jeans for men. Check out the website now at http://www.ellos.co.uk/.

I thought I would do a few inspirational posts of my sleeveless pieces and this first post is based on denim and leather. This sort of piece depending on style-ie denim, leather, crochet, sequin, wool is ideal for this season, especially over a dress as you can still see the niceness of it but be slightly covered up for day or night if necessary.

The first denim gilet was originally a denim jacket which you can see in my header post and I decided to cut the sleeves off to make it more versatile and wearable for summer. The jacket is by MOTO-Topshop and I thrifted it last year at the charity shop for around £3.

This 3rd waistcoat was won on Ebay a few weeks ago when I asked for styling advice for something to go with my Vintage Liberty shorts and Hunza skirt.

The lovely Vintage Vixen suggested a denim waistcoat and I really liked this idea, as you can see if you click here, she styles her's to perfection and always wears it in very inspirational ways.

This Topshop waistcoat was won for less than £5 and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it.
My next couple of posts will feature more 'glam' sleeveless pieces and some 'crotchet and wool' pieces- for summer day and nights I really think they are so stylish and versatile.

Whats your 'Go To' or 'Must Have' style item for summer?
This second sleeveless piece is a brown leather gilet which I found a couple of weeks ago at the boot sale for just £2. Its an ideal cover over a cami top and jeans or over a dress:


Joe Browns for Summer!!

I was asked by the lovely people from Joe Browns to do a review of their collection.

It was hard to pick from a Joe Browns Tea Dress, a Summer Maxi Dress or an Evening dress, so as I've been after a vibrant floral maxi summer dress, I chose this one below:

I was at a Christening, so I wore it with my thrifted black feather bolero and beige wedge sandals-the dress is actually a beach maxi dress, but it has proved versatile for a more formal look. I chose this maxi beach dress in a size 10 which is a perfect fit for me, especially around the bust and hips.

Because of the occasion I wore a slip underneath for a more fuller and complete coverage, although I wouldn't bother with one if I was wearing it to the park or beach as it isn't see through anyway.

I also chose this lovely Aztec all in one playsuit which I chose in a size 12, as I think they look better as a roomy look, especially if worn on the beach.

Both items I reviewed are not only in the sale at £14.95 each but have received a 100% shopper review too, so its not only me who thinks they are great summer items!!

I would definitely recommend both these pieces if you're after some versatile key pieces for summer which would take you from day to night if you choose the right accessories and shoes and both are fabulous for the beach or any other summery occasion!!

Thanks to Joe Browns, I am happy with my new summer items!!


Shimmery Summer Accessories

Now Summer seems to be finally here, its great how it coincides with the sales and getting those last minute finishing touches to your wardrobe for holiday, day or evening wear.

The fabulous boho chic brand Antik Batik have some gorgeous on trend accessories featuring gold, silver and sequins-plus the range of accessories available are also in the Summer Sale over at Spartoo as well!

Here is a pick of my favourite pieces which will update any existing summer outfit you already have in your wardrobe:

Are you looking for any last minute holiday accessories this Summer?


Some more 80s from Hunza

Last week at the boot sale I found a piece from my favourite vintage 80s designer Hunza. As you know I found a neon green skirt last month by Hunza and I also have a couple of their vintage bodycon LBDs too.

As soon as I saw it on the rail, I grabbed it straight away-the material is so unmistakeable, its like a bubble texture and this skirt has a lace overlay to it:

I've dressed it down here, with a grey cami tee, black leather biker jacket and my new black and silver gladiator sandals from Matalan-which I've just noticed are in the sale now, definitely a bargain for £10!!

The skirt was a total bargain for £1-it's great to thrift something which is a vintage favourite.

What has been your favourite vintage or thrift find lately?


Thrifting for Pleasure and Giving back too

A couple of months ago whilst out on a London drive, we stopped off at West Hampstead as they have a nice little High Street with quite a few charity shops. I was looking for pieces for the Vintage Fashion Fair, but when I come across something I love, it will primarily end up in my wardrobe!

I found this gorgeous black wool crepe, satin applique and embroidered jacket in one of the charity shops. There was no label in it, but from looking I was quite sure from its Art Deco styling it could be by Janice Wainwright. I had found some other Janice Wainwright pieces similar to my jacket on Posh Vintage-her work is just so distinctive and detailed.

I also emailed my lovely blogger friend Ms Peelpants, who has an immense knowledge of all things vintage and has the very covetable and gorgeous online vintage shop, Vintage-A-Peel- do stop by there if you haven't already, she stocks really stunning vintage designer items.

She was 99.9% sure it is by Janice Wainwright and as I don't have any of her pieces, I'm definitely keeping hold of this!!

I have been very fortunate to thrift some truly lovely finds over the last few months and years come to that, so when I heard about the fire at the Oxfam Huddersfield Wastesaver plant last month, I decided to raid my wardrobe over the last few weeks for some quality items that I just did not wear or need anymore and this morning I took the bag to my local Oxfam branch.

I think when you thrift regularly its really quite nice to give back every now and then-not only do the charity benefit but its a great way of decluttering and keeping your wardrobe up to date with items you truly love and wish to keep for that much longer.

Now Summer is here-well for us in the UK, it's here one minute, gone the next-its a great time to have a wardrobe clear out and check those summer items are still wearable-if not, why not do a bag for charity and while you're there you can always have a rummage to replenish supplies!!

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you get up to!!


Summer Inspiration Shoes, Ballet Pumps

In the last few months I've become quite interested in ballet pump style shoes- not only are they very cute looking, they go equally as well with dresses, skirts and jeans and if you pick the right pair they are very comfortable too. They make a great summer shoe alternative when you want a closed toe, light soled shoe.

My leopardprint ballet pumps are well and truly worn out, so now I'm looking to be inspired for picking a new pair.

I really like florals for Summer, but plain black, especially with ribbon lace is so chic and casual. Here are my favourite picks:

Will you be picking a Summer shoe this season, if so what sort of style?


21-Twice Over!!

Cheers boys, I'll make sure I'm not 'Mommy Dearest' from now on:

Well, I'm now 21 Twice over!! I did have a fabulous time despite it raining ALL day, hubby drove us to Harrods, where we had a nice browse and I was treated to a box of Laduree macaroons, something I've always wanted to try and now finally have-very delicious indeed!!

Not a great picture, but shows off the lovely earrings my friend gave me for me birthday!!

Laduree is really gorgeous, if you can afford it and have the time, tea and patisserie is the order of the day, but we decided to get a gift box to take home and indulge in!!

Our afternoon was spent having a delicious Family BBQ at home-despite the rain hubby managed to cook a lovely range of delicious food on the barby-just as well it had a lid otherwise we would still be hungry!!

The champagne and macaroons were lovely for afters!!

And Music wise I indulged in Capitals Summertime Ball-so pleased I could listen to it in the dry rather than those who braved the wet for it!!

A lovely Birthday spent with with family, good food, drink and music-can't ask for much more!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and thanks to everyone for their lovely Birthday and Well Wishes too!!


Last weeks thrift find and my Birthday present

Last week I found a quite a few pieces, some for the vintage fair and some for me!

One of the items for me was this H&M and Comme des Garcons polka dot ladies shirt which I'll wear  this summer open, with a cami vest underneath and some shorts:

I love finding rarer designer and high street collaborations and as I am a fan of Comme des Garcons too, this is certainly a keeper for me

I tried to make it a rule that I wouldn't buy personal items at the Vintage Fashion Fairs, but what a stupid rule-as soon as you set yourself fashion boundaries, they do tend to fall quite easily-well with me anyway, lol!!

As its my birthday this weekend, when I saw this gorgeous wool quilted vintage Jaeger jacket at Primrose Hill, I had to have it so hubby agreed it could be my birthday present.

I love the gold stitching and ric rac and also the colour and aztec design. It is wool and very light and I'll definitely be wearing it this weekend!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, the weather is so unpredictable here at the moment, so I hope to dodge the rain and stay in the sunshine!!


Whirlwind Weekend at the Fashion Fairs

Hi everyone, I have only just logged on to my laptop after 3 days, it has been a really busy weekend- a good one, just busy!!

I did a Vintage Fashion Fair on Saturday as well as Sunday, Saturdays one was at Wanstead, East London which I didn't blog about as I was a bit nervous it being my first time there. I didn't need to worry, as it was a lovely atmosphere and had a steady flow of customers and it was great to meet new sellers and also see again my lovely blogger friend at Elegancemaison who also had a stall.

I wore one of my thrift finds from last week, a 60s cotton sundress by Berkertex, quite in trend for this Summer too with Nautical style stripes:

My stall on Saturday:

Hubby and I had a really nice day, the weather was so hot so I didn't need a cardigan or jacket!

Sunday we were at Primrose Hill which was another lovely day out but the weather was really quite cold and then it poured down with rain!!

My outfit here is a silver 60s crocheted jerkin which was a find from the Wanstead Fashion Fair and my maxi skirt is a thrift find from last week and has a lovely Ethnic print-I'm not sure if its Egyptian or Indian but its a favourite for Summer:

It was back to the day job yesterday and I hit the boot sales and charity shops yesterday and today too, so feel quite knackered!! I'm behind on my blog reading, so I will definitely be checking in with you all over the next few days!

The sun has been out today-hurray, I hope it stays for a few days at least! Wishing you all a good week whatever you are upto!!


Thrift Inspiration, Kate Moss Style

More thrift finds this week and as a big fan of Kate Moss, I was pleased to pick up this Photo book by Kate Moss and Liz Tilberis, which has totally amazing stunning photos of Kate back in the 90s.

I picked this up in my local Sue Ryder charity shop for only £2.95 and was pleasantly surprised to see them selling on Amazon of between £30 to £100, depending on condition!!

Well I'll be keeping my copy and this is my 3rd Kate book now:

When this picture first appeared in 2006, I just loved this total look-the shorts suit is just gorgeous and the hat really perfects the whole outfit:

So when I saw this Kelly Brook for New Look sun hat in the PDSA charity shop this week I had to get it-its not a trilby but I am in need of a sun hat this season and for £2, its very much Kate inspired with the polka dot banding:

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and heres to more of the lovely sunshine that we've been having in the UK and for all of you wherever you are, I hope the weather is lovely for you too!!


Wrangler skirt, but not for me!!

I bought this vintage 70s Wrangler denim skirt quite a while ago, but I've only worn it to be photographed as it unfortunately doesn't really fit me!! Well it fits, but is too snug on the waist-its meant to be high waisted, but is more suitable for a size 8 or a small waisted 10, so off it goes to the vintage fashion fair if its not snapped up before.

I kept it hanging in the wardrobe thinking it may well be fine to wear, but the photo session this morning was as long as I could do. I love the back pocket details, it really is a great find and is just waiting to go to the right gal to enjoy and wear!

Measurements are: Waist 26 inches, length 24.5 inches, hips 36 inches-for any one interested, I'll be selling it for £20.

Have you had many pieces that you've hoped will fit, but sadly don't?


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