High Street and Thrift Buys this week

Hi everyone!!

I just want to say a big thanks to your replies in my last post, I've really taken on board the styling advice and comments received. The main opinions are pairing the skirt and shorts with a white vest or tee or shirt, a denim waistcoat and I also had a suggestion of colour blocking with the green skirt.

Wth this in mind, I decided to look for plain white tops this weekend. Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with my mum at Harvey Nichols to celebrate her 75th birthday. Afterwards we browsed the Knightsbridge shops and one of my favourite High Street stores, Zara.

I rarely buy from the High Street anymore but I figured I should try and get brand new modern tops to go with my vintage items to make them look more stylish and versatile for the summer. I chose a couple of tops, one was this dark beige one which is a linen style tee which I'm wearing today with my Marni skirt and Peacock wedge sandals:

I think this top will go with a lot of my summer skirts and I really like the slouchy v neck and overall style of this tee. I also bought a vest/cami top in white to go with the Liberty shorts and Hunza skirt and I was pleased to win a Topshop denim waistcoat on ebay last night so hope these pieces will all style up well together!!

Todays thrfit finds were this cute leather black and brown satchel, which is minus its long strap but I still love it-it has a few compartments and is a great size too-not too big:

On Saturday, I was at the charity shop and saw this Reiss blouse for £6. I thought it was a lot to spend so left it, but considering I spent £15 on each of the Zara tops I quickly rushed back to the charity shop this morning and snapped the blouse up!!

It is folded at the bottom but is actually longer and it does style up quite slouchy. I was so pleased it hadn't gone as it will go with so many items in my wardrobe. So now I have a white blouse and a white vest top to style with last weeks finds.

Its half term this week so I'm having a rather chilled, relaxing week as the Vintage Fashion Fair is on this Sunday at Primrose Hill-click here if you want to apply for free tickets to get in!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week ahead too!!


80s Thrift Finds for Summer

As you all know, I am doing my Vintage Fashion Fair every month and love to find suitable pieces for my stall. It is very tempting to keep pieces myself but generally I am good and have been putting things I find aside to sell.

However, I've been coveting an item of vintage Liberty of London for a long time now and when I found these, it was two finds in one for me-floral shorts and vintage Liberty.

They are typical 80s design, long line and high waisted and I think they'll prove versatile as I would also wear them rolled up. I would welcome styling suggestions too, as I don't want too much of a typical vintage or typical girly look when I wear them.

Another fab 80s find for me was this neon green Hunza stretch skirt, which is a lot more vibrant and colourful and neon-y than the photo shows!!

I loved Hunza back in the day, I had bodycon dresses and a gorgeous 2 piece skirt suit sourced from a boutique in the Roman Road market in East London - I still wish I 'd kept all my pieces, but gave them away when the boys were young. So when I find their pieces now, I'll try and make them wearable for me.
Again, style tips most appreciated, I think I may go for a grey or black tee, denim or leather jacket and flats-maybe cowboy boots.

I love finding vintage or retro dresses, but its great to find separates so you can incorporate them easier into a modern looking outfit.

What has been your recent favourite thrift find?


Looking Reem in Red Footwear

For those of you uneducated in my County of Essex language-Reem is another word for nice or a complimentary adjective, according to one of the stars of the BAFTA award winning show, The Only Way is Essex-check out Joeys explanation here.

Anyhow back to style matters-I have hankered after a very nice pair of red shoes for a long time now as I did have a pair of red canvas wedge espadrilles a few years ago, but had to get rid of them as they made my feet quite sore.

So I've been looking for some inspiration for red on my feet and having a browse round, the choice may be harder, as not only are there some great sandals and shoes about, there are some lovely boots too!!

Here are my favourite picks of red footwear-I so love the red ballet shoes, but the boots are pretty fabulous too:

Is red on your shoe radar this Summer?


Lunch in Brighton and My Weekend

Yesterday hubby and I decided to take a drive out and we ended up in Brighton.
It was such a lovely hot day and we managed to pack in a lot, starting off with lunch at an Italian restaurant with a view of the beach and seafront, before a gentle stroll along the beach, stopping to listen to the music playing, people watching and soaking up the sun.
When the weather gets sunnier, it's nicer to wear clothes that match the style and feel of the surroundings. 
We then to took a drive to Shoreham, which is where the RNLI are based and we saw up close how big the lifeboats are.
Then we took a leisurely countryside drive and ended up at Denbies Wine Estate, the largest Vineyard in England. We had a lovely look around, had a sample of their Rose and White wines and then we headed off home.
I decided to wear my Traffic People pink silk flapper style dress, which was one of my 40th birthday presents that I hadn't worn yet. I also wore my Topshop biker denim jacket with the Union jack detail on the back, also something I hadn't worn since buying.

The back view of my Topshop denim biker jacket

On Brighton seafront, it was a glorious sunny day and I didn't need my jacket-I hope we see more of this lovely weather this week!!

Today we went to the boot sale which was very windy-again. I picked up a lovely tan leather vintage jacket-Starsky and Hutch style, but it has been snatched by my eldest-we are both the same size-he loves a bit of vintage too and he looks great in it!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and hope you're having a great weekend too!


Leopard Inspiration from Mildred and some thrifted flat shoes

For UK viewers on ITV3, there is currently a double daily dose of the wonderful 70s sitcom George and Mildred-one in the morning and one about five in the afternoon.

It never fails to make me laugh and I love seeing what outfit Mildred has to offer. After my leopard print post earlier this week, I had to show these pictures of her, resplendent in her leopard print best-I would love to find a vintage leopard print dress and I love how she has styled it with a faux fur leopard print stole on top!!

Mildred showing how stylish she was in her pussy bow dress

At the boot sale on Tuesday I was pleased to find some flat shoes-I found some mum style leather sandals-Clark Springers, which will be perfect for wearing with some denim this summer

And for a less frumpy look, I picked up these Topshop tan studded leather Gladiators, ideal for wearing with all my Summer dresses

So thats a couple of items now ticked off the Summer wishlist-I still want to get some black strappy flat sandals and some gold flat sandals if possible.

Whats on your Summer wishlist?


An evening at Penny Dreadful Vintage

Saturday night was spent at the lovely home of Ms Penny Dreadful, who has fulfilled her ambition of setting up her own unique vintage boutique, which you can see in more detail here, but here is a taster below:

She has a wonderful selection of vintage pieces including some wonderful Designer finds too, I was so in love with a Thierry Mugler dress, unfortunately it was too big for me though.

So many delectable bags, shoes, dresses, skirts-how can one choose, it really is a delightful set up and it was great to go and see it in person too.

I met up again with lovely Kate at Make Do Style, Miss Peelpants of Vintage-A-Peel and met for the first time the lovely Perdita of Perditas Pursuits, who purchased an amazing Jean Varon frock which looked totally gorgeous on! There were also other lovely ladies present, including Land Girl 1980 and Miss Cherry Loves-everyone looked amazing in their vintage outfits too!!

There was lots of lovely party food, punch, pimms and lemonade and when I left I was given a lovely Goody Bag from Ms Penny Dreadful-thanks so much my dear, it was a really lovely evening!!

If you haven't already checked out Penny Dreadful Vintage, then do so immediately-plus it is possible to visit her wonderful boutique to have a styling session which is by private appointment only, her email details are on her blog!!


Needing some Summer Sandal Inspiration....

Hi everyone!! Clogs and wedge style sandals still seem to be so on trend for summer shoes and I am still on the look out for a pair that is both stylish and comfortable, for mainly day wear too.

I still don't know whether to go with a flat pair or one with a wedge heel, a slide style seems to be the sort of thing I like-I already have wedges with straps so a slip on would be quite versatile to have and I think any of these choices will go with quite a lot in the wardrobe already:

What style sandal or shoe is inspiring you for this Summer?


Thrift Inspiration, Leopard Print Style

This weeks Net-A-Porter magazine is featuring leopardprint -Feeling Feline is such a trend that never seems to date and is forever in style. Here are Net-A-Porters picks of whats hot this season:

Giambattista Valli's top, £1000
Tucker blouse, £200

I've always been a fan of leopardprint and will pick up quality pieces on my travels. Two of my favourite pieces are below, the Julien McDonald blouse for Debenhams was thrifted last year and I've worn it a few times.

This one below was thrifted earlier on this year, its a St Michael (Marks and Spencer) blouse from the 80s and can be worn as a blouse done up or as a light summer jacket.

Leopard or animal print is a style you either love or loathe, I definitely love it as it is easily thrifted and if you choose a quality piece, it will be a keeper in your wardrobe for years to come-this St Michaels one is over 25 years old but still has plenty of life left in it!!

Will you be in leopardprint this Summer?


Thrift Inspiration, 80s Style

Oh how I love things 80s!! Some items from that decade certainly border on the chavtastic side, but to be honest, I won't be rocking rara skirts or a shellsuit anytime soon!

What caught my eye though is whilst browsing through 'The Cheap Date Guide to Style' which the gorgeous Vix sent to me a few months ago, is how some items do stay as classics through the decades. One of the pictures that I love is of Ramona Rainey wearing her Fila track top, looking cool and relaxed. In her words 'What I'm wearing relates to the music, I'm saying , This is what I like. My shorts move it on to the year we're at now. Not actually being 80s hip hop retro, just making a nod, I'm mixing and matching.'

As the style guide says, anything can be a classic of sorts if you're good at giving things iconic meaning. A tracksuit jacket can be reminiscent of hip-hop, East End geezers (see Danny Dyer here in my favourite 80s inspired film, The Business), comedy sketches about Liverpudlians and casuals-calm down, calm down-very chav indeed!!

More inspired by Rainey than 'The Scousers', I was pleased to find this authentic 80s Sergio Tacchini track top, which I think will work perfectly with a pair of modern print summer shorts for a relaxed summer afternoon/evening vibe.

I also found a navy blue one exactly the same and will be taking it to the Vintage Fashion Fair with me in June.

What sort of classic-chav or not, is inspiring you this summer?


Vintage Fashion Fair-Primrose Hill, 8 May

It was a really lovely day at the Vintage Fashion Fair held at Cecil Sharp House in Primrose Hill. While we were waiting to go in, at about 8:35, across the road I saw the model Agyness Deyn walking by-she looked over so I smiled and she smiled back!! A great start to the morning, lol!!

Once indoors and set up, doors opened at 11am and although it was fairly quiet on the visitors front, there were still sales to be had. It was a really lovely, genteel atmosphere too-its so nice to meet new people and its fabulous to see your items for sale going to someone who really is enthralled with their new purchase!!

My stall on Sunday-it was great to have a spacious pitch, I had use of the piano, two tables and my two hanging rails-all ready for business!!

I didn't have to wait long for a V.I.P, a most discerning customer who knew straightaway what item he wanted-I wish all my customers could be like him.

Le Petit Garcon and his gorgeous mum Kate from Make Do Style came to visit as promised and it was lovely to catch up with her again-it was my first time meeting Le Petit Garcon and I did remark how handsome he was!! He was most taken with an 80s brooch and had to have it straight away! The deal was done and paid for, but I had to have a picture of the charming young man showing his purchase:

A very satisfied and handsome young customer-thank you for your purchase and do come again!!

Of course, me and mum had to get in on the picture, and as you can see we are both wearing bright colours-Kate is rocking her red scarf and jeans and I'm in my cobalt blue 90s Versace jeans and stripey top!

A picnic was beckoning for Le Petit Garcon and mum, so we bade farewell and they went on their way. The day soon went very quickly with some last minute sales before closing time.

The next fair is on 5 June, it would be great to see you and you can apply for free tickets here a little nearer the time. Its a lovely trip out and is great for all budgets, whether you want a little treat or a special purchase, then a unique vintage item may just be what you're after to mix in with a high street, designer or modern outfit.

I hope you all are having a great week so far!!


Another Find

As you may already be aware, I love Celia Birtwells prints. I have over the years, had dresses and blouses from the Topshop diffusion line, some of which I've still got and some which I've sold on Ebay.

I found this one from her Autumn 2006 collection for Topshop.

Its an ideal summer dress, with a back keyhole detail and cute fluttery sleeves.

What items do you still buy that you don't really need?


Double Denim, featuring Red Jeans

Now lately, if you see me in a scarf you can bet I've been to the boot sale. For some reason, all the bootys are incredibly dusty and with the days so windy a scarf has been a must accessory for over there.

My outfit is my thrifted H&M red jeans from the boot sale in Brentwood a couple of months ago for only £2. My Levis jacket was also only £2 from the boot sale last month and has been worn quite regularly since. I'm also wearing my Uniqlo Jean Michel Basquiat tee which I bought a couple of years ago.

I quite like double denim, hence my second most recent post featuring it!!

Will you work double denim this season?


Change of Direction for Me!!

I must firstly apologise, as during March I announced I was going to open an Etsy store, which was my full intentions at the time. I also did actually commit to doing my first Vintage Fashion Fair on 17 April and because I didn't know how well it would go for me and because I'd announced the still unopened Etsy store, I stayed quiet!!

However, the event for me was fairly successful-it was the day of the London Marathon and Camden Town tube station was shut in the afternoon. The Fair wasn't as busy as it normally is, but fellow stallholders and the organiser said generally the amount of people through the door was only half of what it generally is.

Hubby helped out and for our first go, we had a really lovely time and I did make a few sales. The end of the day came too quickly and I quickly made sure the organiser signed me up for my place on May 8th-this Sunday!

So apologies to those awaiting my Etsy store, I have decided that doing Vintage Fashion Fairs is where my short term (maybe even long term!) future lays-it is such a lovely day out and there is such a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere and has a very genteel and 'time gone by' feel to it!!

I am at the Vintage Fashion Fair in Primrose Hill, anyone who is interested in visiting, here is the link to their website and you can apply for free tickets too!!


Shopping my Wardrobe-Kate Moss For Topshop Liberty Print Jacket

This jacket is definitely one of my favourite summer pieces-I generally wear it with denim, but I will also wear it with some plain vintage dresses too.

I'm wearing my black striped Jaeger silk headscarf, thrifted a couple of months ago, a white St Michael Marks & Spencer shirt my mum gave me which is from the late 80s, my 7 For All Mankind denim shorts and my pirate boots, also a favourite summer item.

Its been gorgeous weather this Bank Holiday weekend, so wearing a scarf has not only been a sun shielder but it has been really windy too-a practical and stylish way to wear my new favourite look for summer.

What are your favourite summer pieces that you hope to be wearing soon?
UPDATED TO ADD-In response to the lovely comments I've received, the jacket is a Liberty of London print which was used in the Kate Moss for Topshop collection!!


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