Thrift Inspiration, Carrie Style

As you all know, I'll be opening my Vintage Etsy shop very soon, I am hoping it will be within the next couple of weeks.

One of the main trends for summer is the Midi skirt and in this weeks Grazia they are showcasing the new Whistles version called Carrie which is already being offered on a restricted basis while stocks last-its the It skirt for 2011!!

Gemma Bunston, Whistles designer and creator of the Carrie skirt-the Midi version is £110

I am really pleased to see the pleated Midi in trend, as this skirt below will be featured in my Etsy shop. Its a vintage Frank Usher and the colourings of it will prove to be very versatile and stylish as it can be worn as a summer piece or with boots and a black sweater and jacket for winter:

Vintage Frank Usher Midi Pleated Skirt, £35

It just shows how trends come full cycle!!

The skirt is a modern size 10 and fits my model perfectly, who like me is a size 10 too!!

I so hope it will go to a new home-if anyone is genuinely interested in it before it goes in the shop, send me an email and you could be the lucky owner of this gorgeous skirt!!


Thrift Inspiration, Net A Porter Style

Spring is here-hurrah and hopefully this means lighter jackets, even if we are still layering. Over at Net-A-Porter, I've noticed Khaki is still a popular style following on from last year, featuring not only in jackets, but jumpsuits, dresses, shirts and trousers/jeans.

I like khaki jackets as they make a change from denim and leather ones and can be worn with anything, including denim and leather. Here are my favourite picks available at Net-A-Porter:

Paul & Joe Sister, £200

Zadig & Voltaire, £325

Bird by Juicy Couture, £355

My khaki jacket find from Autumn 2009 will be reappearing this Spring, its by Mexx and was only £3.99 from the PDSA charity shop. Its very light and I could wear a sweater quite easily underneath for cooler days and dress down a floral dress with it too:

What versatile item will you be getting out for Springtime?


Joining in with the Red Leg Brigade

Whilst on my travels this weekend, I thought I'd combine my two current favourite trends-leopardprint and red jeans.

After seeing the gorgeous Wendy's post on Inspirational Ladies in Red, I thought I would wear mine to show solidarity of the red leg brigade.

Its a very popular look of the moment, the lovely Kate is doing Red Legs Too and wonderful Mrs TNMA also debated on Red Hot, or Not?

I suppose it really is much like marmite-you either love this trend-or not!!

As my red jeans by H&M were thrifted a few weeks ago at the boot sale for only £2, I felt I wasn't really losing out too much if after a couple of wears I didn't feel right in them. The fit of them are a skinny straight leg and although I will wear them as part of a winter/spring look, I think I'll feel more stylish wearing them in summer with a striped tee and ballet pumps.

H&M red jeans from the boot sale, faux fur vintage leopardprint coat, Uniqlo camel wool sweater from the boot sale, Gucci black loafers, gifted Louis Vuitton holdall.

My other accessory-but not a style choice, is my white bandage-I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning in such pain, I think I've pulled a muscle and I'm left handed too, so its been rather cumbersome and painful at the moment-at least my regular doses of anadin is keeping the pain at bay now :-(

It didn't stop me from finding some pieces for my new vintage Etsy shop though-I've still got some work to do before the launch in April, but can't wait!!

I hope you all have a stress free and pain free relaxing Sunday!!


Forward Planning by Shopping my Wardrobe

Its the time of year where plans are made or invites are received for forthcoming events and occasions. My mum is celebrating her 75th birthday this year so we have decided to mark the event by doing something we've not done before and have always wanted to do.

So I'm booking up a day trip on the British Pullman Orient Express for us. I'm really excited as it should be a really unique and special day out!

Of course, I had been wondering on my outfit of choice-do I buy something or wear something I already have. So I scoured the wardrobe and unless something else really special appears before I go this is my outfit of choice, which I have tried on and am happy how they both look together:

Topshop ivory tuxedo jacket, thrifted last year for just £3 in Clacton on Sea.

Marc Jacobs silk tea dress, not worn for ages and thrifted about 3 years ago at Help the Aged charity shop for £5.

I'm not going to make a point of shopping for an outfit as for a change I'm looking forward to wearing these pieces.

Have you any special events this year which you will shop your wardrobe for?


Gold Shoes for Summer

When picking a pair of versatile stylish shoes for Summer, gold is so hard to beat-not only is perfect for day or evening wear, but it goes with virtually any colour outfit and certainly glams it up too. The main decision is-flats or heels?I am still yet to purchase a pair of gold flat sandals for Summer, but I am drawn towards either a pair of gladiator style or maybe an embellished pair. Then again, a little heel is very tempting too!! Here is a pick of some of my favourite styles which would be gorgeous for Summertime:

There are fabulous trends to be had for this Summer, ranging from embellishment to neutrals to colour blocking, but a metallic colour shoe or sandal is my first choice this Season.

What sort of style and colour of sandal or shoe are you considering this Summer?


Blog Loving-Worldwide and on my doorstep!!

It was lovely to receive 2 blog awards recently, the Versatile Blogger award from the lovely Viviane at Hippiebohoreloaded and the Liebster blog award from Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping-thank you so much ladies, it is very much appreciated!!!

Rules of acceptance include revealing 7 things about myself, so here goes!!!

1. Although I am not a slave to fashion, I do like to indulge in current season catwalk trends and will thrift pieces to fulfill the trend.

2. My current two favourite programmes on British TV are Benidorm and The Only Way is Essex!!!

3. I don't have a beauty regime- I don't wear make up Monday to Friday and on weekends, I'll wear lip gloss by Clinique and blusher by Bourjois and a spritz of perfume.

4. Have been good and bad on the health front-have virtually given up drink, as I don't like how it interferes with my sleep but I have restarted smoking again-only about 4 a day, but I suppose 4 too many really ;-(

5. If you don't know already, I'm going to opening up my Etsy shop next month-I can't wait and I do hope you will all stop by for a browse and buy!!

6. I love window shopping in London-my favourites are Selfridges and Harrods, but one shop I haven't visited is Liberty's- a must do for the year I think!!

7. My favourite snack of the moment is black pudding, sliced on toast with a nice mug of tea!

I mentioned in my title I had blog loving on my doorstep-this morning whilst daydreaming and getting sucked into the mud at Dunton boot sale in Essex, I was stopped by a lady who asked 'Do you Blog?'

Well, how amazing that the lovely lady who is also from Essex actually knew me by name and also reads and enjoys my blog-she said she doesn't blog herself or leave comments but I was so pleased to meet someone from my neck of the woods who enjoys my blog!!

So rather than me passing on these awards to fellow bloggers, whose comments and views I deeply appreciated and enjoy, I'm dedicating these to the lady from this morning (I'm not revealing you on here, but when you read this, you'll know its you!!) and also the other readers who don't always leave comments or have blogs, but just love to read my blog anyway, so-

Thank you!! To everyone who stops by, have a fabulous week ahead too!!


Thrift Inspiration, Kate Moss Style

Kate Moss is currently in a new promo video for Dior Addict lipstick- for fans of her and Dior Addict check her video out here from todays article in the Daily Mail

Off duty yesterday, Kate was apparently overseeing renovations to her new house. Of course I was immediately drawn to her rock chic, dressed down outfit-a 70s black leather jacket, whichh appears to be cut from a longer length coat?

Well, it certainly is the 'look of the day' for me!!

Its inspired me to start wearing my black leather Simpsons of Piccadilly jacket that I thrifted last year, which is a vintage 70s number.

What item of clothing are you being inspired to wear this Spring?


Nearly giving up the day job-coming soon, my Etsy shop!!

Spring is nearly here and with it comes some changes for me in my personal and work life which ultimately will be a change in lifestyle for me.

I have decided to virtually give up my day job, I will still be doing some time there every day to keep my hand in, but my efforts will be concentrated on running my new part time venture-Century of Style, my Vintage Etsy Shop

This is my gorgeous Cherry Blossom tree in my front garden, always a visual reminder of how wonderful the start of Spring is and how inspirational it can be for the start of each year.

I thought if I don't do it now I never will-I am apprehensive, wary, excited and nervous-but am preparing for my launch opening which I am hoping will be around the beginning of April.

As you all know, I so enjoy thrifting for designer and vintage pieces and of course I will still be looking for finds of my own as well as the shop. But everything I source is specifically picked and indeed a piece I would use or wear myself, so if you like my style, I hope you will enjoy picking something from my shop to incorporate into your own wardrobe.

Any pieces not suitable for Etsy-that is not vintage, will go onto Ebay and I will post a link once the items go on sale, also around the start to mid April.

I do so hope you will take a browse when I launch and seriously consider treating yourself-watch this space for the Launch Date!!

UPDATED TO ADD: I would just like to say a Massive Thank You to everyone for their kind words and well wishes, I really am overwhelmed with the support received and it is very very much appreciated. Wishing you all a lovely week too xxxx


Faux Fur, Kate Moss Way

One of my ebay buys in January was this Kate Moss for Topshop fluffy brown flecked faux fur jacket. Not that I needed another faux fur, I have quite a few already-I just cannot resist them, lol!!

I'm wearing a purple wool polo neck jumper from Next, thrifted Levis skinny jeans and French Connection boots which I bought in TK Maxx about 4 years ago and have barely worn them.

The boots are a leather and suede mix and slouch really nicely, so I'll be making a point of wearing these more often.

What item have you had for a long time that you're going to start wearing this season?


A Diamond Girl-Thats Pearl

Yesterday morning I was very fortunate to receive a wonderful parcel from Pearl over at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl is an extremely clever and gorgeous young lady who definitely has a very unique, inspirational style. She mixes designer, high street and vintage, making it her own and I always think she looks like she should be featured on something like Stylehunter as she has such a canny way of making an outfit into that 'look' which is forever in trend.

Well, the lovely lady sent me gifts that only an intuitive and thoughtful person could-she hasn't met me but was totally spot on for knowing what I was going to love, even though she was very naughty in sending me a parcel in the first place, lol!!

I was over the moon to receive this beautiful bracelet, Vivienne Westwood no less!!! I adore Vivienne Westwood and although I only have four of her pieces, I cherish each and every one of them and this is something I will so treasure, thank you so much Pearl

As you all may be aware, I do also love a jacket/blazer, so when I saw this gorgeous lace one I'd been sent I was so pleased-I don't have any lace in my wardrobe and this will go with anything and everything!!!

Plus some Chanel perfume, Chanel no 5 is my ultimate favourite which I don't wear enough, so thank you Pearl for re-igniting my love for this wonderful scent

Do check out the lovely Pearls blog if you haven't already, not only does she do some fabulous outfit posts, but her Designer reviews are as spot on as Style.com and she has done some excellent posts on Chanel and Louis Vuitton which are absolute must reads!!

A big Thank You to Pearl, you are a diamond girl indeed xxx


Sunday Booty and Charity Shopping in Kensington

Well it was an early and freezing cold start for our boot sale at Willow Farm in Purfleet Essex. I raced round as quick as possible as I just couldn't bear the coldness.

Three bargains of the day were a pair of Russell & Bromley leather leopard platform shoes for only £1.50:

A cute trinket box from Ibiza, for only 20p

I've been after the perfect granny vintage bag for ages, so was pleased to snap up this one. It is made with real Welsh Tapestry wool and I haggled it down from £3 to £2!! I just took the paper stuffing out and there was a newspaper page by Cage and Aviary Birds dated 30 May 1974!!!

I love the blue mix of colours, it will look great with denim.

We left there and refuelled on a McDonalds breakfast, I chose the maple syrup pancakes with a cup of white coffee. Then we took a leisurely drive into London, via the Embankment and Westminster and onto Pimlico, the Kings Road and up to Kensington.

We drove up Kensington Church Street and when I saw an Open sign for the Trinty Hospice, I got hubby to pull over pronto!! We parked up and went inside.

I must say I was very surprised at the cost of the items, not overpriced at all and very reasonable considering the area we were in.

I was nearly on the way out when I spotted these Zara leather high heel loafers for only £5, so I thought I would have them, as I don't have hardly any black shoes:

Then it was a lovely drive homeward bound, this time through Hyde Park, which made us want the Summer weather so we could have a relaxing day out there!!

We would have stayed around London longer, but we were on a mission to get a cable for Roberts PS3 consule, which in the end we could not find after going in virtually every store-he tracked one down at his friends around the corner after all that!!

Wishing you all a good week ahead, whatever you get up to!!


Faux Fur, Teddy Bear Style!!

In a way, I haven't minded the chilly weather, as it means I can wear one of my faux fur coats. As there was a boot sale on yesterday morning, I decided to layer up and wear my new vintage Tissavel black teddy bear coat:

I'm wearing black patent over the knee boots, grey skinny jeans, Levis thrifted gilet and my purple wool polo neck from Next.

My newly thrifted vintage leather camel colour bag got its first outing too.

What are you enjoying wearing this winter?


Thrift Inspiration,Net-A-Porter Style

Stripes are so dominantly in trend this season, well when haven't they been for the last few?

I wanted to embrace stripes more, but as I have a few striped tees already, was ready for them in something different. Here is a pick of striped jackets available at Net-A-Porter:

DVF Mariner Jacket, £505

Oscar de la Renta cardigan, £1735
Carven Jacket, £550

Earlier this week I went thrift shopping on my last day of my holidays and Sense were holding a 'Everything for £1' sale. I was very pleased to pick up this gorgeous unstructured Agnes B striped jacket.

I think the best way to wear it will be most definitely with colours-I may well do block colour of my fuschia pink Gap tee and my cobalt blue Versace skinny jeans.

Will you be wearing colour blocking and or stripes this summer?


More Summer Inspiration from Marisota

I'm still being inspired by colours for summer and over at Marisota they have a great range of different brands of womens clothing and footwear. The company also have a good selection within their home, electrical and beauty ranges too.

I'm really liking their shoe range-it is really on trend for this coming season and there are different styles to suit, ranging from flats, to sandals, to sportswear to courts.

Here is a pick of my favourites:
Joanna Hope peep toe courts, £25
Viva la Diva peep toe courts, £30-so very vintage inspired!!

Henry James Bethany boots, £76.60
Joanna Hope flat sandal, £30
Marta Jonsson Gladiator sandal, £49-Love these!!!
Moda in Pelle Cherry courts, £59.95

So if you haven't already committed yourself to any summer wear yet, do check Marisota out!!


Vintage Faux Fur-My Teddy Bear Coat!!

My main find of last week was in my local Sue Ryder charity shop. I found this black faux fur vintage coat by French label Tissavel. What I like about it is the leatherette trim and silver studs, so typically vintage but something different from all the faux furs flying about this season.

The arms are 3/4 length and the coat is just above my knee, its a really snuggly coat and a bargain for only £7.95!
I now have faux furs in ivory, cream, beige, leopardprint, brown and black, lol!! I can't help it-I think with the cold weather we are having, I know I'll wear them all, so its nice to have virtually one for every day of the week.

What style item do you tend to repeat buy on?


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