So Last Century Style

A slightly different look for this outfit post, reminiscent of a mix of 80s and 90s I think, with Madonna, snow wash jeans and Gianni Versace in the mix.

I'm wearing my recently thrifted Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour tee, which I found in the British Heart Foundation last week for £1.99.

The jeans are modern snow washed denim skinnies by River Island, which were £4.99 at my local Sue Ryder charity shop. The hat is new, from Peacocks in their mens section for £6.99. It is a trapper style, so the ears come down!

My fabulous find of the week at the Boot Sale has to be these 90s Gianni Versace black boots. I was coveting some black ankle boots, flat or heeled for this winter, so was really pleased to bag them on Sunday for £10, rarely worn as the soles and heels still have the original tread on them and the famous Gianni Versace logo on the soles.

The pins on them look virtually identical to the oh so famous ones used in Liz Hurleys Versace black pin dress from 1994.

What items are you coveting for this winter?


Fashion Blog Tag

Hi everyone!! The lovely Christina over at Fashion's Most Wanted tagged me for this Fashion and Style post. Please take a good look over at Christinas blog, she is such a gorgeous lady who leads a very glamorous and exciting lifestyle and fortunately shares this through her fantastic blog, ranging from wonderful wardrobe posts, to great interviews to her fabulous nights out!

Well here goes and please feel free to join in this tag, as most of my friends have already been tagged already!!

What's your favourite fashion accessory?

Has to be a handbag, be it designer vintage or high street-as long its good quality, it has a place in my wardrobe!!

Who's your fashion role models?

I love Carine Roitfeld, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss, all so effortlessly chic and oh so stylish.

What do you always carry with you?

My phones, keys, purse, lippy vaseline and a handbag size umbrella!!

How would you describe your style?

Thrifty Chic-Practically at least one item I wear on a daily basis (not including my work uniform!) is thrifted from the charity shop or boot sale and if I want an item, then these are always my first ports of call to find it, as well as ebay of course!!

What's your favourite? Jeans, sunglasses or heels?

I'm a jeans girl for sure-I love how they go with anything and can be paired to look casual or smart.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?

I found a pristine floral chiffon maxi Ossie Clark dress about 4 years ago in my local charity shop for only £7 and it hung in my wardrobe for a year and half until due to financial reasons I sold it-a fashion decision I live to regret, but after finding the gorgeous Wendy Brandes blog and reading of her love of Ossie Clark and drooling over her fantastic collection of his dresses, I decided to start my own blog and its gone on from there!!

What is your favourite fashion store?

Has to be Ebay for online shopping and charity shops for the high street!!

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?

Wool, I love the warmth and snugness of it!!

Who are your favourite designers?

Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and vintage wise, Ossie Clark and Thierry Mugler.

Who or what inspires your style?

80s-just love the bodycon style and Kate Moss. The lovely Christina who tagged me inspired me recently to find a marabou jacket after seeing her gorgeous fluffy post but unfortunately mine has so far got lost in the post-'quelle horreur' indeed!! I hope it gets to me eventually!!

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?

I'll buy high quality, but source it from a boot sale or charity shop or ebay!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to!!


Thrift Inspiration, Pirate Style

My gorgeous blogger friends are a constant source of style inspiration-the lovely Pearl over at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom did a great post on Vivienne Westwood pirate boots on Monday, which I was so pleased to see, as on Saturday I purchased these ankle pirate style boots from budget shoe shop Priceless-half price from £20 to £10.

Obviously not in the league of Viviennes, but more in my price league and still a stylish low budget alternative!! I'm sure I'll be wearing these a lot this Autumn.

Who or what is inspiring you this Season?


Casual in Camel

The Gap chinos are proving quite a versatile piece in my wardrobe so far and my next outfit with them consisted of a new white tee from Matalan for only £4-thinking I may invest in another white one and a black one too, they will be great for winter and layering.

My other bargain was this Marks & Spencer cable knit wool waistcoat which I got for 50p a couple of weeks ago at the boot sale-a perfect camel cover up. I'm wearing my leather croc skinny belt and my sandal wedges, which all complete the camel and tan ensemble!!

Has got me out of denim for a while though!!


My take on Casual-In Chinos

I so admire Jane Birkins casual style, she looks effortlessly chic whatever she wears and is a great source of inspiration when wanting to get that perfect casual look:

I'm really not a chinos girl, I adore denim and jeans and have a good collection of denim skirts, denim jackets and jeans. But an abundance of blue can get boring.

I was really chuffed to find these Gap chinos, which are from this summer season-a bargain at £4.55 in my local Heart Foundation charity shop. So, what to wear with them?

I decided to pair it with my M&S grey cashmere cardigan, which I adore-it has little glass buttons and is so cosy and stylish. Underneath I've a grey cami top.

Footwear isn't Converses or plimsoles, I'm wearing my newly acquired leopardprint satin ballet pumps, which have a gorgeous faux diamante detail on them. They were new from Matalan for only £12-see them online here!!

How are you doing casual this season?


Thrift Inspiration, Chloe Style

Well the other big trend for the upcoming season is Camel and Tan. I do love this look, but more on others than myself. Chloe certainly have some very inspirational looks for the Winter season:

I won't be buying anything additional this season for this trend as I'll wear my thrifted poncho from last winter, from the Cancer Research charity shop, £2.49. I'll pair it with my tan croc skinny belt, black wool leggings and tan leather boots.

Will you be in camel or tan this coming season?


Finale-Faux Fur Fest

Well my 2nd M&S faux fur bolero arrived today from ebay, I only won it Thursday night, so really good service received-it was only £1.20 plus £1.99 postage, a really good bargain!!

I'm pleased with it as it will be a great evening wear item with LBDs, my other 3 faux fur gilets are more daytime wear.

So, the grand total of faux fur gilets is 4-one in winter white, one in brown, one in black and the other is the faux shearling and embroidered one. I think I'm all done for gilets.

Now, what next for the wardrobe??


Faux Fur Fest-Part Three

This is my faux fur Marks & Spencer bolero that I won from ebay last week, including postage it was about £5 and I've already worn it twice this week-its the ideal cover up for the weather we are having.

I'm wearing the blouse I bought in a Clacton charity shop which is by Jeff Banks Studio, £2.49 and River Island skinnies from Sue Ryder charity shop, £4.99

I was so pleased with the bolero, I actually nabbed another one on ebay for £3 on Thursday in black!!

Wishing you all a great weekend!!


Thrift Inspiration, Chanel Style.........Doggy permitting!!

My faux fur passion continued at the boot sale as I acquired the 2 gilets I've already shown and as I've been hankering after a faux fur hat since last winter, I was pleased to bag my next bargain below. Inspired by Chanels grey faux fur accessories, I wanted something in grey, but not a bag or boots, although if I was gifted Chanels pieces below, naturally I would not say no, LOL!!

This grey faux fur hat was only £1 and just what I wanted for the coming winter:

Mind you, I am slightly worried about wearing it without being attacked-I heard Candy my dog barking furiously in the hallway and assumed she was barking at the front door for noises outside. I went to look at her and was most surprised to find her staring directly at my hat, drying on the clothes airer-she obviously thinks its a cat or rabbit and when I took it off and showed her, she tried to go for it!! Goodness knows what she will do when she sees it on my head, LOL!!


Faux Fur Fest-Part Two, Embellishment

Septembers UK Elle loves embellishment and I was rather drawn to Christopher Kanes take on it this season, with embroidery on leather and cashmere.

This inspired me to bag this Antoni & Alison faux fur and embroidered gilet, for £1 I couldn't say no!! Very boho in style, but I will dress it up or down with jeans, floaty dresses, etc and its another fluffy piece to the collection!

I'm now going to hunt a grey or black furry gilet as my next wishlist piece, I'll be sure to show it when I find the right one for me!!


Faux Fur Fest

In Harpers Bazaars last catwalk report, faux fur is a trend that will be very popular for the Winter season. As I already have a couple of faux fur coats in my wardrobe I wanted to add some gilets, as I don't have any winter ones and I do think they are a perfect layering piece and are very versatile in that they can be styled with virtually any type of outfit.

I visited the boot sale today and managed to nab two gilets-this faux fur cream one by New Look for £2

What item are you coveting for the Winter Season?


A Vintage Indian Summer

We seem to be experiencing a second wind for Summer, or more appropriately named, an Indian Summer-no surprise for September, considering it is the return of many to school and work now!!

This is the 1970s vintage cotton summer dress I purchased in Clacton for only £3.50 and I'm pleased I got the chance to wear it before summer disappears completely!

It is gypsy shoulder styled and three tiered-I remember them first time round, when I so desperately wanted and got a three tiered skirt, with a sewn in lace petticoat at the hem!!

The lighting doesn't show the colours that well, but the pink, tan and lemon colours are quite vivid-I don't think it was worn much as its in very good condition.

My mum recalls having a similar dress back in the day too!

What will you wear during this Indian Summer?


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